Help: Roller length / tyre width?

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  • Ive bought a some 2nd hand Arion Elite Parabolic rollers.

    They work fine on my 54cm roadbike *700c Wheels / 26" tyres

    But my 52cm trackbike *622 Wheels / 28" tyres sits uncomf0rtably on them.
    Feels its could fall off the back and the drive resistance is almost too hard to spin.

    I run a 48/13 so nothing crazy gearing wise.

    Anyone know if I need to make an adjustment or what might be happening?

    For either bike the front drum sits just behind the front axel.
    Happy to change the tyres but surprised it would make such a difference..

    I don't have the manual not sure if the gap between the rear drums needs adjusting for track geometry ?

  • Wouldn’t have thought you need to adjust back wheel, just the front so it sits under the axle like you say.
    It’s just because you’re in a relatively bigger gear on track bike than your road bike I’d guess

  • I dont feel its the gearing, ive no problems spinning up a 100 ratio on the track.

    I think the back wheel isnt making enough contact with the drive drum.
    Might try changing to 26" tyres

  • You may already realise this, but a 700c and 622 wheel are the same thing. So the only difference between the setups would appear to be 26mm tyre vs 28mm tyre.

  • Steeper head angle and possibly a greater saddle to bar drop will make the track bike feel more unstable. Tyres wont make any difference. Keep practicing!

  • Resistance on rollers is greatly affected by tyre choice and pressure. The RR difference between a Conti GP5000 and Grand Prix 4 Season is only about 9W (RR tables) but I've run both (25c at 90psi) and the difference in effort on rollers seems enormous. I have a 23c (@ 110psi) trainer tyre fitted at the moment and the resistance with that definitely feels greater than a GP5000 (28 c / @ 80 psi).

    I think that the sensation of 'falling off the back' is probably due to pedalling smoothness when riding fixed, and that should disappear as your pedalling technique improves (which it will - loads). My rollers are Elite Mag - but I think yours are pretty much identical other than only offering one resistance setting, the equivalent of mine being in setting '0'.

    Edit to add - you might want to work out the closest gearing to 48/13 on your road bike and use that to make sure any comparison in effort is valid.

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Help: Roller length / tyre width?

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