Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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  • i wasn't being serious for the avoidance of doubt...

    £45, at least.

  • i wasn't being serious for the avoidance of doubt...

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  • but okay, np, sorry for being narky.

  • Will you take 90 with a donation to The @benjam Internet Education Trust?

  • Handbags at dawn.

  • How much is Dawn after for the handbags?

    I think derailing the thread to sell handbags is in extremely poor taste and they should donate all proceeds to the aforementioned charity

  • Got mine today! Thanks for the extra stuff..👍

  • Handbag? Or stickers?

  • Stickers!

  • Got mine today... tempted to stick one of the "bonus" c-stickers on colleagues car. He was up for it but reckoned his wife may not be.

    Already posted one of the Plague Island ones back to the UK to my old man to pop on his car.

  • I could have done that to save you the stamp!

  • Bonkers! They’ve arrived quicker to atz abroad. Our post in Norwood, SE Laandan has been non-existent - we’ve only just started getting post that was sent on 22nd December. This covid lark has played havoc with the service. I get all excited when I hear the letterbox, but then my heart sinks... The wait continues.

    Edit: And I can’t even blame Brexit.

  • Yeah but the variable is I’m an idiot :)

  • Yes I’m really sorry to you guys still waiting, it’s now more than 14 calendar days... and London is apparently the worst-hit of all for postal delays.

  • It is not on you at all. Your efforts have been sterling!

  • Cross-posting this to the BLM thread as well. It’ll need its own thread if it goes ahead.

    So while making the Plague Island stickers, There was another idea in the back of my mind.

    In my head (blame the wasted art degree) I can envisage these poster-sized on a gallery wall, in lurid bright colours, think pop-art modernism pukes postmodern conceptualism, clashing, and shiny.

    Giant eyeball-burning posters, a set of five, under the title “Dirty Words”...





    Black Lives Matter

    Of course, even if I was back at being an exhibiting artist this is hardly the climate for presentation of work in a gallery, and all the politics of display that comes with that.

    You lot are smart enough to get the joke.

    Anyway, that isn’t going to happen. So, I’m thinking I may do another run of credit-card-sized stickers with a hefty chunk to charity.

    Ideally, sold as a set, but of course that sixth one could be in larger quantities.

    I don’t know if there’s interest enough, or where to direct the funds. I would prefer that it goes to the right place.

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  • I bought my dad practically all of the Desperate Business books. Fucking love Modern Toss.

  • Be cool if you could do a set just BLM and another 'dirty words'

    1. settle
  • Well, it kind of loses the concept (completely) if I separate the two.

  • Ah cool dude, just kinda thought I could give one to the kids.

  • Ideally, sold as a set, but of course that sixth one could be in larger quantities.

    Was hoping something along the lines of, you buy the set, and if you are buying the set you can buy more of specific (ie BLM) ones extra on top.

    Maybe it doesn’t work for people like that, I’m still trying to work out the best way around this if I do another run.

  • as an artistic expression, I like it.
    Not something I could hang up myself though.

  • You wouldn’t hang a giant shit on your wall? Prude.

  • I'll have a dirty words sheet

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Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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