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  • It really is a classic series and seems like they've done very well out of it too. Just wish they'd do more of the recent modifying videos, especially the SRAD, but they're busy lads so will let them off.

    The desire for metal full wrap around handguards is mainly for protection when dropping the thing. Never had a bike this new and with so little miles I'm keen to protect it if possible. No doubt it'll seen a few dirt naps in the next few months. Will see how i get on comfort wise with the Acerbis ones fitted and think about what you've said, thanks!

  • @hugo7 yeah I cut mine with a jigsaw as the left side was butting up to an angled wall. I worried alot about not making a clean cut but it was totally fine with a guide clamped on to give me a straight finish. The most import thing was finding the right blade with enough teeth and you also want them cutting on the down stroke so the wood doesn't splinter on the way up. Think you'll be okay as the side you cut can go against the fall to hide any imperfections. If you really mess up then can always put a baton of wood at the back, I'm still thinking of adding this on mine just to tart it up.

  • Thanks for the jigsaw advice. I always struggle to make a neat job with them and often end up doing lots of little cuts in then filing or chiselling them out.

    Currently still torn between one of these and ply + mdf + replaceable hardboard thin sheet. In part because it'll leave me with some useful bits of wood left over, but also price. Then again yours looks so smart.

    put a baton of wood at the back

    Long term I'm gonna do this on 3 sides as it's taking up the full width. So it'll have to be a bit short to slide into place.


  • Looks like a great space you've got, quite jealous of that window. Started working on the workbench this afternoon then ran out of wallplugs so that was that. Shouldn't take much longer when I pull my finger out.

  • put a baton of wood at the back

    Yeah so this is how the workbench was installed in the garage by the previous owner.
    But water had been coming through the wall and the base of the legs had all rotted. I ripped it all out with the intention of building a proper DIY workbench but obvs I still haven’t bothered my arse yet.
    I have a job needing done that I’ve been putting off until I have a vice up and running again.
    I think I’m just going to do as Hugo intends and batton three sides and slot in a kitchen worktop.

  • Progress on a few fronts recently. The new workshop roof is now on so pleased that's watertight before winter sets in. Did have to do a small bit of pointing with the bricks but it's looking a lot better. Just need to decide whether it's more beneficial to insulate the roof or walls so will do more reading. Tempted to do the roof so we don't lose too much space inside and it's cheaper.

    May have got slightly carried away but the workbench is finally finished. I'm sure it won't stay this tidy for long but loved having the space and time to do the best job I could. Turns out my woodwork skills are very rusty!

    Just a little project but made a motocross style stand as realised I didn't have anything for bikes without swingarm bobbins. Means I can finally clean the chain although could do with making it a smidge taller. Lifting the bike onto the stand was far from easy, even after watching YouTube tutorials so think I'll eventually spend the £4o and buy something that goes up and down.

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  • Forgot a few small things... Returned the CRF's seat back to stock, or as close as I could get it. Just couldn't live with the previous owners modification. Also replaced a couple of body panels that had been modified too. Thought I'd buy these whilst you can still source them and they're half reasonable.

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  • .

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  • Great!

    Apart from the seat, I’m surprised you fitted new panels. I’m of the mind to abuse the modified, and keep the new fresh for if you ever need to replace them (ie sell). That way your first few scratches don’t damage the new panels.

    I made my Sherco stand half-drunk, and fluxcore wired some steel together with the mig, then popped a piece of wood and foam on top. Your woodwork looks a lot more beautiful.

    Main piece of advice, make a little wedge-ramp, or two, around the height of a brick. This is what I use with the DR even with a proper little stand. I pop the front/back wheel onto a brick, then slide the stand underneath.

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  • I had a feeling you might appreciate the customised seat :D Main reason to replace the rear fender was water getting into the wiring and grotting out the subframe when riding in the rain or washing the bike.

  • Ah okay. I’d have taped the underside and plugged from the top with some grommets. But then, I prefer to leave the rough parts on the bike!

    My stand that supports the DR is one of these. I still need to use a brick under a wheel to raise the bike enough to wedge and position it underneath.

    It’s survived some abuse but can feel a little bit on the weak end of the confidence inspiration scale. Mine came through the mechanics, rather than 24MX. All the same stuff from China with a badge on.

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  • I did buy some grommets for the drilled rear fender but couldn't sleep at night. Fully aware about the levels of tartyness here, it's a way of life. That Proworks stand is exactly what I'm after, not a bad price too.

