Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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  • This is quite the forum bike actually. @Chak this is where your wheels have ended up!

    No need for a longer dropper I don’t feel. Like how low do you actually want to go?!

  • How’s the seated climbing on steep technical stuff?

  • I’d say it was a lot more efficient pedaler than my old XC focussed Hei Hei(!?).
    The steeper seat angle, long wheel base (chain stays set long) and the extra 20mm of reach give me space to move around on the bike too.

    It was .8 mph / 4 mins quicker on a 16 mile loop I regularly do after work.

    Honestly, just so nice to have a bike that feels like it fits. And going down on the thing was an absolute blast. So stable!

    In the wild pics. Better than a fence background…

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  • You are very very tall.

  • I do like that colour. Think I'd have to de-sticker the rims though

  • It’s going to happen - just when I have time and the kid’s not in bed (I’ll be firing up the hair dryer).


    I have time today… but I’m going to ride instead of faff with stickers 😎

    And taking of stickers, I need to fit the fork ones too.

  • I’m trying to figure this bike out. It’s stupidly fast when compared against the clock (Strava).
    But generally feels slow on the ups, when it isn’t in comparison to the Hei Hei.
    I think I’ve probably got some saddle tweaking to do as it feels very quad driven right now. Maybe I need a bike fit….

    @TotalShanner have you decided your arse doesn’t like that Power yet?

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  • I think I’ve probably got some saddle tweaking to do as it feels very quad driven right now

    Curious to know what your effective seat angle is with the saddle up as high as it is

  • 77 degrees as measured with my phone and a piece of string.

    Bikes currently in Long configuration and High on the shock. I don’t feel I need slacker under any circumstance right now.

  • I think I’m going to keep it.
    I’ve still not actually sat on it though. From what I’m hearing, I should get on with it. If not, I’ll send it your way.

    I’ve received the Stigmata frameset now. It’s immaculate! I really really like the colour. Build pics incoming soon.
    Very tempted to build it right now at 11pm on a Sunday night…

  • Took the little one out for her first ride on the Tallboy. Extra top tube length appreciated and allows for more knee clearance - so that’s appreciated.

    Met a lady walking her owl. He’s called Ollie.

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  • For a moment there, I thought you were carrying your kid, who was carrying an owl


  • "Dad, your high speed compression is a couple of clicks off"

  • My kid knows that the Pike Select Plus only has LSC. 😎

    We don't mess with the suspension. Instead adding a few PSI to the tyres....

  • Smart kid

    Probably got an Ohlins on her list for Santa...

  • Think I'd have to de-sticker the rims though


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  • I've had the bike 181 days. It's about time I got a new one...

    We will be asking riders to stop riding their Tarmac SL7 and head to their local retailer and have these new parts installed.

    Tallboy it is then. Lucky I've got a Big S retailer 2 mins away.

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  • Hei Hei lives.

    To sell, or to build XC race bike 🤔

    The 'black' is actually clear coat carbonz. Which matches the main frame. Winning!

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  • SL7 also lives*. I have the recall 'bung'. 🥳

    ** It's been ridden all along. Rebel Rebel.

  • To sell, or to build XC race bike

    Might even be some races to go to next year!

  • It'll be de-sheded over the weekend. We'll see what I can create and then it's fate can be decided.

  • Hei Hei actualy lives in whole form!

    New rear triangle fitted.

    I'd love to keep it. But it's going up for sellz to pay myself back for the Tallboy.

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Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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