• Another wheelset that’s surplus to requirement.

    Front wheel is a Bontrager TLR Race I think it was. Tubeless centrelock 24h. I checked a new rim tape on this when I bought it a month or two ago. Comes with a very lightly used Gravelking Slick in 32mm because I can’t be bothered dealing with the tubeless mess to take it off. No rotor or skewer but if you are in dire need I can probably find something to include with it.

    Rear wheel is a Mavic mtb rim (can’t remember the model but it’s 19mm internal) with an XT m756 6 bolt hub.

    Rim is a bit scratched around the edges from sitting on the garage floor etc and there’s one ding in it but it’s not too bad.

    Both wheels running nice and true and dished correctly.

    £120 £100 posted to you.

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  • Price drop to £100 posted.

  • Hi. Is the back hub a fixed gear disc hub? 135mm OLD? If so am keen.

  • It’s 120mm but I reckon the axle is long enough to space it out to 135mm. Would still be track chainline though obvs.

  • I'll pass thanks though

  • Did this sell? I'm interested in the rear wheel.

  • I’m interested in the front wheel if it’s not gone already, guess this is dibs

  • Sorry folks, didn’t sell but have been put to use on my gravel bike.

    Apologies for not updating/closing the thread.


Fixed, disc, tubeless wheelset. ISO 6 bolt fixed hub. Price drop!

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