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  • Hi guys,

    I have a frameset being sent from South America and cannot be shipped because of import restriction in the UK due to recent changes.

    Wonder if any of you know a way around it?

    I have all paid since July last year and just now the frame is finally ready to be sent but the local "post office" is not sending to UK anymore. Guess is because a lot of things aren't set yet in light of the all BS has been happening.

    Thanks for any help provided

  • If the item is worth more than £135 then nothing has changed for imports from outside the EU. They send the item without charging any taxes (VAT and import duties) and you pay those on receipt. It’s possible that the company is confused about the changes, not a surprise really, or the item is worth less than £135 in which case they have to register for VAT in Britain, collect it and pass it onto HMRC - which is where the problem arises. I’m not a trader myself but that’s the situation as I understand it, but I stand to be corrected.

  • Get it sent to Northern Ireland and then deal with the last hop ?

  • nothing has changed for imports from outside the EU

    I don’t think this is correct. All imports to the uk have to have the VAT charged up front by the seller now and the seller has to pay HMRC £1000 upfront for the privilege of doing that.­com/story/amp/star-treks-william-shatner­-threatens-uk-sales-boycott-over-red-tap­e-12105849

  • That article about Captain Kirk is a little out of date. It doesn’t cost anything to register for VAT unless you are getting an agent to do it for you but in any case, that’s only for goods of less than £135 in value­ns/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-­goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2­021/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas­-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-­2021

    I think the OP needs to contact the seller and ask them to send the frame (assuming it’s worth more the £135) with the appropriate customs declaration and then wait for HMRC (or more likely Royal Mail or the courier) to charge them for the VAT and import duties on delivery.

  • Seller tells me that all shipments to UK are closed. Regardless the value....

  • I have Family in EU countries where I could have it sent to and then Forwarded to London if it makes it easier you think?

  • That is a pity but I think it’s is more the case the seller and their shipping agents not understanding the regulations or just not wanting to get involved. Your second idea might work - shipping between the eu and the U.K. is still occurring, it’s just takes longer and is more expensive than before. You might have to pay import duties and VAT twice.

  • I thought may be them not yet adapting to new regulations since is all recently changed with all bureaucracy involved + people and systems I guess have to change at some point. I think for now I need to wait, if longs too much more I will go for a forward to EU then UK.

  • You could try a company like big apple buddy to help with shipping. I enquired a couple of days ago about importing some running shoes from Saucony usa that are out of stock in the UK. I decided against it as the shipping and taxes outweighed my actual need for them. They gave me a full breakdown of costs in the initial quote and replied very quickly to a couple of other questions i had. They seem to be right up to date with the current laws/restrictions as its their business. I found them very helpful.

  • or the item is worth less than £135 in which case they have to register for VAT in Britain, collect it and pass it onto HMRC - which is where the problem arises

    @platypus Maybe gift is the best option after all?

  • This site outlines the changes. As you can see, for goods worth more than £135, nothing has changed with regards to importing from South America.­tions/vat-customs-duty-and-brexit-prepar­e-now

    Scroll down for a flow chart that explains it.

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HELP on Import to UK

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