• Want my thigh and calf measurements too?

    mirror selfie in bibs if you get a chance...

    I kinda want to try out a power meter. Just to see data really... Dibs yours if you ever sell.

  • I have spares that could be borrowed. Depends on the setup you have.

  • Interesting. I have 11 speed etap on my tarmac. Had thought about getting the spiderless 11 speed red cranks that could run the 5 arm quarq meter.

    Also have 12 speed etap but would mean the integrated Red rings or force rings with the 4 arm quark meter.

    You don’t happen to have anything that fits the bill?

  • Slide into my DMs.

    Weight just to put an FTP of 300W in perspective, without that it didnt say much :) Enjoy going down the rabbit hole with training with a powermeter!

  • Having now cracked my mountain bike I thought I’d now update this thread to include my new mountain bike build. Won’t be a long one this, I’ve got all the bits :)

    So that’s a 3T Strada and a Kona Hei Hei so far this year. Yey for warranties. I’m just serially unlucky it’d seem.

    New frame pic…

    1 Attachment

    • B96DA3F3-B6E5-48F6-A2B8-DEFD6A5DA463.jpeg
  • I think it needs bigger wheels

  • Given your experiences this year I can see why a lifetime frame warranty is attractive - although it does appear that a 3 month frame warranty would be sufficient.

  • you've missed a glorious CAAD12 out of the title!!!

    Brief tale of Santa Cruz warranty.. I had a 2017 5010 cc frame ( that i bought new) and when i stripped it down to give the fork a service/re-grease it all up etc the lower headset cup simply fell out... so i posted a video of it happening on a santa cruz owner facebook group... and asked if anyone else had had a similar issue. Off the back of that Santa Cruz contacted me (not the other way round!!) and said it was a warranty issue and i could change the frame for the latest one, couldn't have been more helpful... i'd been eyeing up the new Tallboy frame and they said i could swap it for which ever frame i fancied from the range... totally hassle free... i'm not a million miles away from jungle products (santa cruz uk distributor) so drove there did the swap... all in all, lovely stuff 10/10 would buy again.

    anyway, the tallboy is bloody amazing... fact. you'll love it.

    my new and old SCs:

    2 Attachments

    • 20210213_131138.jpg
    • 5010 fence.jpg
  • Ha! I actually remember seeing your post about this headset issue on stw.

    I have a 5010v3 that I would love to swap for a Tallboy 4.

    Jungle are great to deal with. I’ve thankfully never had a frame warranty issue but had a new reserve wheel sent out to me when I cracked a rim. Emailed them on the Friday and had a new wheel at my door on the Monday.

    If anyone wants a size xl 5010v3 frameset, pm me…

  • does the v3 have an external cup headset? if it does, i'm not saying you should take some sand paper to it, so that one won't stay put, but you could at least consider it....

  • i'm not saying you should take some sand paper to it

    This was honestly what was going through my head as I read your post. The v3 uses an integrated headset bearing sadly.
    I used to own the same v2 version but sold it to upgrade to the v3. If only I’d known.

    Thinking about it, it would be a lot cheaper to pay the crash replacement price for a new frame than buying a Tallboy frameset.
    Maybe I’ll send it off a cliff and let you know how I get on…

  • Still waiting on a response from Kona. Will chase that today. Pray the warranty comes through for me. Very lucky that Kona have a (short) 3yr warranty on crabon - I’m 2.5yrs in.

    Was actually up at Stif on Thursday. Popped over to try their XL and realised it had the same reach as the Hei Hei. Therefore plum(!)ped for the XXL. Arrived yesterday, has a grommet missing, so won’t be fully built till that arrives, but we’re cracking today.

    Few Hope goodies ordered. And it appears the forks I got on CRC are actually Santa Cruz oem for the Tallboy. Even the decals are an exact match for the frame. Lucky eh! £314 well spent.

    Anyway, pics or it didn’t happen and all. So off we go….

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    • 72DB4DEC-7975-4635-A883-31C2BEECA53D.jpeg
    • EFA2D617-0D61-4475-910E-54470B5C12EB.jpeg
  • Is it black or raw? Looks suitably stealth either way

  • Purple! Or plum.

  • Even better

  • Lunch time update:

    I like.

    Needs black valves. Needs stickers removed from wheels.

    Needs Hope Type 7 headset. IS41 has 2 forms apparently. Sigh.

    1 Attachment

    • 0CDD26E5-B236-499C-973F-9760F4906C08.jpeg
  • Remove the stickers but keep the blue valves and get red thready valve bits.
    Matchy with the shock

  • How about black valves > red thready valve bits > blue caps??


  • Needs Hope Type 7 headset. IS41 has 2 forms apparently. Sigh.

    Ah I fell for this too when I bought my Nomad frameset.
    Did you buy type 3? I still have my type 3 sitting sealed in the bag.

    Bike looks amazing. Much jealousy.
    Needs Reserve wheels!

  • Did you buy type 3?

    You know it.

    It's going back! I have run out of space to hoard. Leisure Lakes have a type 7, should be here by Wednesday

    Needs Reserve wheels!

    Can I just put red stickers on my rims instead? 🤑

  • Leisure Lakes have a type 7

    At the time I thought it was just a hope/Santa Cruz fitment quirk. Didn’t know there was a type 7.

    Can I just put red stickers on my rims instead?

    This is what I done to my dh bike. Reserves comes with a bunch of coloured stickers to cover up the red if you don’t like it.
    I’ve still got some left. I’ll post you some!

  • Hubba hubba. It’s done.

    Bonus pic for @Dick - finally got round to installing the Garbaruk cage. Can confirm; shifting is excellent.

    Things to do;
    Get some new pads for the rear brake.

    Initial spin around the block suggests well mannered pedaler with poppy front end. I like.

    4 Attachments

    • 4E158D9A-B07D-4E2F-9450-6FF38A78E572.jpeg
    • C6CE2530-E814-45DD-94F0-89F35CE160DF.jpeg
    • C57966E0-3DEB-4F8D-8D7F-2505F9F24033.jpeg
    • 95E19984-85B3-4923-98A1-DF4969AEA530.jpeg
  • Very nice! Looks like you could do with a longer dropper post now

    No refunds on that one though ;-)

  • Very nice - was always gutted I couldn’t use that cage!

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Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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