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  • @hugo7 thanks for explaining that. Hydraulic braking systems I'm fine, it's TV connectivity that needs a refresher. In my limited research I'd read Chromecast Audio had been discontinued, which is weird as sounds like it has lots of fans. What I'll likely do is mount the TV and use it through the WiFi, then see if I really need the luxury of surround sound. Aware this is teetering on golf club chat.

    @pdlouche always fitted Hel to my bikes as braided lines obviously makes such a difference, also the bikes are so old I'm not keeping the stock rubber ones! In time would like to try the Hel radial front master cylinder and maybe even calipers, although that's less likely with the price.

    @dr_nosh would love to see any photos if you have them. Security is definitely on the list and it's maybe not as bad as it looks, there's a 2 tone 4x4 parked in front of the garage door.

  • TBH I've always thought a TV is a really good ideal for YT how-to's ever since seeing it in one of the pistonheads readers garages. They are generally very golf club and he had some sort of insane size. That said if you want to look up from the ground at something that might be detailed something big makes sense.

    If you get a mini-amp or even a more bling set up I'd suggest a remote as it's easier than faffing about with a phone with dirty hands. I put velcro on mine then put velcro pads in a couple of handy locations.

  • Hel radial front master cylinder and maybe even calipers

    I wish that I’d never followed them on Instagram. Their race spec kit is nsfw.

    As for the tv/music thing, I wholeheartedly support having some setup that suits the space. Modern Smart TV’s are great because Youtube etc comes as an app, but are awful because you can’t use an ad-blocker, and searching, scrubbing through videos is a pain.

    If you have the space and means, I’d go old laptop with hdmi/displayport/dvi/whatever and a stereo. For the sake of three appliances, at least your tv does the tv-ing, laptop holds the browsing and music, and stereo does the sound. That way you can ad-block when streaming, and have the benefit of a physical keyboard (and external mouse) that you can put a cover over when your hands are greasy.

    Nothing stopping you ripping the audio cable out and plugging directly to your phone when you prefer.

  • @hugo7 now velcro patches are the kind of cutting-edge technology that I can get on board with, I was thinking along the same lines. Only blocker I can see apart from buying the wall mount is my plug sockets, but will see if any need relocating. Much appreciated for the help.

    @pdlouche I know fitting Hel calipers would be extreme overkill, but this whole exercise is about is about having fun, so it might happen you never know. I did think about the laptop route, which probably is the best solution but reckon the smart TV will be the first foray which I'll probably settle with.

  • Managed to bag this rear subframe with hen's teeth uncut fender for £34 delivered. I predominantly wanted a spare subframe, to grind off the luggage tabs guilt free but will swap the whole unit across. The original will go into the loft to ease my conscience.

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  • Doesn't look like much, but fuel pump rebuild complete. New hoses, fuel strainer and tank seal kit fitted, fingers crossed the fuel level sender now works. Amazing what ethanol does to rubber on a 20 year old machine, makes you wonder what it's doing to proper classics. Also received the tank back from the local shop who silver soldered a threaded stud to repair the snapped bolt.

    And can you think of a more SRAD mod than white R&G crash bungs? The bike will definitely be doing track 'work' in the future so safety first.

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  • That looks nice and clean. Thought I’d do the one on the SV. Getting bike MOT ready so might as well.

    Pulled the thing out and was totally stumped. It’s spotless. Strainer is clean of anything and hoses were nice and squishy.
    Forgot about pics till I put it back in.

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  • Well that sounds like a result to me, from working on older bikes anything fuel tank related can can be a royal pain in the arse. If you've got anywhere you're documenting the SV I'd love to see.

  • Like any respectable 'gixxer' rider last night I started hacking things off the subframe with an angle grinder. Just to temper any backlash I bought the bike to modify and track it plus now have a spare subframe should I or anybody want to return it to stock. Thought I'd buy a spare while they're cheap/available and so I can sleep at night.

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  • With the tank off for so long and the fuel pump in bits it was nice to hear it run yesterday. When pouring petrol in increments the fuel level sender didn't flash, so will see if that changes over the next few rides but at least I'm aware of the issue. Also the rear end it looking a lot cleaner without the passenger footpeg mount and luggage tabs on the subframe.

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  • Looks ace. What was the game you were playing? I've only played Tourist Trophy and Ride3.

  • That was Ride 3. Now Tourist Trophy that's a game! Back in the day I bought a PS2 just to play it.

  • Yeah I bought Ride 3 on a whim when it was in an Xbox live sale and its got a lot of great features but nobody has been able to match Tourist Trophy. Its a shame Polyphony didn't cary it on. It still holds up today.

  • Turns out it wasn't that hard to get radio, podcasts and YouTube in the garage with a smart TV. It's a big improvement over the paint splattered radio. Question is, can I resist surround sound?

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  • With the warmer weather decided to do some small but niggling filling of holes. Filled a large crack on the floor outside with cement and plastered up a few holes to remove the traces of the mystery sink. Quite enjoyed camouflaging the holes in the wall to look like bricks and was great doing this all whilst listing to a podcast on the TV. All small stuff but nice learning simple DIY jobs like this that seem to somehow make a big difference overall.

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  • These are the most satisfying kinda DIY’s. Little things that go unnoticed by anyone hereafter.

    Every time you sit mulling over where that superfluous washer was supposed to go, or how to get the air filter out without jamming your fingers, your eyes wander across to the corner and you revel in the satisfaction of the little repair.

  • Glad I'm not the only one who enjoys the small but satisfying jobs. With regards to bikes mods, might be thin on the ground for the near future. I'd like to do a fork upgrade on the SRAD to save wasting my time with inferior calipers, plus I can run decent cartridge kits. Seems to make more sense than spending almost as much money for little return. The RSV wants for nothing really (albeit after a few upgrades), other than a quickshifter to relive a tired left hand.

  • As expected, not much progress recently apart from fitting new rearsets and hoarding a couple of bits to fit during the winter. Only complication with the new set-up is there's no spring for the rear brake light, so wired in a Goodridge pressure switch to get around this.

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  • Out and about plus some nice parts to fit during the colder months

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  • Very nice…!

  • Wow! I just saw this thread, you've done a great job! Congratulations! I searched for a place here in Highgate to transform it into my personal den but too expensive.. and renting it's no way...
    Very neat job!

  • I wondered if the Samco hoses will bring some real benefits.. I keep mine cbr600rr covered outside in my private parking but the cold is always a bitch.

  • Thanks a lot, and all the best hunting down something similar in London. People say silicone hoses reduce temps but I'll believe this when I see it. I did an similar upgrade to my old car and it seemed to do the trick.

  • Glad i'm not the only one wearing socks whilst doing jobs in the garage.

    Garage and bikes are looking really good. My garage is quite similar and the work you've done and where you've focused your budget makes total sense to me. Before you take photos do you have to move the pile of crap sitting on the floor that doesn't have storage yet or are you really that well sorted for space?!

  • I want this garage

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Just a garage

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