Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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  • ‘A bike built for lunch time power hours’

    It started with a brake. The Hope RX4 to be exact, which due to the current pandemic are rocking horse poo. So I can only get them in blue.

    The idea was originally a Stealth Black Frame with purple bits a la CAADbury 12. But I cannot get a flat mount front in purple for weeks.
    So, Grey it is owing to the immediate availability of RX4s in blue.

    1 X is coming, but it’s 2 X Ultegra Di2 immediately as that’s what I have. But the plan being a 10-40 Hope cassette with a 44 or 46 up front mounted to Hope RX cranks. The Ultegra mech will be replaced with XTR.
    I purchased a 2X frame so I can sell it to a non believer in the future. I’ll run a chain guide off the empty braze on guide as the roads are pretty rough here (Yey SW!) - probably of wolf tooth flavour. I’m aiming to remove the di2 gubbins / paddles from the left hand shifter. I simply don’t use it currently!

    TLDR; this is going to 3T Strada smattered in Hope bits and a mountain bike Franken-drivetrain. It’s not going to be light or fast with me as a rider. But I’ll look cool and that’s all that matters.

    Bits I have so far:
    XL 3T Strada Due Grey
    Di2 Seatpost bung
    Flat Mount Hope RX4s
    3T Superleggera Team Stealth Handlebar 44cm

    From the CAAD:
    Hope RD40 Wheels
    Ultegra 8000 Di2 Group
    ENVE 130mm Stem (temp)

    To obtain:
    3T Arx LTD Carbon Stem 120-130mm - matchy matchy must be observed.
    Bar tape.
    Cabling / Hoses.

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  • Why remove the internals? Just reprogram them so they do the same thing as the right shifter.

  • Or reprogram as SRAM etap

  • They’re already like this on my CAAD and I still haven’t used them. I use the hood button only on the left for my Garmin.

    It’s also to offset the grams gain of the chain guide.... and to be true to my Franken-drivetrain that I desire. Unique as I can make it.

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  • So it begins... blue and grey works well.

    Impressed with the experience initially. Well packaged. Everything included; Carbon bung to cable foam. Nothing appears skimped on and all Carbon - top cap, bearing cover etc. Even 2 of the Di2 Seatpost bungs I had already purchased. Doh.

    Now to decide on Bottom Bracket - do I go 30mm and then bang in some adapters or just go straight to 24mm for my existing cranks and suck up the new BB further down the line when I switch the cranks?

    Also, got to use my new Wera tools. Well worth it.

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  • Looks like this is going to be 1 x after a eBay win.

    XTR mech is go.
    Just ordered a wolf tooth chain guide too so the braze on doesn’t look out of place unused.

    Bb was a pain in the arse but settled on a rotor so run in short term.

    Now on the hunt for a front ring. Or do I just get new cranks? Hope RX?? 😬🤯

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  • This is going to be some serious business.

  • Maybe I need my eyes tested but I have a bit of thing for these frames. I think they are a modern classic.

  • Srs bsns

  • Today’s update...

    Hope RX cranks are probably a little speedy right now and with a max 44T direct mount don’t give me the gearing I want. Think I might keep an eye out for some Dura Ace arms on eBay which I think I can get for about £250 new. Then I’ll use my newly acquired 50T chainring. For now it’ll go on my Ultegra.

    Wolf tooth 50T + Blue Bolts (matchy matchy but £24!!)
    XT 11-40
    Xtr Chain

    50 x 11-40 gives me almost exactly the same gear range as my current 52/36 x 11-34. I lose 1 off the top and 1 off the bottom only.

  • Needs 3t torno cranks imo

    Unfortunately sold out everywhere.

  • Set went for £280 on eBay last week... future chainrings put me off tbh. Nice otherwise!

  • Think I might keep an eye out for some Dura Ace arms on eBay which I think I can get for about £250 new.

    Close. Just bought some for £260, brand new.

    A messy photo of its current state. Looks fast. I’m also playing with purple and blue ano parts.

    To do;

    1. Drain brifters off CAAD
    2. Route everything through bars.
    3. Hook up hydro lines and Di2 cables.
    4. Press in BB and fit cranks.
    5. Tape bars
    6. Apply helicopter tape to seat tube and crown.
    7. Ride!!

    Tomorrow could be the day.

    Not going for a 3T stem. I cannot find a nice Garmin mount so retaining current ENVE to keep things clean.

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  • Completed:

    1. Press in BB. Fuck me there were creaks and groans I never want to hear again.
    2. Transferred shifters.
    3. Test fitted cranks - to be swapped to DA ones this week when they arrive.
    4. Fitted cassette.
    5. Internally routed Di2 cables and hoses. Internal routing though bars sucks and leaves nasty nasty hose rash. Fortunately did it the right way so none of this will show.

