• So, this arrived.

    Power meter has not.

    Given my mountain bike has decided to shit the bed in a very 3T-esque manner I shall be using this aeroz ring until the pm turns up.
    I feel a thread title update coming up; ‘Yeahdext kills carbon bike. Buys new one. Repeat’

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  • Have you considered cycle training?

  • When you send photos to Kona for a warranty claim, try take them from an angle that doesn't show that slightly chewed hex bolt!

    You've never over or under torqued that bolt. You've never even touched it. Thats your story and stick to it.

  • Also, Red crank and aeroooozz ring looks roughly 400 times better than previous DA single ring set up.

  • You've never over or under torqued that bolt. You've never even touched it. Thats your story and stick to it.

    Funny, they came back from my LBS like that after a safety inspection because all the bolts were loose when it was shipped to me by Evans!!
    You should see the state of the bolt after the bearing has been moving unexpectedly on it. Yeouch. Looking forward to a battle on this one with Kona... but they've got form... :)
    Identical you say?

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  • Ah right I'm maybe out the loop.

    Is that photo a previously owned bike that had the same thing happen?!

  • Nah, it was a simple 'Kona Hei Hei cracked' search that led me to said image. I'm waiting to hear back as to how Kona dealt with them... had to register on another forum. Sigh.

  • That’ll do.

    Cranks being put to use @solarider and the 2X rings staying on the forum… 😃

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  • Sanity if only temporarily has been restored ;-)

  • Ah you went for the budget cranks

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  • I like the how everything is green, the grass, the bike, the fence...

  • Trolling aside, it looks rowdy

  • Looking really fine

  • Ah you went for the budget cranks

    Oh thats low! Hadn't noticed the similarity of the graphics until now. Can't unsee it.

    *" buys different cranks *

  • Sanity being Shimano > Hope > Sram running gear. Ha!

    Power Meter has landed, but was out, so taken to the delivery office Saturday... and they aren't bloody open till Tuesday. Hostage argh!

    No riding mind, I'm missing a dub spacer. :(

    @PhilDAS Interesting they try and keep it uniformed hey - even the dot pattern on the chainring. If I end up keeping it because the eB*y power meter is duff I'll see about removing the graphics on the chainring. The 50T aeroz ring does screen I'm 1 X when you look at it vs the previous DA setup. I like.

    @Acliff the only none green / black item being the XTR lockout lever. Which I've got a spare of in my toolbox because I wanted to paint it black. One of these day's I'll get round to fitting it and banishing the ghastly gold. OR I could fit a gold chain for maximum lolz.

    @TotalShanner you've committed now. The chainrings are already packaged. Did I mention no refunds? 😉

    Just need to 60mm deep wheels now. >>>> LB here I come...

  • OR I could fit a gold chain for maximum lolz.


  • Definitely gold chain.
    The bike is basically a mouldy gold colour anyhow!

    (Just jealousy as my SL6 is stuck on the turbo, and too busy to ride it inside or outside at the moment...)

  • They feel very flimsy

    I had 2 of these (the fakes) they were great until I bunny hopped off a speed bump coming down a steep hill. One of my bottles ejected. I caught it between my foot and crank, and somehow managed to roll to a stop without me or it falling off. Great big brown pants moment, I only use metal cages now.

  • Didn't even ride the other ring - now for sale if you fancy it... 50T aeroz Red goodness. £80 to your door ono.

    Power meter installed now. Rode round the block and it appears to work. Couple of rides to test now and we'll see where we end up.

    Added a green feature for @Acliff (look carefully to top of seat stay...)

    This is it now for the Sl7. Im not bloody changing a thing for a bit.

    Now the Mountain Bike journey begins.

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  • Other than that Garbaruk aero solid chainring right?

    And Duraace 9200?

    Dibs on the bee

  • It'll have to wait until I find a mountain bike and warranty on that is confirmed / denied.
    Function over looks right now and the moneys must be allocated else where. That'll probably be a next year thing and I'll run this through the winter.

    DA 9200 I have zero interest in. 12 speed cassettes are £££ - yes, I appreciate the irony of this s-works frame - but high cost disposable items I have no desire to purchase.
    That and the fact the ratios on this match exactly that of my mountain bike. The old muscle memory likes that.

    Dibs noted on the bee....

    First Power Meter ride complete. It works. 300 watts apparently. I should google what that means and if I need a pro contract now. 😂

  • 300 for how long though 🤓

  • 1 whole hour at 32.8kph.

    I've googled and I need to do a FTP apparently. Otherwise it all means nothing. Strava is smattered with new insights into my averageness. I like it.

  • Ok but whats your bodyweight though

    Also, where gold chain

  • 95KG.

    Want my thigh and calf measurements too? 🤣

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Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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