• Pickup N16, no postage.


    MKS pedals, bearings nice and smooth. These are the narrower pair in the picture. SOLD

    MKS style pedals, wider, shinier ones. The bearings are, well, terrible but they spin and you might not notice them if the bike isn't super nice. FREE

    One MKS pedal, bearings still super smoth. FREE

    Another random pedal with a cleat on one side. FREE


    Genesis full carbon disc fork. A-C 400mm, 182mm steerer. Came with a fugio 853 frame. Post mount, QR, 486g. Will take a 42mm tyre. £20

    Chromed, lugged fork crown, 1 inch chromoly fork. Caliper brake. 385mm a2c, 190mm steerer, 38mm threaded section. Looks like it will take a 28mm tyre easy. £10

    Menet blue fork for canti brakes. 385mm a2c, 155mm steerer, 30mm threaded section. Not sure on clearance, but think old school touring fork clearance, not loads. £10


    Two Dia-compe gold finger right hand levers, both 22.2, one black, one silver. Both FREE SILVER DIBBSED

    Odyssey right hand brake lever, 22.2. FREE DIBBSED

    Shimano claris left hand v-brake lever. £5

    Two random silver brake levers, think they came on a charge plug. The spring in one is loose. GONE

    Another black and gold lever from a charge plug. FREE

    Set of dia compe brake levers. £5

    Random bar end brake levers. FREE


    Rear shimano BR650 deep drop caliper, never used. GONE

    Swisstop Rat canti brake pads, unthreaded post. Never used. SOLD

    Shimano ice tech, 160mm centrelock rotors, bit grubby, used by previous owner, not by me. No visible lip. £5

    Other stuff

    Mirage 1 inch BMX headset, blue. Who knew 1inch in BMX world is different to 1inch in other bike world, not me anyway. Not used, obviously. FREE

    3T Arx pro stem. 130mm, 6 degrees. Small crack between the 3 and the T in the faceplate. FREE

    Gusset stem, 1 1/8, 22.2mm. £5

    26.8 fluted seatpost, 200mm long. FREE

    Zipp service course SL88 bars. 44cm. £10 DIBBSED

    Shimano 17t freewheel. Feels fine. SOLD

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  • Dibs 3t and zipp. Pm.

  • Dibs pads and deep drop calliper! Pm’d

  • I'm interested in the blue forks but was really after plain blue with nomaker's name. Could the decals be peeled off or perhaps they're lacquered over?

  • Interested in the mks pedals, Shimano freewheel and silver levers. Will send you a pm

  • Can I dibs the:

    Genesis full carbon disc fork.

    Pending me measuring my head tube length tomorrow evening

  • Hey can I pick up the silver gold finger lever and the MKS pedals if for some reason josho pulls out? I’m very nearby, will pm

  • dibs the random bar end levers and the set of dia comp levers which are directly below

  • If anyone collecting anything fancies picking up the gold fingers and posting to me, let me know.

    Edit: just seen they’ve been dibsed.

  • 2nd on the Zipp if @matteroftaste falls through...

  • interested in the silver dia compe goldfinger won't be in london for a little while though

  • Sure, let me know

  • that's all yours, he changed his mind

  • Yes a couple of scratches with the fingernail and they're coming off quite easily. I can also see the whole thing is just a sticker, with a hairdryer and some WD40 or something they would come off nicely.

  • I'd also just like to add that I would like all pick-ups to be contactless. Paypal or bank transfer and I'll bring the item outside and you can grab it.

  • @lf rotors :)

  • Dibs the odyssey brake lever plz!

  • Thanks for the info and sorry about the delay in replying (if the forks are now sold then no probs). I'm glad the decals will come off but now am uncertain whether the steerer tube will fit my frame. It looks long enough to the eye but might be just a tad out, or be too much of a squeeze, so I'll check over the next few days and let you know. BTW would the dropouts have mudguard eyelets? I guess there's no pannier midway bolt holes.

  • They're still available. Ok let me know about the steerer length.

    No mudguard eyelets or mid-fork mounts. I kinda assumed these were touring forks because of the clearance but the lack of any mounting options makes me think maybe they're old school cyclocross forks.

    A quick google of Menet bikes shows lots of old race bikes so maybe it makes sense they might have made a cyclocross frame.

  • Hi mate, are the mks pedals still available?

  • Ah, well the lack of midway holes I can bear, but there being no mudguard eyelets is another matter seeing as they'd have been used on a full on touring bike. Nevermind and glws anyway. But yeah- you're likely correct about them being cyclocross forks.

  • Would take that chromoly fork, but no way to get to you at the moment, either you can hold on to it or post, would pay you of course upfront for either option.

  • Gone, I'm afraid.

  • Cheers - unfortunately can't get to N16 for collection, and have bought new before i saw this

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Lots of cheap and free stuff, brakes, levers, pedals, stems, bars, forks

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