    To do:

    1. Bleed brakes.
    2. Wrap bartape.
    3. Chain.
    4. Torque everything to spec.
    5. Ride!
    6. Sell all the bits I meant to use and then ended up buying new bits. 💸💸

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  • Looking forward to the finished product (and better pics :)

  • It’s been a busy work week. So there has only been moderate progress. It’s also dire weather currently and I’d rather christen this with a lovely + degree ride in the sun.


    1. Brakes bled.
    2. DA Cranks fitted and acquired a new 46T Winter / Long Ride ring. I’ll continue to pose with a 50T for now.
    3. Chain sized and fitted.
    4. ENVE top cap / bung to match stem.
    5. Hope RX Rotors found and purchased - there is X months wait for these atm and I found 2 in a shop in Wolverhampton. Matching Hope lock rings too. Gone for both in black. I think it’d be colour overload with blue here.
    6. Had a battle with a Di2 cable. Now successfully rerouted to give a more clean bar.
    7. Sold Ultegra Di2 bits and cranks. Need to sell the CAAD and RX4 brakes... classified ad inbound.

    Should be obvious by now that I hate wrapping bars and I’m avoiding it. That will be the absolute last step.

    If anyone has any Dura Ace Di2 9170 levers going let me know - the only ‘shit’ bit left on this build are the Ultegra Shifters. I’m going all in here. #buyer. This will then give me no reason for upgrades. Spend money now... save money later... right?

  • Interesting project! I really like these frames for some reason

  • Can I ask what gubbins came in the box with the RX4 calipers?

    I'm looking at getting some second hand and the chap says they come with the bleed block that was in the box. But is there anything else for them that was in the box? Any bleed adapters etc?

    Whats needed to bleed them? I have a full shimano bleed kit but is there anything needed for the caliper end?

    Edit - in my excitement I failed to realise google could help me, just watched the rx4 bleed procedure on youtube and see that I already have the type of syringe needed for the caliper.

  • They usually come with the syringe and attachment - all 4 I’ve purchased have anyway.
    My original ones came with a Shimano funnel adapter, but they appear to have dropped that now and it sounds like you don’t need that anyway.
    Olives and all that jazz.
    Bolts for fitting.
    2 sets of brake pads: 1 Road. 1 Gravel. Ive used both. Depends how much bite you like...

    If you want some Purple ones; post front and flat mount rear let me know.

    In 3T news: just the bar tape to wrap and helitape application. All the fun stuff.

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  • Ah thanks for that.

    The syringe pictured is identical to an unused Rockshox/Sram one I have with an m5 thread end.
    The calipers are coming already attached to Shimano shifters so should have all the fittings from number 3 on the that contents list.
    But I'll be replacing the hoses, is the barb and olive at the caliper end a proprietary Hope item? It looks different, so standard Shimano ones can't be used at the caliper end?

    Sorry for all the questions!

  • Ah I've realised hope use a split olive and the insert might be re-usable.
    Buying new hoses and fittings is making it look less economical for me.

    I need post mount front and rear I'm afraid - I would have quite fancied the purple tho. Send me a pm if you have a price in mind!

  • Yup they’re split olives and if you’re careful with a Stanley blade you’ll be able to slice out the barb too - did this with my first one when I dropped a barb and couldn’t locate it...

    RX discs now fitted. 😍
    Treated myself to some matching bar plugs too.

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  • The blue colour is just so so nice!

    I'm in talks to buy a set of shimano hydro levers and rx4 calipers for my winter bike, I think the deal is going ahead even though I'll need to buy new hoses.

    But seeing your bike has made me think putting rx4 calipers on my tarmac would be a good idea. The purple would maybe look good on the frame so miiiight be interested in your purple calipers, the flat mount at least.

  • With a slight fettle of the gears to go I’m there. Might be some more chopping of the steerer in the summer, but I’ve been doing too much mountain biking recently to go any lower for now. Loud blue spacers to demonstrate in perfectly comfortable with my stack, so leave me be. 😜

    Lucky I got the XL. That’s a maxed out post.

    Realistic to do list;

    1. Helitape.
    2. Index gears (super easy with Di2!)
    3. Centre front rotor - slight rub currently.
    4. Swap out valve stem nut for black one from current purple.
    5. Go and find a massive hill and regret my life choice.
    6. Take nice photos.

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Tales of a serial frame breaker; Strada > SL7, Hei Hei > Tallboy.

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