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  • They're great bikes and probably more enjoyable on British b-roads than say the Aprilia personally. Mine was the homologated ZX6-RR so not much torque but it begged to be revved, think the regular version with 636cc and a smidge more torque would be even better for the road.

  • Haven't updated this for a few weeks so thought I'd check in. The RSV sold within a few days and I somehow managed to get £800 more than I paid for it a few years previous, so that turned out well. Lets just ignore all the money I poured into it eh.

    After what feels like years of reading online I finally have a bike with knobbly tyres by way of this 2019 Honda CRF450L. As Honda discontinued the model after a few months turns out they're hard to track down and I ended up buying one unseen from Northern Ireland from a 70 year old who wanted something smaller/lighter. Luckily it worked out well and over the moon with it. Overall plan is to lightly mod it into an 'Africa Single' with bigger tank and the ability to take luggage but will mainly be used for brown laning. See, I know all the lingo. Spent a couple of hours reversing mods and removing stickers then went for a blast in the drizzle. A few thoughts...

    • It feels more like a dirt bike than I'd imagined. Probably not surprising after a decade on sports bikes
    • Feels strange not being able to see your revs. That will take a while to get used to
    • It doesn't mind staying in a higher gear and tractoring along. It's like a little diesel in the best of ways
    • Standing up over speed bumps is fun

    In other news I removed the SRAD's scabby headers, which was a lot easier than I imagined as fitted Samco hoses and changed the coolant. New (sympathetic) indicators fitted as the originals were breaking from being so brittle and added a Hel braided oil feed pipe whilst in there. And finally the workshop out back is hopefully getting a new roof soon. We have new tiles and somebody booked in to remove the asbestos and make it watertight for the impending winter.

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  • Looks like a lot of fun. I kind of want a dirt bike so I can feel like Ryan gosling in the place beyond the pines

  • I just want to wear a flannel shirt and get it covered in mud to look the part.

  • Need a badly painted destickered DRZ400 for that. Poke a knife through a perfectly good white shirt a few times too.

  • Sounds dreamy. I'm going to go and pull the sleeves off my Metallica shirt

  • Don’t forget to impregnate a local girl then leave town for a year.

  • mainly be used for brown laning

    so a gravel bike?!

    I started watching FortNine's videos a while ago so now feel I know enough about bikes to comment on them....

  • so a gravel bike?!

    Comical, but totally accurate. Was after a bike I could ride on the road but if I saw something bumpier could handle that too. Had my first experience of green laning this morning and can't remember the last time I had this much fun, and was only wobbling along at 20mph. Tell a lie, I got to 40mph which felt like a 100 but was probably (definitely) pushing my abilities. Also saw some great wildlife including a fallow(?) deer with the antlers and everything, felt pretty special. As the route deteriorated I looked at my lack of tyre tread and called it a day but had a blast on the 2 closest byways. Nice to get the bike a bit muddy too, can't say that about sports bikes!

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  • Needs gold Renthals

  • After I've spent all my money comments like that aren't helpful. Who am I kidding? A larger IMS tank, seat concepts, barkbusters, aluminium bashplate and knobblies are all on the list eventually.

  • A larger IMS tank,

    • Acerbis may be cheaper

    seat concepts

    • very unnecessary. You’re a cyclist. You got a strong sitbone.


    • again, Acerbis ones are strong

    aluminium bashplate

    • any bash plate is better than no bashplate. Go for maximum ventilation for when it fills with mud


    • as per list before. This should be job number one

  • Thanks for all the help, will get signed up to the local TRF too when I decide between West Anglia and Hertfordshire as I'm bang in the middle. Leaning towards Herts because of the Chilterns but will do some research. I've currently got Acerbis hand guards but they're just plastic, quite like the insurance of metal ones with the barkbusters. Good point re seat concepts, another negative is the price. Looking forward to learning lots the next few months.

  • knobblies. This should be job number one

    Right after the gold Renthals

  • Taken as granted.

  • and the joblot of flannel shirts

  • There’s an Acerbis with metal brace, what I put on dad’s CRF.

    Often cheaper if you search, but these:

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  • Also loosen off everything on your bars. Not loose enough to vibrate around, but loose enough to slip around the bar if you violently knock them. Cos that’s what’s gonna snap a lever or a master cylinder mount.

  • Great vids. Had him on subscribe for years.
    You coming over to the dark side?

  • Great thread.
    That kitchen work top is a great idea, just had a look and think I’ll order a 2 meter walnut job from that link.
    Did you just mount it direct to the wall with those brackets?

  • I now want a Suzuki Burgman after his video from yesterday

  • Given my skills at hurting myself at low speeds on a bicycle maybe i should wait a bit!

  • The kitchen worktop feels like it makes a much slicker finish for not much more money. I used batons on the rear and left wall to take the majority of the weight, those brackets were to attach the uprights. As expected the worktop is crazy heavy being solid wood. Any other questions just shout.

  • Love this thread dude. Watched the 44 teeth budget bike battle again last night after seeing in the TV in your garage shot.

    Just a quick one regarding handguards. Do you think that you will be bushwhacking and very often? I only say as I have used all types but I much prefer open ends as I hold the grip quite close to the end of the bar. The style like TP runs in the picture (any excuse to post one of the most beautiful bikes ever ha). Good protection from branches and bushes but not as good against rocks. So much more comfortable though. Look at most of the pro enduro guys, they don't run full wrap arounds and the ergonomics on the open end are so much better.

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  • Did you cut it to size, or did you get them to trim it?

    Mine is going to be 65 deep which is a bit more than the small sizes, so will need to size up and trim.

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Just a garage

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