Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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  • This has been discussed a bit in the Brexit thread already, but maybe useful to discuss specifically for buyers and sellers on here.

    For me personally, posting France to UK:
    I took a boxed up frameset into the local post office in France. I had the usual international postage doc already filled out (sender name/address, recipient name/address, desciption of item, value of item, date, signature). I was told that as of 01/Jan/2021 I would now need to download and print out additional customs forms, and bring them with me (preferably already completed), for all packages to the UK.

    Details from La Poste on the new requirements (in French):­u-1er-janvier-2021-les-nouvelles-formali­tes-douanieres-vers-le-royaume-uni

    English translation:
    "From 1 January 2021, trade with the United Kingdom is no longer considered as intra-European trade, but as trade outside the EU.
    As a result, new customs formalities, as well as tariff supplements apply to shipments posted after January 1.

    You will need to include the following with any shipment of goods to the UK:

    • Two copies of the CN23 customs declaration. (Note: This CN23 declaration must be made electronically, and before shipment of the goods. You will be guided step by step through this process, whether you do it online or at a post office.)

    • The proforma invoice for a non-commercial shipment, or the commercial invoice for a commercial shipment. (Note: The UK requires these documents to be completed in English)

    These formalities are necessary for any package containing anything other than documents (documents on their own are exempt from declaration), and whatever the nature of the shipment (including whether the goods are sent free of charge, as a gift, or a sample), and they are required whether it is a personal or a professional shipment."

    With regards to the CN23 customs declaration itself:

    "To create your CN23, you will be asked for:

    • The nature of the shipment: non-commercial (gift or sample), sale, or return.
    • The content of the shipment: the nature of the various items, their weight, their value, their tariff number, and their country of origin.
    • The sender and the recipient (with their respective phone numbers).

    The CN23 must be completed in French, English or in a language accepted by the country of destination.

    Print 3 copies of the CN23 (two to attach with the shipment, one to keep for yourself).

    How to attach customs documents to the shipment:

    • Place all documents in a transparent plastic sleeve.
    • Stick this pocket on the packaging, preferably on the same side as the shipping label (Note: do not stick the CN23 and invoices directly on the packaging, as customs services must be able to remove them.)
    • Keep the 3rd copy of the CN23."

    I haven't got as far as finding out how much the price has gone up by yet.

  • If anyone can advise on a box of used parts I need to ship to Germany I would be very grateful, GOV website is shit.

  • DPD France have got updated details of shipping from France to the UK (in French):

    Unfortunately, and despite updating the date, it looks like they haven't yet updated the actual text of the English version...

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  • So what’s the deal with sending stuff * from* the uk?

    Has that changed beyond sending stuff to the eu now being like sending outwith the eu and you need a cn22 stuck to the back of the parcel?

  • Yes, from my understanding it’s as you described - although postage rates seem to be hiked since Jan 1st - items require a customs declaration and potential import / export fees levied on said goods.

    I think inter person not much has changed but if you were a business it might have a more drastic effect on paperwork/tax liabilities/ your bottom line.

  • Sorry to be out of topic but...
    How do you manage to ship a full bike box through La Poste these days ? They adopted size restrictions on parcels they handle due to Covid (height + lenght + depth < 150cm). Do you have a trick to subvert this ?

  • I only post framesets, and I take off the forks now to reduce the box size.
    When I've previously taken boxed up frames which were a bit over the 150cm, they didn't usually check, I've only been called up on that once (a Trek mtb frameset with forks still in place, plus most of the bits, but not the wheels). It was also heavier than just framesets I've sent (11kg rather than about 5-6kg). They got the tape measure out that time, and the price went up from 30-something euros to 60-something euros.

    I haven't tried shipping a full bike. You might have to break it down and send in mutiple packages. And maybe customise the frameset box into a diamond shape to keep the overall length/size down to less than 150cm.

    I didn't know they'd introduced new Covid size restrictions. The box I'm trying to post looks quite compact, and it's quite a snug fit, but it's a bit over 150cm in total (a large size mtb frame). I'll see what they say when I take it back to the post office this weekend.

  • These restrictions have been officially applied since April 2020 https://www.colissimo.entreprise.laposte­.fr/fr/covid19
    I tried shipping a pair of wheels last May (so just a bit above the 150cm rule) and it wasn't accepted , had to switch carrier for a more expensive one. Maybe it just depends on the type of office you ship from (size, staff etc). Thanks !

  • Just sending some bits to germany, hopefully this is correct;

    Rules-of-Origin now apply to all imports and exports – basically, if 55% or more of something is made in the UK or EU, then duty won’t be charged. It gets quite complicated working out what “made” means, and this is a problem for many bike companies who make frames in the Far East and use mostly components also made in the Far East.

  • So if I'm posting a 20 year old mtb frame that has "Handmade in the USA" written on the seat stays, from France to UK, then it's going to get charged duty on it ?

  • 4.7%, then 20% VAT on that.

  • Place all documents in a transparent plastic sleeve.

    These seem to be pretty hard to come by in a lock-down, I'm thinking of using a ziplock bag. Any ideas on that?

  • Thanks for the info.
    4.7% of the price I sold it for? Or 4.7% of whatever item value I state on the shipping form?
    And this means that the buyer will get charged this on arrival in the UK?
    (Sorry, haven't got my head around all this yet)

  • I don't see why a zip-lock bag wouldn't be ok. I think I've just used an A4 clear sleeve before, (years ago, though), the type you use in a standard lever arch file, taped on all four sides, they just slice it open to take the docs out. Things may have changed now, mind...

  • Thanks for the info.
    4.7% of the price I sold it for? Or 4.7% of whatever item value I state on the shipping form?
    And this means that the buyer will get charged this on arrival in the UK?
    (Sorry, haven't got my head around all this yet)

    It's done on the declared value I believe, so it'll be duty on the stated value, then VAT on the total of that, plus the cost of the shipping. And the courier fee.

  • I only need one, so I'd rather not buy a load of plastic that'll make a messy cupboard even messier. I'm sure there are better solutions than a ziplock bag, but as long as the parcel will not be refused for it not being an ISO approved pouch it's good enough.

  • My box measures 115 x 59x 21cm, so 195cm total length, not sure that's going to work.

    Although I'm pretty sure that some of the framesets I posted last year were after after April, and over 150cm.

    Edit: I posted 4 frames to the UK between September and November last year, I'd guess the boxes were all somewhere between 150-200cm total length (except for the Trek one which was bigger and heavier and got charged more for). The latest rules say applicable from 13/Jan, maybe they've been implementing and relaxing them depending on national Covid restrictions?

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  • Example of proforma invoice from La Poste:

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  • Make sure you write the model year in the description, otherwise to a non bike person it may seem underpriced if they google “brand bike frame”

  • Good call, thanks.

  • I notice the very 'Made in England for a thousand years' brooks website is saying they're not shipping to the UK for a while cos they move the saddles out to europe to ship them.

  • Dear Tenners,

    I am writing you as you placed an order on glerups, which we tried to ship right after New Year.

    I am very sorry to inform you, that we have had no luck in getting the parcel to GB due to Brex-it.

    GLS, our forwarder, have not been allowed to ship parcels to GB here in 2021 and they have not been able to get a date for when, this will be possible again.

    long sigh

    I was really looking forward to my artisanal Danish slippers tbh...

  • Unfortunately we are watching the slow and insidious impoverishment of Britain. Expect to see the ressurection of British Leyland shortly with a vow to put an Austin Montego on every driveway.

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Post Brexit (01/Jan/2021) postage issues between EU and UK

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