  • Beware with 24MX you need to add at least a tenner and a fortnight for delivery. But if you’re gonna burn a hole in your wallet there’s loads to buy to make it worth postage, they are good for doing that!

  • Just need to decide whether it's more beneficial to insulate the roof or walls so will do more reading.

    Those Ali Dimock (sp?) videos on YouTube are great for this sort of info.

    Iirc insulating the roof is the most efficient as hot air rises, but the walls are the largest surface area - so actually make more difference. However, that's obviously more expensive as you'll use more materials...and you're starting with brick anyway.

    Also consider your reason(s) for insulating. If it's to have the space warmer when you're in there, the truth is that in that size space a quick blast from an electric heater will probably warm it enough. And while it may be relatively expensive on electricity, it'll take a long time to pay off the saving you get from a full insulation job.

    My equivalent has a reinforced concrete roof, so that's comparatively OK, and I find it manageable. As yours are tiles, I'd be tempted to just do the roof. Also cause if you do the walls you've got to do the windows too.

  • Really helpful post, thanks a lot. Have now found Ali Dymock's channel and subscribed, almost thought it was @TW 's garden room when browsing Ali's video series. I had thought with hot air rising doing the roof could be a good move, plus the extra work that the windows would require has probably made my mind up. At least it's water tight going into winter, that's the main thing. Good point also regarding how long it will take to pay off the saving you get from a full insulation job, with a portable heater it should be a massive improvement.

  • Don’t write-off the cheaper options that do a pretty good job as well.

    Although traditional stuff like rockwool is the go-to, you may find some cheaper synthetics are just as useful until you go spendy.

    For example my shed has had that Thermawrap bubble-wrap foil stuff for a few years now and it’s actually excellent. Once the heat is in, it’s in. In the summer the space stays cool as well.

    If I were doing a garage, I would gladly staplegun some rolls of the Thermawrap and see how it goes. Doesn’t hurt and doesn’t cost the earth, also super quick.

    Edit: in the shed I did walls and roof then covered the walls with ply board. For the garage I mean, staple Thermawrap in the roof - you won’t see it anyway.

  • Thermawrap

    Ali have this for a tenner 0.6x7.5m

    Idk if that's gvfm.

  • That’s the small stuff to use as pipe wrap I think.

    This is what we used:

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  • It said it was general use and had someone stapling it in the loft on the front picture so Idk 🤔

    £2.22pm² Vs £2.64pm² makes me tempted to take it back and go for some branded stuff to be on the safe side.

  • It could be all the same stuff, but who knows for sure?

    The stuff is ugly, but works very well. It is awkward as hell to apply as a one-person job, but after an entire 12x12 shed (all walls and ceiling) I can tell you it is possible. Just keep it taut.

  • Cheers good info.

  • Feels like it's been a while, nothing major but some small satisfying jobs ticked off:

    In SRAD news I fitted some sympathetic indicators as the original ones were very brittle and started snapping. Rear shock was removed, cleaned and I added a 8cm spacer to raise the ride height. Already it feels a lot more comfortable. Many SRADs have rust issues with the exterior of the petrol tank where the seat rubs, I sanded back the rust, treated the metal and painted it to hopefully stop it getting worse. Probably the most exciting thing is the front brake overhaul. Swapped the 6 pot callipers out for (GSXR 600) 4 pots with Hel braided lines and master cylinder. Also took the opportunity to service the new to me 4 pots as wanted to give them the best fighting chance. Only setback with the new master was I didn't have room on the standard clip ons, which was only an excuse to fit some of East Anglia's finest SES bars. Every cloud etc.

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  • In CRF news we had an oil and oil filter change, plus air filter clean. Tail tidy fitted and predictably my first dirt-nap, mainly from losing traction around 10mph. Secretly glad to get the first one out of the way. I'm blaming lack of tyre tread and general incompetence in no particular order but some more aggressive rubber is on the shopping list. Overall I'm just enjoying riding through the winter for the first time in years and exploring places I wouldn't normally see. Even trundling through the endless thatched villages out this way covered in mud or seeing people's confused faces after popping out of a hedgerow is all great fun. Recently I discovered there's a few motocross and enduro tracks locally so likely going to wobble round them when they're open and I've got some new tyres.

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  • Nothing constructive to say except that I enjoy reading your updates.

  • Ha, appreciate the comment all the same. Was tempted to get out on the SRAD to try the brakes but almost slipped putting the bin out, got sprayed by a gritting lorry and saw a motorcyclist air lifted to ambulance yesterday. Felt like a strong argument to wait a while.

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Just a garage

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