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  • My Fausto Coppi build has been ongoing for 2 years now. I originally bought it as a commuter, it was a mish-mash of parts but it had been repainted with the original decals masked and preserved. I promptly snapped a shifter after hitting some diesel which obviously led to replacing basically everything...

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  • First off was an insanely cheap groupset off bike24 on clearance and a thomson seatpost (sorry)

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  • Next up, I tried some options for the stem and bar combo. The bike came with a quill converter and being my first foray in to semi-retro road bikes it caused an unnecessary headache of trying to find something skinny, low stack, right angle blah blah blah. I eventually remedied it by replacing the headset and reverting back to a quill stem.

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  • For the wheels I fancied some wider rims, I went for the 23x23 from DCR wheels as no where had Kinlins in stock at the time. Coming from a BMX background Profile Racing has always been my dream hub and low and behold they made some lesser known CX hubs in 2011, with a shimano freehub.

    After drawn out researching campagnolo to shimano compatibility I ordered the one pair the EU distributer had in stock. In my excitement I overlooked they were only 10 speed compatible, so after a minor breakdown I had a friend help me machine out 1.8mm from the back of the 11sp cassette to fit on the 10sp hub body.

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  • Lovely. Good work and nice touch with the hubs!

  • Super nice, love the wheels

  • Thanks ! The hubs are insane, lovingly hand made, 6 pawl - 68 tooth ratchet, loudest I’ve ever heard, surprisingly low drag. Some people will hate them !

  • I got the itch for a disc commuter at the end of last year and came upon a Kona Wheelhouse within a few miles of my house, they don't come up for sale often. Sold my beloved fillet brazed Sigma to fund the change. First pic is how it started with a very high cockpit which I swiftly replaced whilst commuterifying it. I did my first 100 miler on it to Isle of Grain in November followed by second in December.

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  • The obligatory first lockdown girlfriend build to complete the unintentional his and hers quiver. I bought the Kona Honky Tonk frame and forks for a bargainous £50 inc. delivery with a very seized seat post and rusted bottom bracket. Managed to get out the seatpost with heatgun, penetrating deruster, pipewrench and lump hammer. My first from scratch build and even managed to squeeze in some 32s. 1x10 and cheapy parts, the transition from square taper to threaded external BB wasn't ideal for the chainline though, I don't know if there is a way around this?

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  • Think I’ve said elsewhere I do like your kona and the Coppi is lovely too, a noisy hub just being the icing on the cake.

  • Great builds. Especially like the wheelset on the Coppi with the profile hubs. I've been tempted by a set for a while but can't justify the expense but the bzzzzzzzzz sound of them is great!

  • Thanks man , the hubs are so well made. Chat to the EU distributor next time you’re in the market he was really helpful and I got a pair delivered for 100 less than a single hub on the American website!

  • please mark this nsfw, :weary:

  • I am in the process of resurrecting my late Dad’s MTB that I've been hanging onto for 10+ years. I’m pretty sure it’s been in the family since new. I hadn’t looked at it in some time, so coming back to it the geometry really standsout! I showed it to a friend who is much more familiar with the old. He brought to my attention that it was a lot older than I realised and is probably one of the earlier MTBs in the UK.

    After some internet sleuthing I managed to find the original Ammaco/Mongoose BMX brochure from 1984 featuring the Ammaco Trailfinder in question but that’s about it.

    It looks relatively close to original aside from the obvious, Nerva Crankset, ’83 stamped dia-compe cantis, Weinmann rims, Sachs 6 speed shifters and front derailleur but with a Shimano SIS rear derailleur that I presume would of once been a Sachs Huret. It has some weird bits like a 21.1mm quill stem and 32.5mm headset cups, 22mm handlebar.

    With the added age, the conundrum presented itself of whether to preserve the original but that would inevitably have it sit unridden for another 10 years. I am not a period-correct enthusiast although I am a sentimentalist. I'm currently going for updating it to something I'd like to ride, I'll keep any bits I replace.

    Started with a complete strip and regrease. The BB needs replacing not sure how to identify what i need, I imagine british thread and then just measure width...
    Keeping it 6 speed friction shift for now.
    New goodies arrived today.

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  • Progress, finally got a workstand after a lifetime of unsucessfully leaning bikes against things and sitting on the floor. Managed to centre the wheels and true out a big banana and set up cantis for the first time. Chain looks too short even though its uncut and friction shifter feels like its going to be crap. Need new a BB and freewheel /hub bearings need sorting. Currently on the look out for a stem.

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  • Life changing getting a bike stand! Love the Ammaco

  • Good job on the Kona. I bought that frame a few months back but returned to the seller as he failed to disclose the seized parts and multiple dents 🙄

  • Thanks, he had noted it when I bought it. But it was very very stuck, thankfully I have access to a workshop but I thought for £50 I couldn't go wrong.

  • In hindsight I don't know why I persisted for so long without one. Thanks, its slowly coming together

  • This is really cool and nice that its got such a personal history. I think I'd change the rear mech. It's not so much a problem if it works but I feel like it almost deserves more than the SIS mech that's on it.

  • Thanks man, yeah I agree but not sure what to do about the drive train currently. I gave it a really good clean and it seems to be moving pretty well but I'm waiting for some dryer weather to road test, I think the friction shift is going to be a pain to use regularly but we shall see!

  • Ammaco is really cool. Interested to hear how it rides! Haven't ridden a mtb that old, the geometry changed a lot between then and 1990

  • @Alban Thanks , me too! Still awaiting the maiden voyage in the current iteration, can’t recall what it used to ride like other than slow. Top Tube is really long and pretty slack head tube. Seems very similar geo and design to early 80s specialized stumpjumpers and Schwinn cimarrons.

  • I had a big smile on my face today getting to ride this again, probably the first time since I was a teen. Rolling around local suburbia, it has become novel to with ride flats, wide bars and none of the usual cycling clobber. Feels floaty and slack, fits well and could get away with a longer stem too which adds to the options. Shifting surprisingly well though no hills attempted. The bar and stem have never sat well with me although aesthetically they are growing on me by the day. The 21.1mm steerer is limiting although there is some choice. Currently thinking a gas pipe riser quill with wide riser 25.4 bars , others include the rarer bullmoose or a slingshot style double clamp stem w/22mm moto bars.

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doug1e's bikes + a marin

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