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  • I don't think my garage potterings are interesting enough for their own thread, so here's a catch all for odd little bits you're up to.

    I just picked up this Woden 186B/3 with a view to a cleaning it up a bit and giving it a coat of paint.

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  • Terrible picture from my ancient iPhone but I just put a wooden work bench up in my basement.
    Vice not bolted on yet and drill press position only temporary

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  • Drill envy. Started stripping the vice - the nut that holds the nut in is a bit seized so I've started things off with WD40.

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  • Crap, my non-bike project thread is now redundant and could probably fit here. Nevermind. @umop3pisdn glad I'm not the only one with with a vice for vices. The trickiest part of refurbing my Record was removing the screws that hold the jaws on. Patience, WD40 and mainly a manual impact driver helped a lot. Studying your workbench it looks like you're covered.

  • My brother refurbished his vice as well, after watching this video.­k&t=602s

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  • Stage one rust removal with an overnight soak in citric acid

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  • So, I needed a place at home to sit behind a computer (iPad and keyboard) and pretend to do actual work. Problem is my apartment is 30m2 and I really didn’t want to put a desk in there. Lying on the couch and using the screen to type didn’t cut it either anymore. I do have a low bookcase on one wall, an IKEA Besta, 65cm high/ 40cm deep/ 240cm long. And I have acces to a shitload of scrapped oak beer benches that have been sitting in a field during the aftermath of our first lockdown. The oak tops are very weathered and the legs are rusted. So we’ve taken them apart and I (we) can use the boards as we like. Cue running nine of those boards through a sanding planer, squaring them off with a big big table saw, and glueing them together to form worktops that I cut to shape. I used lamellos/cookies to strengthen the bond between the boards and the gnarliest tears and knots got filled with clear epoxy. I sprayed on one coat of clear laquer before bringing them home to see how they fit before bringing them to work again to finish them with a few more coats of laquer. I’ll fit a simple plinth under the bookcases to raise them up to the required hight, 9cm should do it.

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Current Projects (non-bike) chat and miscellany

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