Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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  • Hmmm - what about this though - seems to think VAT already included -so surely I swerve the admin fee too?

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  • Edit. I would give it a punt based on what you've just posted.

  • Looks like they have signed up for the IOSS scheme (which only started very recently, so may not have updated their t’s and c’s).
    I would expect zero charges on arrival in the U.K.


  • Presumably, say you wanted a pair of tyres which were (say) £70 each, you would need to order them separately to keep each parcel under £135 total?

  • Yep - all smooth as silk. Tyre just arrived. Think it was 8 days delivery from Italy via Parcel force.

    Shout out to Lordgun. Great place if you need bits that are hard to find now we've messed up everything else. Amazing value, good postage rates and no faff for orders under £135.

  • Had an update from Royal Mail regarding my claim/ investigation. They have changed the parameters from over 30 days to over 90 days!
    Extremely frustrating have submitted my claim from posting on the 5th August in early September.

  • So the parcel i sent at the start of July to Belgium has been returned for the 3rd time, again with no reason. The Post Office in the UK assure me my parcel is all correct and has the correct information. Royal mail website also confirms this. I'm sending it as a gift as I am not a business.
    I just have no idea what to do anymore, prior to January 1st 2021 I had no issues. Some Leavers tell me its not to do with Brexit!! I could punch them in the face, morons.
    Can anyone help me please?

  • Can you try a different company to send it?

  • Condor know what they are doing. Three days from order to EU delivery for some PDW spares.

  • I've started using for anything I'm buying in Europe, mostly since I'm finding sellers over there just will not ship to UK, even if you want to pay extra. Seems they have a warehouse in Germany that you post stuff to, which they either forward directly or you can have it all reboxed into one package. So far all worked well!

  • Useful cheers. Need to replace a rosebikes derailleur hanger as the mounting bolts are well short and have failed to keep the hanger in place, stripping the threads. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive as replacing a small component for a massive outlay isn’t much fun. My fault for having a German bike in brexit Britain i suppose.

  • This. But make sure you choose UPS delivery rather than DHL.

  • Is this worth using for small/low value parcels?

    I’m needing to order about €60 worth of brake bosses from Reset and they want about £30 for shipping and were a bit dubious to whether they’d even get here plus I figure there might be import taxes /charges to pay on top off the shipping.

    I guess using forward2me doesn’t dodge that last but eh?

  • I’ve not paid any import on the stuff I’ve bought so far, in my 3rd shipment from them, could probably have waited and combined as one but thought a bigger package might attract more customs attention!

  • Still managing to get my euro orders over to NI without occurring any fees, if you can middle man it from there!

  • I am considering buying a frame from T'bay in Belgium.

    Am I going to get fucked with VAT?

  • UK customs working well.

    From Portugal, I shipped a 10€ battery charger, tiny ~2kg box to a customer in the UK. The same day I shipped a complete bike, huge 25kg box, to a customer in Germany. DHL fucked up and switched the labels. Charger ended up in Germany and the bike in the UK. Amazingly, even though the invoice and customs papers clearly indicated that the item was supposed to be a tiny box with a cheap charger inside, the bike cleared customs without

  • Bought my first mainland Europe item since we got our freedom back/blue passports.

    Received a text from FedEx saying I owed £54 (£42 VAT + £12 fee) although they delivered the item today before I had made payment.

    Of course, I've ordered the wrong size and need to exchange/return at my own expense so likely to be Royal Mail and not Fedex. Am I right in thinking that the above is not due if I send it back? How do you go about proving this and how painful/painless is it?

  • No; the fee is payable regardless of what you do with the item (unless delivery had been refused)
    Fedex don’t care what you do with item, they’re just recovering their costs for clearing the item through customs on your behalf.
    Sucks doesn’t it! Other than the odd CD or record I’ve not bough owt from Europe since our freedom. Mind you, that’s largely due to the fact that no bugger wants to sell to is!

  • Urgh… is that the £12 FedEx fee, or £12 fee + £42 VAT or item I am returning? Such a drag

  • The £12 FedEx fee is definitely gone for good as that's what they charge you for being your 'import agent' effectively.
    The £42 VAT you will still have to pay for now. However, in theory, if you can prove that you sent them item back (at your cost of course) you 'may' be able to claim it back.
    I believe you have to provide evidence that you paid import duty / VAT and proof that the item was returned. Personally it's really not something I would want to take a risk on as the rules are changing so fast and things seem to be going 'missing' (as in getting stuck somewhere because no one knows how to deal with them) a lot more than before.
    I would imagine the hassle is going to far outweigh the benefit though. Is it not something you can sell on and at least make less of a loss?...

  • Parcel I sent to Belgium on 1st Nov is supposedly still in transit.

    I think it might be because I wrote “ioss Etsy” on it instead of doing a label through Etsy that would have informed Royal Mail digitally that the vat had been collected already.

    Don’t know if I’ll ever get the item back but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to refund the punter soon.

  • I was going to order something from a Belgian shop and their shipping to the UK has gone up to
    €80. Used to be €20 in 2018.

  • Seems like bike24 has started shipping to the UK again! Woohoo

    However, does it mean I will pay import taxes on top anyway? They've included VAT in the final price.

    Sorry for my Brexit ignorance

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Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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