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  • That’s a very cycling-friendly size for a dog :)

  • So wald 139 was still bit on the small side. After being unsuccessful looking for the size basket I wanted I saw @Verbs_&_Nouns thread the other day and I ordered a Basil Crate. Yesterday it arrived in 'faded blossom'. Colour is an unbelievabley good match so well happy with that. And I discovered a pretty cool local shop/business in the process. https://www.reallyusefulbikes.co.uk/

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  • Absolutely rad

  • Amazing build. Been thinking about dog transport bike for my mutt but at 28kg I'm pretty sure it'll have to be a trailer!

  • @Dexter cheers!

    @jono84 yeah I mean I think the forks could take the weight as I had my mate sit on it and was fine. But you'd need a biiggg basket and maybe some kind of power steering haha. Cargo bike would defo do it but mucho money

  • This is the stuff!

  • So good!

    Front end is on point, rear just needs a chunkier tyre imo.

  • Why do I want one of these now? Absolutely no use to me at all. Its just a lovely thing.

  • Lovely cargo bike. The others also look great!

  • you've got to be happy with that! fantastic!

  • Thanks for the kind words all :)

    @ectoplasmosis yes I agree, it's on the list!

  • Looks fabulous with that pink crate, absolutely fantastic!

  • so a few updates in timeline order. first, very overdue update pics for the kona (long enough for chain to have rusted from the salty winter roads - after taking these photos I have cleaned and re-oiled it!).

    Got rid of the thumbies and went sram 1x9, also swapped the cheap tektro v-brakes and blue retro levers for some avid arch rivals (i'm a sucker for parrallel push) and 1.0L levers.

    Also some detail shots of the light system (LEDs in vintage lamps, running off 4xAA batteries housed in metal bike puncture repair kit tin, with secret under-seat switch). And the stem which was a cool ebay find. It's Nitto, 22.2mm BMX stem (most are 21.1 so very unusual) i it gave a polish and paint, was all silver before and pretty beat up.

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  • .

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  • second, exciting new addition. 1992 Trek 990. wanted one of these for a while so pretty stoked about it. will be replacing the cockpit and definitely getting rid of the grip shift for a start (holy fuck i forgot how bad it was). not sure what direction to go with it though..

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  • finally the fan favourite. indexed +9speed shifting for the cargo bike and a neat little stainless bracket for the rear light making use of the old canti-hanger and tidying up the seat post.

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  • and we got a second dog just after christmas, might need a bigger basket soon!

    featuring wet dogs in need of trim, confused by being put in basket mid-walk for photo

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  • Nice!

    Which coloured self-extracting crank bolt cap is that?

  • cheers :) i think they are kcnc

  • So good. I wish my dog was small/well behaved enough to justify a similar set up.

  • Excellent

  • Super rad bike and lovely doggos. :)

  • RIP zebra stem!

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  • Bit higher, bit shorter, whole lot cooler

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  • That cargo bike, crate and stem triumvirate is pure loveliness.

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txkxo's bikes

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