Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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  • Cheers

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  • Love. Please sell me a whole armada of reflective pac man ghosts.

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  • Sounds awesome, my car is blue (light silver metallic blue so it won't match but that's OK) so blue is great!

    I didn't know if you were still up for doing them given how busy it's made you but if it's not too much of a bother...

  • Genius... did also lol

  • Arrived today, look great!

  • Got mine, yay! Huge fan of the pac-man ghost!

  • Also got mine, thanks

  • Armada you say.... it’d cost you an arm and a leg!

  • Got mine. Cheers boss.

  • This is why I try support this charity. They work really hard to push for any available grants, and devote all the resources to doing great things...

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  • Nice work man.

  • Lovely stickers. Got mine yesterday thanks

  • Hope everyone is receiving their stickers and happy with them.

    @Fox and @ElGonzo please pm me about the window decals. I haven’t been back in the shed to get them cut yet, hope to do it tomorrow-ish.

  • Stickers came this morning! Cheers, bud - well done!

  • Great work, thanks dude!

  • Received, brilliant thanks Ash

  • Great stickers and charity choice! Love the freebies

  • Still no sign of the stickers here. Fingers crossed for tomorrow

  • Today’s bank holiday, no? Hope for tomorrow.

  • Stick 'em up!

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  • Nah, it’s not a bank holiday. Post has been really slow though so likely just running late

  • Oh okay. Sorry about that. They all got posted on the same day, so not sure what’s going on.

  • Not complaining and no need for apology!

    Post is always a bit rubbish, just thought I’d let you know.

    Will update when they arrive.

  • post is up the spout. we're still receiving christams cards.

  • don't worry @BlackMath mine haven't arrived (in Essex) either

    Although my postman only seems to work once a fortnight, so am not expecting it anytime soon...

    Happy to wait, it's all for a good cause!

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Plague Island Stickers *for charity*

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