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  • I've had a few (modest) car projects over the years but ultimately it's always been a struggle due to cost and not having the space to work on them comfortably. With bikes it's nice to know they're out of the rain and purely represent Sunday morning 'good times', and if you had to drop the engine it's doable. Maybe I'm getting old but with the slow introduction of electrification driving feels more like a functional thing as opposed to a way of getting that need for speed. Sure if I won the lottery I'd start a rwd EG Civic hatch K24 project or LS Jaguar XJC swap in my multiple outbuildings, but until then... For now my H6 3.0L Outback is a comfortable middle-ground before going full grandad spec!

    Anyone else get terrified torquing down spark plugs? The mini service is now done apart from changing the coolant with new oil, oil filter, plugs and air filter. Also slackened the chain which has made gear changes a lot smoother. Glad I remembered to hoover the grit and dirt around the coil packs before removing the old plugs. Don't particularly want that in my cylinders!

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  • I’ve never done much DIY

    Ehm, yeah right..

    Super impressed by your diy skills in terms of the garage and also re the suzuki and all this being done after just having moved houses

    Garage looks top notch!

    Wow i must be a lazy guy

  • Serious garage (and bike) envy here

  • Super impressed by your diy skills

    Just to reiterate I thought about laying the floor but in the end got somebody else, who knows what they're doing, to do it. Thanks for the kind words. It's been something I've mentally pictured for years so motivated to try and make it a reality.

  • After some involuntary sunbathing on a rural Cambridgeshire verge over the weekend, it became evident the SRAD's petrol level sender has an intermittent fault. Strange as it hasn't played up until now but lesson learnt, I'll be using the odometer to gauge refills. Old bikes eh... who would have them?

    After testing the wiring and bulb as shown in my workshop manual all is working, so looks to be the level sender inside the tank. I struggle to muster up the enthusiasm when it comes to cleaning petrol tanks but it always feels worth it. Even if everything is fine just for the peace of mind. Turns out there was a lot of sludge that had turned rock solid that needed chiselling away, which can't of helped things. I'm high as a kite from the fumes so going to save servicing the fuel pump and sender unit until another day.

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  • When removing the tank also noticed one of the bolts that attaches the fuel pump seal was sheared, so it's been dropped off at the local bike garage to see what they can do.

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  • Very enjoyable read through this thread, have you got a rough figure for the cost of sorting the floor?

  • £1,475. £900 of which was labour, with the rest being materials (levelling compound, epoxy primer and epoxy resin). The work took about 4 days but often they were only working for a few hours on each.

  • Hit a snag this weekend. Although if there's a silver lining it's given me an excuse to tart up and refurbish the rear braking system.

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  • Zip ties. It’ll be fiiiiiiine.

  • Pro tip: they're not suppose to look like that.

  • Penetrating fluid all the things. My GSR was like that. Almost anything original that I tried to remove would just shear off
    Including the exhaust manifold bolts...

  • Or Pritt Stick, what's the worst that could happen? Over the long weekend I dusted off the old Playstation and may have found where the SRAD obsession started. Seems dreams (albeit fairly modest ones) can come true.

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  • Please. Set up a tv and the Playstation in the garage, and sit on the bike while you race around on the game.

    You know what must be done.

  • Including the exhaust manifold bolts...

    Don't. I've been trying not to think about when I come to replace the headers. Before most rides the studs get a soaking of WD40 to hopefully make it easier when that horrible day comes.

  • Love this thread and totally agree with bikes being more viable projects than cars for most of us.

    I long for a small garage for two bikes plus a chest of tools and a bench.

    That workstand you mentioned sounds smart. The only thing is whether you can/want to leave a bike in it for prolonged periods of time (?).

    That said its significantly cheaper than a big jack stand and with two bikes you've sort of got nothing to lose.

  • Still waiting for the motorbike/playstation setup photo...

  • @hugo7 glad the thread's going down well, thought it may not be of interest but guess we're an eclectic bunch. I haven't read any reports of the Abba Skylifts dropping bikes, yet. The spec says the limit is 450kg so could technically sit on both and they'd still be well within the limit. I just think a traditional lift would take up a lot of valuable floor space compared.

    @pdlouche I've actually been thinking about some kind of audio/entertainment system for podcasts or watching mechanical tutorials but pretty out of touch with such things. I have a spare smart TV just not sure on how to connect speakers to handle casting from mobile for Spotify etc.

  • Okay, so I've gone some way to rectifying the rear brake master cylinder issue. New Hayabusa rear master, Hel braided line, 2 x speed bleeder valves and extremely unnecessary drilled titanium banjo bolts fitted. Just need to find the time to add fluid and bleed it up. Also gave the rear caliper a proper clean whilst it was off the bike.

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  • I also discovered the most boring way to spend £75... on a new swingarm chain protector. At least throwing notes out of the window you'd see the scrabbling mass but also don't like the idea of my chain sawing through the aluminium swingarm.

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  • Just filled and bled the system with the speed bleeders. The rear brake is comically good, ever so slightly worried it's going to be too effective compared to the front!

  • audio/entertainment system for podcasts or watching mechanical tutorials but pretty out of touch with such things. I have a spare smart TV just not sure on how to connect speakers to handle casting from mobile for Spotify etc.

    The TV should just tap into your wifi right? If not a Chrome Cast is a good option. I would be tempted to just cast any audio to the TV rather than worrying about speakers. The acoustics won't be any good anyway. However...

    ...a Chrome Cast audio plugged into a mini amp (like a Lepy) and then paired with some speakers is a good music option. Unfortunately the Chromecast Audio is discontinued and they cost bucks 2nd hand. An https://audiocast.io/ is meant to be almost exactly the same.

    If you get bookshelf speakers it's probably best to find front ported ones. Or get some of those cheap mini cube speakers and hide a 2nd hand sub somewhere.

    I bought a 2nd hand mini-system, plugged a CCA in and mounted the speakers high on the walls. It's got a mini-disc player which is cool as it means I can listen to my old mix tapes.

  • MC rebuild kits are mega money for the XJ, but I have calliper and Hel lines on order at the mechanics. Hope to get the front to be useful. As-is, the rear can skid very easily. Quite exciting!

    On the DR with Hel and MC/calliper rebuilt front and back both wheels are very easy to skid.

  • Security.

    In addition to ground anchors/big chains, you should improve the locking of the front door.

    I used 1 inch square steel tubing, overlapping the frame and brickwork, pinned on one side of the door, and padlocked at the other. Prevents the door being opened from the outside.

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Just a garage

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