Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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  • Shit hippy this looks like a mega pain in the ass... urgh

  • Just placed an order on Bikester for some tyres. My mate also placed an order with them and it came within two days.

    I just woke to see this on the tracking number... great!

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  • from a quick look posting frames or anything into Europe now is just $$$.

    Anyone found any reasonable rates for shipping frames?

  • Adding the stupidity on my part from my prior post, 04/06/2021 is the 6th April. Stupid date formats

  • I'm looking at sending a bike from the UK to Croatia for myself. I own it in the UK, and I'll own it in Croatia, it's for me to ride when I'm over there. Does anybody have any experience of doing this post Brexit about how much it'll cost in fees, tariffs and import duties?

  • I ended up backing out of doing this due to the risks I was told about by the bike courier of having to pay Swedish VAT on the bike even though it was mine. Was looking like it was gonna end up upwards of £750+ to send the bike that way - unless you risk putting a lower replacement value on the bike (mine was £2500 bike) but then you risk either insurance only covering the declared value (if you insure it) or the customs believing you have under declared and then holding it and you getting fines/admin shit to pay on top of any import duties!

    That was where i got to - but others seem to have no issue - like @5115_Pete earlier in this thread- so who knows. Ultimately it feels like its all about taking the risk and being prepared to potentially get whacked with some tax/duties/fees

  • I finally sent two Brompton wheels and various parts to Germany. It was for my brother and if negligible value. Made a invoice for personal effects and attached a copy of his is card. It arrived within 10 days and with no extra fees etc. Used parcelforce through parcel monkey, very painless compared to my unsuccessful attempt with dpd a few months ago.

  • Just received an order from Bikeinn, c.£100. Delivered from a third party handler (GLM) in Greenford so no issues with customs etc.

    Not sure if this would apply over £135 but maybe.

  • I ordered something from (Germany) because I wasn't able to get it anywhere in the UK. Before I ordered I checked their FAQ and asked them about shipping, VAT and import duties. This was their answer:

    If you choose United Kingdom as a destination country all prices in our webshop are displayed without German VAT already. Due to the Brexit on January 1st there will be 20% UK VAT on each incoming order. For orders below 135 GBP the UK VAT will be charged by us in the shopping cart and forwarded to the HMRC afterwards. There won't be any additional import duty or tax on your side in that case.

    For orders above 135 GBP the 20% UK VAT will be charged by HMRC/Parcelforce from you directly at the shipping.

    I ordered parts for less than £135 and they charged me UK VAT for it. Yesterday I received a letter from Parcelforce asking for:
    £ 5.47 Customs Duty
    £ 30.69 Import VAT
    £ 12.00 Clearance Fee
    = £48.16

    Am I stupid and did not get how this works or was there some f**k up here?

  • We got a thing from Etsy saying that basically UK gov/customs are going to take vat on everything now. If we sell to anywhere outside the country then Etsy will charge us the vat and pay it to the uk gov and we have to electronically notify whatever carrier we use to send stuff that this has happened or they’ll charge the buyer vat again before delivering the parcel. Sounds like Starbike haven’t done the notification properly?

  • PS, it seems like a total fucking shit show and we don’t know if we can be arsed with selling outwith the uk now.

  • My recent experience, Lordgun are very good - fast, efficient, no double paying for VAT. You will pay an admin fee for >£135 but welcome to Brexit.

    BikeInn - they are easily the slowest shop I've ever bought from, takes them a week from accepting your money to ship, and the shipping is very slow. I ordered a tyre on the 15th, according to the tracking it's still in the Netherlands.

    I'd have no hesitation using Lordgun, I'm only using BikeInn because they had what I wanted and no one else did - they'll be the last company I'd choose to use in future.

  • Have used recently, they have stock that the UK doesn't and at closer inspection, appears that no VAT is payed to anybody.

  • BikeInn - they are easily the slowest shop I've ever bought from, takes them a week from accepting your money to ship, and the shipping is very slow. I ordered a tyre on the 15th, according to the tracking it's still in the Netherlands.

    Don't try Mohawks Cycles... (and I still can't return a wrong BB they sent me too, gave up and put it on eB**)

  • Throwing my miserable experience out there: got burned with VAT on an £80 sale UK-France. Item was +£110 new, sold in excellent used condition, French customs decided it was new or CBA with reading the fucking form (my mistake for not completing it in English and in French, desolé). Hours of my life wasted.

    Never again.

  • so I want to buy some shoes that no1 in the UK sells; bike24 sells them and they are under £135 but they have this warning.

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  • Add other stuff until you get over £135?

  • ah no I mean bike24 has a blanket ban on sending things to UK no matter what value

  • Yeah, they removed the UK from the list of countries, probably not worth the hassle now that cycling is booming everywhere and stocks are low.

  • Not bike stuff, but tried to buy a band t-shirt from NL - no shipping to the UK at all :/

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  • Brexshit means Brexshit!

  • Currently awaiting a refund on a returned pair of sunglasses. Have been with Spanish customs since 8th August.
    Any experience of how long this might be the case?

  • I've had numerous parcels returned from Sweden because of incorrect documentation, with zero explanation of what is missing. Prior to sending everything was checked and double checked by me and the PO.
    Brexit is the biggest pile of horse shit, I'm yet to see any tangible benefit. In fact its the opposite, things are worse, more time consuming, limited supply and more expensive. Well done Leavers you bunch of gullible tw@ts.

  • So I'm about to buy my first thing from Europe since we ruined everything. It's a tyre from Lordgun. Am I to expect zero additional cost to stated price plus postage? Current total is £47 - which seems too good to be true right now. Still less than RRP and tyre is hard to find in stock anywhere in the UK .

  • I would expect to pay £9.40 VAT plus a handling receipt between £8 and £12 depending on carrier. I wouldn’t expect to pay any import duty.
    So, between £18 and £22 in total

    Edit - lordgun small print:

    “For non-EU countries (and other places such as the Canary Islands) goods are exclusive of VAT and may be subject to Customs Duties or Import Taxes of the country of destination. It is not possible to provide a different quote for Custom Duties asked for, these must be entirely covered and paid for by the customer.”

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Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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