1978 Centurion pro tour build.

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  • That Raleigh is great!
    Good idea with the dt boss hack. I was kinda wondering what I should do about that. The rear derailleur has a barrel adjuster but front will be a pain. Had thought I could maybe tap a thread into the bracket that's on the bike and get some brass barrell adjusters. I haven't taken any measurements though, so I'm not sure if it would work?

    Do you have a link to the BBB holders you are thinking of? I'm pretty sure I'll need something with conical washers.

    I'm away on holiday at the moment but I'll have a search through my phone to see if I have any photos. Everything is always in a state on change though.

  • Ah yeah, that makes sense. I'm pretty sure I picked them up off a FB group called retro cycling marketplace Australia. Either that or from velo orange, but I'm not 100%.
    Keen to see what the GB ones look like.

  • Do you have a link to the BBB holders you are thinking of? I'm pretty sure I'll need something with conical washers.

    Something like this?




    I always find BBB stuff to be very reliable quality for basics like this if you can get it

  • @spotter Could only find some crappy photos on my phone but here's a few of them.
    Clydesdale build now has an ekit.

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  • That looks like an absolutely smashing collection! I'd the pale green thing a Kona?
    When you get chance please do updates/background on of these

  • Marin pro with a surly fork. I think it was a surly fork?
    Will do. There's a few others in the shed.
    Just picked this up while on holiday. Needs a bit of work. Hopefully not too much though.
    Happy new year from the future, btw.

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  • Couple more.
    Waltworks, curve uprock and Santa Cruz lizard. Also have a sancineto max bike but can't find photos of it and haven't built it back up since moving back to NZ. Other than a few frames, I think that's it for bikes I currently own. Sold all track stuff and a few roads
    and mtbs when I left Aus. Kinda wish I hadn't.

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  • Oh, and this but I already posted it to functional thread.

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  • crickey what a horde!

  • Still waiting on the problem solver derailleur adaptor, things that are supposed to be in stock in a week's time are getting pushed out to a few months. To be expected I guess.
    In the mean time, I've stated to make a front rack for the tandem I picked up over Christmas.

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  • This is gonna be very nice and amazing collection!

  • Slowly getting there on this build, got pretty waylaid with setting up some new work bikes and just general life shit. There's a bunch of things I already need to change but it was nice to at least go for a ride around the block in it. Crazily the first time I've ever ridden it since owning the frame for maybe close to 10 years?

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  • You are doing alright

  • Very nice!

  • Lovely stuff all around!

  • Damn this is fantastic.

  • This looks excellent!

  • Damn just found this, this is great.

  • Looks great and a hell of a collection. Stem work looks amazing, what bars have you gone for?

  • Thanks all.
    I'm pretty sure the bars are are Nitto noodle. Shape is nice and they seem to work well with the more modern shifters/brakes.

  • Thinking I might just change name of this thread to my current projects, as the pro tour has hit snags.

    Recently swapped running gear on waltworks to 10 speed xtr. Was going to use a MTB vbc rings that I have but the Phil bb that I thought was going to work wasn't wide enough so went 1x with this bash guard ring that I've had lying around. Gearing is perfect for the very local trails between home and my garage.

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  • Have been meaning to build a rack for the waltworks for a while and finally got around to it.
    Still need to do a bit of clean up and paint, but works for what I want it for.

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  • Hmm, photos are a bit backwards, but you get the idea. Mounts off anything cage mounts and to a star nut that's installed in bottom of steerer.
    And here's the intended use, carrying some beer and chippies/crisps.

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    • 20220131_182248.jpg
  • Sweet rack and bike

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1978 Centurion pro tour build.

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