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  • Sorry that wasn't meant as a direct reply to @amey :)

  • so I rode my tubolitos for their first long ride yesterday and what can I say, i got a flat. the tubes already thinned a little where the holes for the spokes are and are starting to bulge a little, not as crazy as clockwork_killa had on the 2nd page, but I thought a 20c tyre would "hold them toghether" nicely. so these tubes will go in some spare wheels as I don't feel comfy now riding them on the streets.

  • Doesn't explain the failure mode so, GTFO >>

  • So, are any of these "new wave" tubes any good?

    We carried 2xtubes each on our ATM ride and that takes up a LOT of space when you've got 50mm tyres so I was going to replace the spare tubes with Tubolito or Aerothan or whatever but if they're not very abrasion resistant or fail as soon as you use them then there's no point.

  • yeah should mention that it was a piece of glass, 1x2mm maximal size

  • Yep. You're not supposed to inflate tubes outside tyres.

    A little bit of pressure to give them a bit of shape when you install but not so much they look like @clockwork_killa pic. If that pressure gauge is accurate though, it doesn't bode well for Tubolitos

  • I think that as a spare tube they are okay, but I'm sure that a butyl tube can withstand a bit bigger glass shards or small stones. At first I had the impression that the tubolitos are gonna be a bit more flexible and thus avoiding being punctured by pieces that penetrate your tire , but now I think its actually the other way round and normal butyl tubes already offer enough elasticity

  • I mean, they're going to puncture, like any tube will, if they get stuck hard enough.

    What I'm concerned about is using them as my "last resort" tubeless spare, fitting them and then finding out they don't inflate.

  • yeah that would be real PITA. but I only own 2 tubolitos and both were easy to install, hopefully clockwork_killas tube had a kink somewhere from manufacturing as he did not use that tube prior

  • My tube was definitely a manufacturing error, my experience up until that point had been pretty positive, no issues installing and no punctures but that one negative experience has somewhat put me off using them.

  • Have them as a tiny last resort too, sounds like I should probably inflate them and look for defects..

  • I bought some for long distance rides since they take up much less space than regular mountain bike tubes. Be careful that your pump is compatible with them! They don't have any threads so screw-on pumps (e.g. many Lezyne pumps) won't work. Turns out I was out without any usable tubes at all...

  • Has anyone had issues with tubolitos failing due to being stored in the cold?
    My winter bike is currently stored in a bike tent in the garden, it hasn't even been ridden yet but the brand new tube in the rear wheel no longer holds air.

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