Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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  • Depends on total order value, but from what I understand orders £135 and below don't incur Brexit VAT.

    I'm still in the process of returning the item mentioned upstream and trying to void VAT payment. Has turned into a real faff and I don't think I would order expensive items from mainland Europe again unless I knew it was the exact product/size/spec I was after.

  • Thank you.

    Shit, I'm still tempted by the price. I guess I will order it anyway and report back here.

    It's my turn now to be screwed up by Brexit.

  • Do you need to be signed in? I’m still getting “ Product not shippable to Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland)” on everything.

    Edit: Oh wait, that’s not on everything, some stuff send to be available, can’t tell what the deciding factor is…

  • Seems like some brands not available.

    Shimano and Sram stuff all has the not shippable notice on it.

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  • So it's ended up very well.

    I've got my fork after 8 days of waiting without paying any taxes. The box itself didn't have any customs docs attached, and it was delivered by Hermes. It all feels like Bike24 has established a warehouse in the UK. Can this be true? Also, I paid only UK's VAT on checkout.

    The only problem is that Hermes left the box with an expensive fork outside our house. Yes, it's quite a safe area, but WTF HERMES?

  • Possibly they are using crc/wiggle warehouses and stock?

  • Kind of related to the discussion above - I'm thinking of getting a couple of rims from bikeinn. Together they come to £177 plus £8 postage.

    If I'm gonna get stung for vat/handling fee id split the order and pay postage twice...but bikeinn seem to think it will be fine...

    Anyone any experience of ordering over the £135 threshold from bikeinn? I'd have thought they'd be covering their webpages in warnings if there were random fees expected.

  • @TotalShanner was it you who ordered GX AXS from r2 bike?

  • Aye!
    From this link

    When I ordered the price was actually 316 euros then it went up to 360 euros and now it’s came back down again to 332
    It’s still by far the cheapest around.

    I used the UPS delivery option rather than dhl. If you use dhl, it gets handed to parcel force when it arrives in the UK. Parcel force take a while to send you a letter asking to pay the remaining import fees.

    With UPS, once the tracking shows that it’s arrived in the UK, they sent me an email with a link to pay the remaining import duties. Once I’d paid the fee’s via the link, the tracking events updated quickly. It just speeds things up with UPS.
    I’ve heard of Parcel force taking longer than expected to request the import fee payment.

    I ordered a few other bits with mine, the order total was 378 euros and I had £78 import fees to pay to UPS.

    If you order just the kit alone at 332 euros plus shipping the the amount you’ll pay UPS will be roughly £65-£70.
    Basically you’ll pay about £360 for the kit.

    I strongly recommend it.

  • ta! I thought you managed to escape duties ;) either way its fine, wayyyyyyyy cheaper than in the UK

  • Nah, I was obvs praying for it though. The way the UPS tracking was worded made it seem like I had at one point, but no joy.

  • I bought a RAAW Jibb last month, asked them to change the mech hanger and the brake mount for (respectively) a 7075 instead of 6066, and 180 instead of 203mm.

    They listed these items on the order at £0, I'm guessing here but so that their stock/pick system had an official record of what to put in the box.

    Parcel Force/UK Customs have now sat on the parcel and sent me a note saying "please give us the correct invoice, prices cannot be £0", and the invoice has to be from the sender, who have already put a correct pro-forma and official invoice in the document pouch that they shipped the bike with.

    So! I'm stuck.

  • Hi, after reading the thread am I right to conclude there is no way of avoiding pesky taxes when sending my own bike from UK to Spain?
    Safest bet to fly with it?

  • Safest?
    Definitely to cycle the bike to Spain

  • Idk if this would be the right place, and it's going to sound very basic , but what happened if I buy some handlebars worth 70 usd in the states. Would I have an issue with customs or would it get to my house directly ?

  • If the seller fills out the customs forms accurately, you will be due import duty & tax.

  • I'm guessing the customs forms run on their end. How would I pay for the import duty and tax? Does the item get delivered normaly to my home ?

  • You'll pay HMRC through the courier, either you'll get a card through the door (Parcelforce) letting you know you've got to pay fees and it'll be delivered or the courier will pay it for you, delivery it and settle afterwards (FedEx, UPS etc.)

  • I would like to buy a second hand frameset in the Uk and ship it to the EU
    Any idea how to calculate the taxes and how to prevent it
    Thank you

  • ^sorry, I don’t know the answer to that.

    Does anyone know who I should complain to - which ombudsman - I bought three lights that came from the EU (less than £135 total). They sent two correct and one incorrect (just completely the wrong thing). It took nearly a month for them to arrive. I want them to fulfil my original order asap, IE send me the right item, and I’ll send back the wrong item in due course. I don’t want to send back the wrong item, wait for them to receive it, then wait for them to send the right item - that could be another 2 months of waiting, and it doesn’t seem like it is my fault in any way, they just didn’t send what I ordered. They are being difficult.

    1) am I being unreasonable?
    2) do i complain through the UK or EU system?

    Thank you!

  • What are you trying to achieve with that though? It won't speed anything up. Admittedly it's annoying.

    Best to just give them a ring / live chat and talk it through?

  • I keep suggesting we speak but can’t find a number for them.

    I think if I do it their way it will take ~1 month for them to receive the wrong light back, and then ~1 month for me to receive the right one.

    I was hoping to have those two 1 month periods run at the same time, so I get my third matching light only 2 months after I placed the order instead of 3 months!

    I may just give up and send it back, wait for the new one and then leave them bad reviews.

  • PS thank you. I am aware I am irrationally annoyed by them!

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Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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