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  • Been on here for a while now and bought a few bits in the classifieds, spent a lot of time reading CP and other threads, thought it's about time to post something myself.

    I currently have a '91 Kona Lava Dome in kind of Stridsland-inspired commuter mode (https://www.lfgss.com/comments/16441719) , a '95 Specialized Rockhopper as SS cruiser-y thing (which has actually been posted on here previously in SS MTB's thread, I think from Pedalroom or something), a retro Dawes road frame in ratty fixie form and a modern road bike built around a Temple Cycles classic frame from 2017 (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3580­67/#15724277). Also the build in progress is a Cargo fork bike, I have had some forks made by a friend and am on the search for the right frame currently (https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3580­67/#15898704). Will post bit of breakdown of each bike separately at a later date when I've taken newer pics. But for now some recent-ish photos of Kona, Specialized and fixie, although all of them have been updated since but not taken photos yet.

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  • That rockhopper is superb

  • Thanks dude :) was my lockdown 1.0 project back in april

  • +1 for Rockhopper, looks like a hoot to ride.

  • Lovely Kona! Here’s some Trivia: I have the exact same model but instead of the kona branding it says K-Mountainbikes. I read that they were sued by Koga for using a name that they considered to be too similar. Kona stopped using the name for a while (not sure if voluntarily or as a result of a court order) but eventually won the legal battle.

  • Thanks :) Wow that's random, interesting that it's same model, presumably must've been manufactured within same year and to have different branding is odd. Maybe was a Europe only issue?

  • Took some new pics of the temple today.

    Weird one for me as it was the first bike I built from scratch, so I spent more than I should have really buying all new components, not much in the bike world really but a lot to me at the time as I was not earning much back then. When I'd finally got it built it was pretty anti-climatic as it was just a bike, not sure what I was expecting but yeah. Then kept changing little bits but never really getting it right until recently.

    For the original build I had bullhorns on which looking back is a bit lol (had to cram a flatbar shifter on there), but was determined to make it work at the time, then put some risers on but still wasn't happy. Have now settled with drop bars (Nitto noodle) and some chunkier tyres which I think has tied the build together nicely, and am still stoked to ride it when I do. Need different pedals tough as these one look cool but fuck me off a lot when riding. Thinking about finally get some clips but don't really rate them.. Anyone recommend some nice platforms that suit road bikes well?

    Full build spec:

    Frame and Fork - Temple Cycles Classic Frame 2017
    Crankset/Chainring - SRAM Rival 1x/Sram 50t
    Chain/Cassette/Rear Derailleur - SRAM PC-1130/SRAM PG-1130 (11-42t)/SRAM Apex 1x long cage
    Pedals - Genetic Pro Track
    Brakes - Tektro R737
    Stem/Handlebars/Levers/Tape - Condor Quill stem/Nitto Noodle/SRAM Apex 1x11 Mech/Supacaz Super Sticky Kush
    Saddle/Seatpost - Fabric Line Elite/Planet-X Holdsworth Gran Sport Seatpost
    Wheels - Superstar Components Pave28 Rims and Zeal hubs (Got a free upgrade on the hubs because they were out of stock of the normal ones when I ordered them)
    Tyres - Panaracer Gravelkings 32c

    Before/First build pic because funny/make me cringe a bit. And today's.

    Edit - have adjusted handlebars so not sloping down forwards any more

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  • details

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  • that's hot

  • Today was a good day! I decided a few months ago to get clydesdale fork, mainly for carting around doggo/basketball+shoes/other miscellaneous items, then looked up how much they cost and decided not to. Eventually I thought fuck it I want it. But decided if I'm willing to spend that much I'll to ask my mate if he'll build me some as gives him business and custom shit is cool. (plug my guy real quick https://www.lordcycles.co.uk/)

    Today Chris dropped off the forks + the frame with matchy matchy paint. So cargo/dogmobile is a go.

    Frame is a Raleigh Montage. Basically bought because i like the lugged/classic look and was hopeful there might be clearance for big tyres due to crimps in chainstays. Could fit 2.3 DTH's off the rockhopper (barely) but as I'd decided to go for repaint anyway gave it an extra lil ghetto crimp to be sure.

    New paint is RAL 7047. Powder coaters didn't do the best job to be honest but will do.

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  • Recoloured the decals (tried to colour match the pink LFGSS ones but IRL not quite right which is annoying) and got them printed by retro decals.

    Extra stoked as went to local charity bike workshop place this morning to pick up something i'd ordered and asked to have a rummage in parts bin for a 27.0 seatpost while i was there. been looking out for a seatpost on ebay etc for a while. Unbeliveably at the top of the pile waiting for me was a 27.0 zoom seatpost no logos but not badly scratched or anything, and even found some clampy bits that fitted! £5 later and there was one big smile on my face riding home.

    So build as it stands. Front tyre is on the way, got dyno lights ready to fit just need some wires. Need handlebars and have a rideable bike. Although will be changing some bits out for sure (different stem, silver headset spacers, 9+ speed rear wheel+cassette, need a front deraileur, probs new chainrings, crate/box etc etc)

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  • lost one of the pink chainring bolts on maiden voyage due to forgetting fully tighten up but other than that well happy. yet to do long trip with doggo. But hopefully get that in soon.

    Still want proper grips, less knobbly rear tyre (2.3 was too fat, was fine in the stand but kept rubbing when riding/loaded so had to swap out and just used what was available), bracket for rear light (electrical taped to seatpost atm). But mostly there now. Have realised that dynamo lighting is probs not really necessary for this bike, but spent too much time on the functional bikes thread i guess and just so cooooool.

  • So rad. What's the front wheel? You build it yourself?

  • hopefully with photos this time..

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  • .

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  • spent way more time than i can justify struggling to upload pics but thats it

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  • thanks, yeah I built it. Its a shimano DH-3D37-NT hub laced to revenge industries double wall rim a friend gave me

  • Imo the incomplete set of pink chainring bolts is a very good look!

  • this goes so hard

  • @MisterMikkel Yes it's growing on me to be fair.

    @maj thanks, me and the dog are sorted for Halloween costume atleast

  • Frame is a Raleigh Montage.


    The finished Bike looks amazing! Well done! May I ask how large/heavy your doggo is?

  • Awesome, I’d love a cargo fork for my pooch but like you said, they can be expensive!

  • Thanks :) My dog is very small only 5.5kg. Which is why I can get away with just the Wald 139 basket on there. If she was any bigger think would need bigger basket

  • Yeah, tbh I've been wondering if a mini cargo bike is a better option anyway as weight won't affect the handling and may be more comfortable for dog for corners etc. This is an awesome example. I hope to get welding at some point and something similar will be high on the list to make for sure. Not a cheaper option though haha.

  • Absolute stunner, many instagram points!

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txkxo's bikes

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