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  • I should have started this days back, but honestly, I thought I'd knock this sucker out in a couple hours.. still, better late than never? Or maybe just never.. But as I don't have a kitchen project going on like the rest of the forum (actually I do but it's waaaay down the road to start one about that, plus it can't compete with the others as I don't have a job/income), nor a bike build project, nor a car or van project... Lebowski it is...

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  • Of course I started with the lettering and glasses... Who wouldn't. I mean, that rug really tied the room together man...

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  • Looking slightly creepy here but I thought things were going well up to this point..

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  • That looks difficult!

  • Now he's beginning to look like the terminator in the wrong glasses. But this is current photo folks... Exciting times over here. Only four days in and now I'm left looking at a bunch of pieces that look like an extra low res ultrasound image. This has turned hard hard..

    Things progressed a bit last night when I declared that no sex on the dining room table will happen until this puzzle gets completed.

    The eagle eyed among you will notice that I fucked off trying to do all the dark dark pieces in the bottom right corner. I had success with 2 then got distracted by his blurry nose and 'tach.

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  • if you dont read the bottom that looks like a cancelled red alert box art

  • I had to Google what that meant.. I don't know computer games unless it's Mario kart or street fighter 2 turbo edition... Or that amazing shooty one at the arcade when you press a pedal to jump up... But turns out you are right.!

  • Deliveroo calls so stopping for the day..

    We believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your johnson.

  • This is looking fantastic so far. Excited to see the final product. Subbed.

  • I get you're awesome reference mate, frigging loved Red Alert.

  • that piece down near the bottom on the right will connect with the piece top middle

  • I would love it if you were right, but all the loose bits have been moved around now... You'll have to be really specific next time..

  • And here we are now.. I popped to Sainsbury's and my partner got their groove on and hustled to get to this point...

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  • It's becoming an exercise of matching shapes now more than colours or patterns...

    But this sucker is getting finished soon I reckon... Maybe while I'm out at work... I'll see what happens...

  • Ok I was perhaps too optimistic there but still.. 380 pieces down, 120 to go... At least his beard is done... Not but me I must admit, although I had the glory of finding the last beard piece when I got in from work...

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  • 380 pieces down, 120 to go

    Sorry to break the bad news to you but there will be more than 500 pieces (should be 513).

  • .

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  • I think you mean:

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  • Panic over... For the tens of thousands of you who are eagerly following this thread... The missing piece that was frustrating the household (even though I didn't mention it or really know it was missing) has been found and fitted... I happened to drop a piece on the floor and as we were looking for it, we found the bleeder half snuck down a crack between floorboards... It's got a little crease and foxing around the edge, but it fits....

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  • I don't believe you..

  • "between the floorboards"

    you have lovely stripped back natural wood floors, so rustic you can lose puzzle pieces between them

    report to golfclub thread

  • Actually, the floorboards in the puzzle room don't look fancy like the other room... Think oh those carpets are so terrible and stained and ruined, I hope the boards underneath are still ok... Spoiler... They aren't... Big gaps too...

  • Lost count of the number of 4mm Allen keys I've lost down there...

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The dude. His dudeness. Duder. El duderino...

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