What actually happens on Christmas?

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  • saviour

    I see what you did there.

  • First cascarón hunt with the in-laws this year. We’d been storing eggshells for weeks, managed something like 60 eggs. Went the extra eco mile and used biodegradable dyes and wild flowers used instead of confetti, so any lingering bits in the garden will decompose. Put in a Golden Egg with a cash prize and we misplaced it somehow, so someone will find a few quid in the garden eventually. Good times.

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  • No one has mentioned the eating of bun and cheese, the smell of fried fish in the air, along with onions, vinegar and scotch bonnet. Shocked and disappointed I am.

  • Hey @cafewanda great to hear from you. My understanding is that the bun is pretty special and comes from specialist bakeries serving the Caribbean communities in the UK, if not from skilled hands in the kitchen. I’m also assuming that one can be ‘all bun and cheese’d out’ over Easter. I heard this on Lindsay Whesker’s radio show yesterday.

    Lamb is ready

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  • It only ever took one bun and cheese to do me in, you guys are making me feel very hungry and very homesick for Brixton...

  • Is the bun a special bun or the normal bun?

  • very special bun, like the dove (colomba) bun from Italy.

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  • The Italians have cake of sorts, well fortified breads. The colomba (Dove) as the bread is shaped sort of like a bird.

    While different areas have different traditions, the Neapolitans have a (sort flan?) a cake with a shortcrust base filled with ricotta and cooked wheat grains (hard to find in the uk so use short grain rice or risotto rice) which you mix and leave for a few days. So you need to assemble the ingredients before good friday,then cook it before sunday so you can eat it on sunday.

  • Wondering as I love bun and cheese.

    Is it just available at easter?

  • I’m sure you can get it from the shops year round it might not be as good as the freshly baked bun, not that I’ve never been offered bun and cheese in all the time I’ve been with my GF. The closest we have in the UK I think is probably the fruit malt loaf / soreen.

    Searching the interwebz there are loads of recipes available. I’m fed up waiting so I’m gonna have a crack at making this with dragon stout.


  • The Calabrains (the toe of Italy) also have several Easter fortified breads. The dough sort of like brioche with more egg yolk, vanilla and aniseeds with boiled eggs baked in to the topping. There are quite a few different names (just in claabria) for the 'bread' and different shapes such as individual cakes with an egg, round cake with the center missing and one treat you give to kids a braided plat thing for a boy and a doll shape for a girl. There is bad hokum if a boy eats a girl bread and visa versa.

  • Freshly baked bun with cheese is yummy.

    Good luck with the baking.

  • Has anyone mentioned Simnel cake?

  • ah yeah, my sister (a real-life Christian) brought some over today. I was like "doesn't it normally have little marzipan eggs on it?" she was like "they are the 12 APOSTLES...". I mean, I knew that, they are just little round marzipan things. eggs, balls, brain fart.

  • 11 not 12 apostles at this time.

  • Learning lots of new things here I want to try! What cheese is best?

    Edit: see on eBay as well as the pre-packed imported ones there’s someone on eBay selling 12 homemade Jamaican bun baked to order! What a ledge!

  • Hey Jonny, I reckon that is down to personal choice. I would suggest a mild cheddar thinly sliced, as the bun will be very sweet, very sticky. I’m no expert, but it’s great that you want to try what is a traditional food celebrating Easter 👍🏽

  • I disagree about mild cheddar but is down to personal taste. Like Christmas fruit cake with different cheeses. I like mixing stilton and fruit cake. More cheese that cake.

    Rarely have sweet things unless Uber cycling and stopped buying soreen out of principle.

  • @lynx my GF is in agreement with you on the cheese front, aka stronger flavour cheese but hard cheese like Red Leicester

  • Cheers both. I did a Google images search and the pics generally show the cheese with a more orange colour like Red Leicester which I was trying to identify. I figured it was originally more likely to be a local cheese in the Caribbean (which looks like Tastee Cheese in a tin) but there’s probably something else which is close! Hence asking! Looking forward to trying this. Had man flu all Easter weekend so I didn’t make any hot cross buns, I’m going to make Jamaica bun and cheese instead.

  • bun thick sliced with Red Leicester. The hard dough also thick sliced with cheddar.. from Blessings, Walworth Road.

    me belly cork, lol

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  • Almac68, you skimping on the red leicester there :-).

  • Hi @amey is there anything you need to know about football?

  • i just go cycling when england is playing; i love football!

    this is tottenham court road during yesterday’s game; first england goal was scored couple of mins ago.

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What actually happens on Christmas?

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