DIY Speedplay Dust Cap??

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  • Hey Guys,

    Somehow I've lost one of the dust caps from my Speedplay pedals while out riding.

    Annoyingly it looks like they've discontinued the replacement since Wahoo bought out Speedplay­-dust-caps-grease-port-screws

    Found the 3d printing plans online so looks like I could print a replacement­6

    However, there seems to be a minimum spend on most of the 3d printing companies I can find online is anyone else interested in a replacement if I ordered a bulk?

    Alternatively, has anyone tried Sugru or Fixits Sticks to try to mould a replacement before? In my head, I could just mould a replacement in the hole then drill a hole for the screw/grease post.

    If anyone has any other ideas or input (or even handily a spare dust cap lying around they'd be up for selling) that'd be much appretaited.


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  • I'm keen, as I've just lost mine

  • I'm pretty sure i've a set of spares in the garage. I'll try and check tomorrow.

  • That's awesome, thank you

  • if you dont have any luck i can print a set for you

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if you were able to rummage in your garage, to see if you still had a spare pair.

  • No luck I'm afraid, must have chucked them when we moved

  • Thanks for looking

  • If there's a group buy I'd be interested in getting a pair of spares.

  • You may be my solution to my current predicament

  • I've never lost any but it might happen so if there needs to be a minimum quantity done or something, I could chip in.

  • I can make a bunch pretty easily, costs me almost nothing so happy to do it for a forum donation or something. (or beer, will always print for hipster beer)

    I only have grey filament at the moment so will have to be grey

    Let me just print one and make sure itll work out.

  • Legend @Biggles567 let me know if it works out that'd be great if you're able to print...If not @hippy @Goyt @user119242 happy to organise a group buy on getting some printed.

  • i printed one, went fine. If people are keen i can print a bunch overnight. How many are needed?

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  • Great stuff @Biggles567 thanks for giving that'd a go looks great I only need the 1

  • @Biggles567 I'm up for a couple, please. How do we proceed.

  • @Biggles567 Could you print me a few? I will gladly pay you for shipping + some $$ for beer :-)

  • The printed dust caps are now available on Ebay as well.

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DIY Speedplay Dust Cap??

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