Just a garage (incl motorbike content)

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  • Isitnicked dot com

  • Agreed, essentially this.

  • I bet you have already watched the new BBB video.

  • You bet I have. After seeing 44Teeth's video a few weeks back I got a little obsessed with the 20 valve YZF750R and was watching Chris' bike on eBay for a while. Kind of glad I didn't buy it now!

  • Ha I bet. Although I don't think it looks too bad for the money really.
    I'm Yamaha through and through but I will be surprised if that Blade doesn't win. You going to get tickets so you can go and fanboi?

  • I did actually think about it, that's if there's even any tickets left. Would be pretty awesome to ride there on the SRAD.

  • One from last weekend.

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  • nice of you to let the stigg borrow your bike

  • X4 mandem! Form looking good. Where's this by the way? What bikes can be used?

  • Another shot of me a millimetre off the ground. @Chak it's at Conquest Valley Motorsport near Milton Keynes, there's a 4k enduro circuit and 3k MX track. They say dual sports welcome but really I'm the only one, everyone else wheels out dedicated MX bikes from their vans.

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  • Some say he shouldn't be allowed to ride on a private circuit, let alone the public highways....

  • I love that sidis are cool in MX

  • Milton Keynes

    2 hours away. Hmm.

  • Now you've got the van... if you ever fancy it just shout. Will get signed up.

  • Daaaaamn, that looks hot! Only an hour away from me. Shit, I was thinking I'd get away with something bigger and bulkier. Shame.

  • Great, will definitely take you up on that.

    Definitely would love to try the enduro track, but almost zero desire in subjecting the DR to MX. I am getting faster and less anxious about loose gravel surfaces, but I find technical riding much more rewarding.

    However, I have also sustained some kind of awful mid-back injury so I don’t know that I’d be visiting a weekend any time soon!

  • Security. Been meaning to do something about it for a while. My Bosch professional drill couldn't handle the 70mm depth or 16mm width needed for the expanding plugs, so went to the local tool hire shop. Have a feeling I might be visiting them again. The Makita SDS went through the floor like butter. Anyway, nice to finally have some ground anchors which will help me sleep at night.

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  • Nice. Yea even if the ground anchor is only going into a wooden floor, it’s always a much better sleep at night knowing there’s another inconvenience to a thief.

    By the way, don’t leave an angle grinder nearby on the work bench.

  • An obvious comment but a sensible one. I think that's it, if somebody wants to steal something chances are you can't stop them. So you might as well make their job harder and slow them down.

  • Not too much to update, other than the SRAD is in this month's Practical Sportsbikes magazine and the CRF's USB charger packed up, so decided to relocate it. The previous owner did a nice job of the mount he made, but wasn't that keen on the location, plus now I have faster USB C charging. Win win.

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Just a garage (incl motorbike content)

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