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  • Personally I don't mind swallowing the cost of expensive fuel for motorbikes. Cars, no thank you. Never having a bike this new didn't realise how much Euro regs ruin performance. Really the Vortex ecu is just unlocking the bike it should have been before the lawyers got involved, or that's what I'm telling myself.

  • Continue to tell yourself that, and we’ll all agree!

  • The bike when originally sold had 23hp, it will now have 48hp. Quite funny.

  • Turns out the L in CRF450L doesn't stand for legal, but lunatic. You definitely notice the extra power with the Vortex ECU and its soo much better low down in the revs which makes riding off road a lot easier.

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  • I've calmed down a bit now. On reflection think that's probably more accurate.

  • Very jealous still. Seems like a great bike choice.

    Are you going to ABR next weekend?

  • On paper it's expensive when you add up the cost of the bike and mods, but it's bloody fantastic. Haven't even been riding offroad a year although feels much longer. No ARB festival for me, but hopefully next year I'll sort myself out with a van/trailer to do some events. Think I mentioned before, but really like the look of sweet lamb baja. Or anything in Wales for that matter.

  • If you get to Sweet Lamb in September I might be there supporting Fran on his 990

  • Well, think I'm smitten again.

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  • Sexy

  • Nice garage there jambon.

    I was reminiscing on the balckbird the other day. Just so damn capable. If I find some cash I'd love an older carb sports bike. A 750 would be ideal.

  • Thanks a lot. Even with brand new tyres that haven't been scrubbed it feels so much better than the 15 year old rubber. And the brakes finally work with discs that aren't warped. Although I'm pretty certain the clutch is now slipping, so you've been warned.

    To me used bike prices are starting to creep down a bit from lockdown fever but 90s 750 bikes do feel like a sweet spot, for now.

    @Tom13 cheers!

  • Yeah. As much as I loved the KTM it is so agricultural thinking about it. It took a lot to set the SMT up and even then is was still like riding a bull. The Duke was just lethal. Where as the blackbird would glide. So I'd love to try a gsxr, might mate the two, or perhaps a Daytona. But I'll keep dreaming.
    That srad is timeless though. Will be as good in 10y as now.

  • Last year I sold my Aprilia RSV Factory R and automatically started looking for a something newer and faster, in the shape of an 1198s. But when I actually thought about what I wanted, turns out it was something that's easy to tinker with and half enjoyable when you're not breaking the speed limit.

    I totally get what you mean, a zingy inline 4 is a joy to pootle through endless villages at 30 and open up when you see that national speed limit sign. And let's be honest, when you're in the top half of the rev counter a 90s 750 is already too fast.

  • What about a YZF750? I don't want/need another bike but they keep winking at me.

  • Can I ask which epoxy you used please? I want to get our floors sealed before I start filling our garages up even more than I have!

  • That would be cool. Honestly I don't think it would matter. A bit like you working on bikes is half if not most of the fun for me. Sure I love to ride, but tinkering in the garage is bliss.

  • I don't actually know as somebody else laid the epoxy floor. The same guy is currently(?) doing @Dammit 's garage so he might know. Sorry to not be more helpful.

    @skinny fair point, having the time and space to do some tinkering is a nice way to waste a few hours. I ordered some new EBC clutch plates and already looking forward to getting these fitted.

  • @spotter - bit late, but there's a pistonheads garage floor thread that includes epoxy chat with someone's account of laying it diy. Worth searching for it and having a read. Will also help you decide between the various merits of paint vs epoxy vs porcelain tiles vs plastic tiles.

  • Thanks both - I'm actually now thinking that it's better to do the rubber tiles until we decided what where doing in there long term

  • Had my first enduro day booked this weekend but I've finally caught the covid, so will be hunkering down in the garage. At least it means I can get the new ebc clutch fitted, drink tea and listen to some long overdue podcasts.

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  • That sounds like a banging way to spend time to be honest.
    Gotta do clutch/brakes and suspension on the tiger, just can’t find the time.

  • Well I managed it, the bike still shifts into gear and moves forward so calling that a win. The old clutch plates were all annoyingly in spec so not as confident about the new one eliminating slip, but we'll see.

    I know what you mean, it's always hard to find the time but once you button everything up and ride the recently serviced bike it's so worth it.

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  • You might find the tiniest change makes that big difference. By the way are you using fully synthetic when the bike might benefit from semi?

    The 90’s bikes rarely benefit from fully synthetic and I definitely got clutch slip even on the XJ with old plates and fully synth.

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Just a garage (incl motorbike content)

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