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    Most probably like everybody else I was way to much on instagram this year.
    I kind of got caught in this Crust / Ultraromance bubble and really started to dig the idea of a steel canti brake, 650b fat ruber gravel grinder randonneur or whatever you want to call it. Simple components that work well, a comfortable ride and functionality.
    I am thinking Classic Shimano MTB deraileurs, a mini front rack, friction downtube shifters, wideish drops, hub dynamo and mudguards. In my head it's a no bullshit functional bike.

    Some might wonder why I am going for canti brakes instead of disc and why 650b etc. Mostly because I want to ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I think it's cool.


  • Inspired by the Crust Romanceur I picked up an old Raleigh 531 Royal I was hoping it would fit 700c x 35 or 38s and I'd be happy with that. Popped in some disc wheels with 35c Gravelkings I had lying around. Looked cool but didn't really clear in the back.

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    • Photo 08.11.20, 11 49 19.jpg
  • yuuuuuuuuhhhhh get it king

  • To properly check 650b clarance I picked up a £10 wheelset on here and tried it with 48mm and 42 slicks. 48 looked really badass but no chance that would fit. The 42 slicks fit in the front but slighty rubbed in the back. So I called Winston Vaz and he moved the canti sockets down for me and replaced the rusty chainstays with something more spacious. While he was at it I also asked for the sooo neccessary third bottle cage.
    It seems like a huge success I can now easily fit WTB Resolutes 650bx42mm knobbies front and back.
    I also picked up a new fork from the bay rather than altering the original one becasue it was already everything I wanted.

    That's where I am at the moment with the frame. I have now started to collect parts for the build.

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  • After some Winston Magic we are here:

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  • Nice. Niiiice.

  • Amazing. Always kinda wished i'd just moved the canti studs on my cross-check over converting to discs

  • Fully on board with this.

  • Nice to see this! Had been wondering about your project after we met a while back...

    Looking very promising!

  • Love that you've salvaged an old Raleigh like this!

    Looking forward to the final result.

  • Awesome, subbed!

  • Love the idea. Price of new Canti bosses with Winston Vaz seems pretty fair. May change the U brake to V on my GT eater in future. Or do similar to yourself. Are the current wheels rim brake friendly ?

  • If you're feeling flush, there's a set of Paul canti brakes in classifieds at the moment.
    Nice project, will watch for further updates.

  • +veLLo Yes I was just about to tell you about this thread.
    +pastry_bot Yeah just buying a new frame would have been only half the fun.
    +tom-g No the current wheels are disc only. As I said I picked them up for £10 and they've been very useful for me and Winston to check clearances.
    +jontea Yes I saw them but I want silver bits only on this.

  • Some sweet ebay bargains I have already picked up over the past weeks. All new besides the derraileurs.

    1. Tektro CR720 Canti brakes
    2. Brooks C15 Carved
    3. Shimano Deore XT RD-M739 + FD-M735
    4. Velo Orange quill stem with 31.8mm clamp
    5. SP PV-8 hub dynamo
    6. Hope RS4 rear hub

    As you can guess I am planning to get some wheels build. The choice of tubeless 650b rim brake rims is very limited. So I think I'll just go with some Pacenti Brevet rims. I already dropped Martin(?) from Arkane an email about this.

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  • This is gonna be good
    Also Martin is a sound guy and very good at what he does

  • Wondered if you were going for the Brevet! (I didn’t know they were still available). This build presses all the right buttons : )

    The lack of rim choice stopped me from 650b-ing a 26er last year. The only other options I had seen were some nice polished rims from a German velo boutique and that eBay wheel seller who flogs rim/disc compatible wheelsets for under £100 - those cheap rims must be coming from somewhere eh?

    Usual crap where I decided ‘it wasn’t worth it’ then spent north of 250 on a fork and some Motolites (but with 700c wheels).

  • Talking gears.
    I want a comfortable wide range of gears on this. I am usually a fan of modern 1x drivetrains but none of them match the style I am going for. The rear derrailleur I picked up is 8 speed and supposed to handle up to 32t. I am thinking of paring it with some friction downtube shifters and run it 9 or 10 speed.
    For cranks I am looking at a Classic 50.4 BCD cranks style like the Stronglight 49D. They look real slick and could fit 46/30 or 44/28 chainrings. Combined with a 11-32 casette this should give me a nice range of gears.
    Velo Orange and Sun XCD offer a modern copy of these cranks. I am tempted to buy the Velo Orange ones because they have "modern shifting aids such as ramps and pins, so shifting performance is much improved".

  • Yeah for me it was almost a deal breaker too. The choice is very limited. There are a few more options if you aren't fuzzed about tubeless. SJS is selling some Thorn branded ones but apparently they aren't tubeless compatible. I also found this chart: https://supplelifeblog.wordpress.com/201­6/11/23/650b-rimz/

    In the end I new I wanted at least 42mm tyres but no massive wheels. On top it is quite hard to find a nice classic rando style frame that fits 700c x 42. So I sticked with 650b. I like that wheel size.

  • I like the VO chainset, it's on my wishlist too.
    I also struggled to find a frame to fit my niche requirements, so thought fuck it, and went custom (Winston is building it at the moment).

  • this thread gives me the BEST brain chemicals, part choice is excellent

  • True! Lovely stuff @Oddo !

  • Subscribed!

  • Sick sick sick sick, can't wait to see how this turns out. Deore rear derailleur and Suntour friction shifters is an excellent combo, feels fantastic to use. Word of caution on the VO stem, I have the chrome version and the quill is a little skinny. When riding there is a noticeable wobble and a small gap where it goes into the fork.

  • What Suntour shifters did you try? I was thinking of the Dia Compe Ene Ciclo or the Rivendell shifters.

    I'll see how the stem works out for me. I thought it was a great idea to get a quill stem with a 31.8mm clamp to have more choice for bars but it turns out wide-ish drops with some flare and a shallow drop are just rare in silver in general no matter the clampsize.

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Oddos Raleigh Ronniewagon, Brexit Crust Wanker Hybrid, Gravel Bieks and anodized aluminum

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