STOLEN: Genesis CDA 20 23/12/2020 London, Clapton.

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  • My Genesis CDA 20 was stolen from our balcony in Clapton On the 23rd at 03.30, while we (Me, my wife and our 2 week old son) where asleep inside the flat. (scary)
    I noticed the bike was gone once I woke up that the bike was gone. In the CCTV footage you can see three younger men. One entered the backyard by climbing a fence and letting his two culprits in.
    And from what it looks like they have some sort of angle grinder , because you can see sparks coming off the lock when the cut it off. The actually cutting of the lock took them less than 10 seconds. (Kryptonite...well done) They knew what they where doing and one of them must have been local.

    If anyone sees one of these being sold or spot one please let me know.
    I know its a long shot but worth a try.



    Please see details below:

    Baby blue Genesis CDA 20 frame
    Genesis branded Stem, wheels, seat, seat post and handlebars.
    Shimano Sora groups.
    Spd pedals.
    Panaracer gravel king tyers with tan sidewalls.
    Elite water bottle cages x2.
    Garmin bike computer mount on the handle bars.

    Frame has black electric tape on the fork where the break cables sit, and has rubber taped on the right chain stay. There is very distinct little paint chips on the top tube of the bike some clearly filled in with a baby blue marker.
    There is a white fleck of paint on the inside of the left chain stay. (from spilling paint on it.)
    Has one white cable tie holding the rear break cable in all the other ones are black.
    Has a small scratch on the right chain stay about halfway down it. The right hand side crank are is worn down to the metal just after the Sora logo.

  • I Will keep an eye out on Facebook etc.
    Sorry to hear that’s a bummer.
    If it comes up I’m sure someone on the forum will spot it.

  • Thanks bud!
    Yeah its really devastating...I have done a bunch of miles on that thing.
    Thanks for keeping an eye out.

  • Sorry bud this it’s on the wrong thread

  • Sorry to hear that. You don't say how high up your balcony is--it sounds as if it's on the ground floor? Also, did the first thief let the others in through a garden gate?

    None of this is going to be any consolation, but it's always worth re-iterating that the majority of bike thefts happen from gardens, sheds, and indeed other parts of homes. Bike locks are generally designed to force thieves to make a spectacle of themselves on the street, but where they can't be seen or heard, and with the right tools, they are not at all effective (also, you can't usually lock a bike to anything very well in a garden, and one of the few uses of locks is that you can lock a bike in such a way that damaging the lock would also very likely damage the frame, which is a deterrent). Finally, we've had a couple of thefts recently in which the place where it was parked was most likely overlooked, and few things invite thieves more than seeing a bike regularly in a predictable place, so that they can plan what to do.

    Good luck with getting it back.

  • Oh crap! Im really sorry, I couldn't find the stolen bike thread. I'll look around a bit more and see if I can find it. and delete it from this one. Thanks for the info.

  • I've asked the moderators to move the thread. Don't worry about it, people often post separate stolen bikes threads. The general advice is that more people follow the main thread, so it's always worth posting there, but a separate thread as such isn't a problem.

  • Yeah, its about half a floor so it is a bit of a climb.

    I guess the best way is just more locks and noisier ones. But I was impressed how quick they managed to cut it off. One of the boys ( according to the property manager who recognised him) are most likely local so he must have scoped it out.

    Thanks, fingers crossed it will pop up somewhere.

    Also thanks for moving the thread.

  • One of the boys ( according to the property manager who recognised him) are most likely local so he must have scoped it out.

    Ah, it's unusual for CCTV footage to be this good. Didn't they cover their faces? You'd think it's rather easier these days. Angle grinder suggests experience, leaving faces recognisable doesn't.

    Thanks, fingers crossed it will pop up somewhere.

    Well, if one of the boys can be found, the bike may, too, but it'll require action from the police, which they may take given the evidence you have, but too many bike thefts go unsolved because the police don't take action, usually because of insufficient evidence, they say. be prepared for the boys to be caught but your bike not being recoverable. Let's hope that yoyu get a complete resolution.

    Also thanks for moving the thread.

    Well, it hasn't been moved yet, and I can't do it. It's up to the moderators, who may get around to it when they've got a moment. See the 'Moderators' thread.

  • bummer dude, check this site regularly which scrapes all 2nd hand bikes for sale online

  • I looked on that link out of curiousity, this one stood out - £980 seems a little optimistic, the vendor is short on details but he is "into cycling"­gh-bicycle-/184469213484

  • yeah, it's a loose interpretation of 2nd hand

  • Thanks for the tip mate, I'll keep my eye out on this one too.

  • The footage is amazing, you can literally zoom in on two of the guys faces and see if they have a spot on their nose. But one of them was waring a balaclava but the other two didn't even bother to cover their faces.

    The police got the footage and everything so they are working on it, but the likelihood of them finding the bike is slim to none. But they might be able to get the guys who did it.

  • It’s good, then everyone can spot it. It will be good if you can Report it here also.­

  • Hey, my friend just had their bike stolen in Hackney downs and they tracked it down to a flat in Morris Blitz Court. They went round today with police and the kid’s big brother admitted in front of them that he thought his younger bro had been nicking bikes. Wouldn’t let them in the flat and the kid was out. Can ask them to look out for this next time. They plan to go back.

  • Its on there already so fingers crossed it pays off.

  • Hi Alban, thats mental! Please do if you can its not to far from where I live tbh.
    Thank you so much!

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STOLEN: Genesis CDA 20 23/12/2020 London, Clapton.

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