Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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  • Meant to post a photo of one of the stickers on the Giant Acid’s forks... went to get cash out and seemed as contrived a moment as any.

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  • nice! what cargo bike is this?

  • A small update, a couple extra bits added to the total for charity, which is now £579.81, rounding up the pennies comes to a whopping £580!!

    I'm on my way to donate it now, will report back later.

    Once again, if after a week people are still missing the stickers, please contact me so I can resolve it. Probably I'll have to make them all over again to post out, so I really hope there aren't many that have been lost...!

  • Fantastic amount, well done for smashing out all the stickers over Christmas!

  • They were very grateful!

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  • Well done Ash.

  • Postie has just been. Thanks Ash, the stickers are awesome!

    Cheers for the extra ones.

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  • All received - thanks again! Nice little bonus stickers.

    I've been told that I'm not allowed to put the cunt one on my bike :<<

  • Funny that, I was told the same.

  • Just to confirm, I sent all the letters on the same date, all with a first class stamp, and all handed in at the same moment.

    Back around November I had first class post delayed by about 2 weeks, so I’d hope everyone can be patient for longer than usual for these.

    If after two weeks there’s still no sign, I will begin making the stickers again to replace but I will need time to do so. Hope that’s ok.

  • I got mine really quickly. But a lot of our post is delayed at the moment. It is really random too, some things will come really quickly, some are delayed for weeks. There are staffing issues at the local sorting office, and I’m sure similar problems all over.

    Basically what I’m saying is don’t worry if some haven’t turned up yet, I’m sure they will at some point.

  • Arrived!

    Chuffed, need to find things to stick them to

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  • Aye, nothing here yet but we have only had one parcel from royal mail since the new year, no letters at all so I'm sure its nothing to worry about and they'll get here eventually.

  • I'm not in the UK. Interesting test case to see how long stuff takes to come over the channel

  • Arrived today, can’t wait to use them.

    Muchos grassy arse.

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  • Dangerously icy roads here since the stickers arrived but spotting this on the rollers tonight cheered me up

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  • thnx Ash, also received these 2 days ago!

  • Got mine too

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  • Phew. Was getting worried yours were nowhere to be seen. So that’s 10 working days and counting, for first class? Damn.

    Hope the rest of the envelopes arrive soon!

  • mine arrived really early. cant wait to bebable to decide where to put them ;)

  • Mine arrived this morning!
    Postman finally got over his hangover...

    Thanks for the freebies, I'll put them to good use soon enough

  • Is plague island the new Love Island?

  • I guess I'm too late :(

  • i can sell you a few... 20 clams a pop. postage not included.

  • 20 clams a pop

    finally we're finding a use for all this fish that no-one in this country eats! but serious you want £20 for some stickers? Isn't that a markup on something that was intended for charity? Do you wana give the markup to @pdlouche for his cause?

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Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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