The frame formerly known as 3T Strada; S Works SL7 Build.

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  • Nice bike. I like the blue callipers in a so ugly only a mother could love em kinda way.

    This is so true.

    Weight wise this is 7.74 kg according to my luggage scales. The 3T was 8.14…

    Don’t think that’s too shabby given it’s the largest frame they make (61cm) and I’ve not gone boutique on any components at all.

  • That’s good! My 54 SuperSix Evo with Force AXS is 8.2!! Cheap ass alloy bars and stem on it tho mind.

  • Hope and S-Works aren't boutique?!

    (yes yes, Lightweights, MCFK, Berk, AX-Lightness, Darimo)

  • (yes yes, Lightweights, MCFK, Berk, AX-Lightness, Darimo)

    This sounds like a @Dick for sale thread. 🤣

  • I’ve probably bought most of it...

  • Hahaha it’s just missing Tune

  • My Ultegra di2 caad12 disc is 7.5kg 😏

  • Please refer to previous page; CAAD12s are 2.1mph slower than this. #science

  • Need to see power data for that to be true

  • That reminds me… I definitely need a power meter!

    Moar data plz.

  • It’s also a 56😉

  • Meh. 56, 61, what’s the difference

  • sad to confirm the purple caad12 is way slower than that now...mainly due to fat new owner who has hardly ridden in the past 12 months.

    s-works looks banging.

  • Moaaarrrrrr blue.

    It’s staying. I’ll be selling the Black RX4s when they arrive.

    And I missed that downtube sticker. Doh.

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  • These would work well with my refusal to conform with norms.

    In other news, I love this bike.

    I do need to bleed the rear brake though, sigh... Lucky I've got 3 spare r9170 left levers isn't it... 🤣

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  • Please tell me you went for the wibbly wobbly rims. And also ask them why they quote the drag comparison at 60 kph...

  • Negative. Bought a new car - so new rims kinda. And why 60kph? Because that's how quick I am - downhill.

    Talking of quick actually; I'm 98.9% slower than Andrew Feather of hill climbing fame. The below is really the absolute max you want to be attempting at 95KG and pushing a 50t / 40t, 1 X setup.
    12.9% over 0.5 miles. Eurgh.

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  • Ooo, not far from me and not ridden it before. Might check it out this weekend 😁

  • It offers a sense of achievement. Nothing else. 🤣

    Spread Eagle Hill climb is the next on my hit list of 'Can I do it?'. Then tackling the Kingsettle Hill - King Alfred's Tower climb - which peaks at 25% right at the end when you're knackered.

    At which point I'll admit that I'm infallible when it comes to hills around here and I made excellent gear ratio choices. Ha!

  • Ha - what’s ULELZ?

    It was used semi-properly in Devon, the roads around my parents place aren’t exactly roads. Since returning its sat on the London real road still covered in shite - I’m yet to find time to give it some proper off-road stick.

  • King Alfred's Tower climb - which peaks at 25% right at the end when you're knackered.

    It sucked, but I again I feel fulfilled and can confirm I make excellent gear choices.

    Really enjoying this Sl7. Fast is comfy.

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  • Just to further insult purists: Tubeless 30c Tan Walls!

    The 5000TL succumbed to the tiny threads that they appear to shed on the bead and I lost any confidence in them when I saw a sealant bubble. Do not want tyre failure at speed thanks.
    Lanes around here are rough, so I’ll take the greater volume and less psi.

    Think I’m also ready to take a few spacers put too. Back hasn’t grumbled in a while!

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  • Annnnnnd trashed my rear tyre on my first go out.

    Van pulled out across a single lane descent having seen me (!?) and was unable to make the turn. Basically put up a wall in front of me and I have had to brake so heavily I’ve locked the rear and rippled the surface. £45 gone. Ta. Cunts.

    Off to the camera thread I go. 2nd time in 2 rides I'd have benefitted. ☹️

  • This boils my piss, overtaking and then shortly after taking a turn in front of you so you have to overtake again and risk being overrun from behind or slam into them.
    RIP rear tyre

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The frame formerly known as 3T Strada; S Works SL7 Build.

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