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  • Only noticeable when used with Veloflex Record or Masters for me, there is a good chance I'm kidding myself even then...

  • Because you couldn't get the tubeless tyre off to sort it out and called a taxi? :P

    Nah - it was on the Eyre Highway, about 50km before Ceduna. No taxis there - fix it or walk!
    And it was a tubed tyre - the last time I used them so that's why I remember!

  • Have you not ridden over a nail or some random sharp thing?

    On tubeless? Yes, but never bad enough to have to fix at the roadside - by which I mean take the tyre off - plugging in a worm is a trivial fix. Off topic, though - if you've decided on tubes I'm not trying to evangelise.

    I did research tubolitos as my spares for TCR last year as smaller, but didn't go for them in the end.

  • I used tubolitos on my work bikes. One went a full year with no punctures. Others went over six months. One punctured after a couple of weeks.
    I always carry them as my spare tubes on my tubeless bikes, which my work bike is now too.
    They feel like they're worth the money after a few months with no punctures...but as soon as you get a puncture you get pissed off at how much they cost.

  • plugging in a worm is a trivial fix

    When it works.

  • But torturing helpless annelids is always fun.

  • But then, I've got tubeless so I suppose I shouldn't be speaking about this as I haven't fixed a puncture by the side of the road since March 2017 - the last time I used tubes!

    That’s actually why I got them, for the tubeless bike.

  • whispers echos back still gotta carry a tube though.... :)

  • Nice, but when there’s a leak it’s really embarrassing?

  • I was considering them and some of the similar competitors like Revoloop for my Lightweight wheels.
    I had wanted to use Latex tubes, but all latex tubes seem to come with a 51mm valve, which means a valve extender which isn’t ideal.

    The revoloop seems to get slightly better reviews and performance in tests and is still 39g. And 60mm valve is available.

  • also there are some cheap copies on Aliexpress

  • I am going back to that because fuck tubeless for road cycling

    Please please please build an entire bike around an inner tube choice

  • Michelin does 60mm valves in latex

  • I have already! LATEX

  • This was my experience as well.

    Great combo and so far no punctures, but winter is coming and this will the proper test.

    I think with a lower rolling resistance the and latex tube it makes a massive difference. Just remember to pump your tyres up on every ride.

  • I've got one, for the MTB's, it's the "ultimate failure of tubeless and tyre insert" insurance.

    Never used it.

  • Because Decathlon. I have these on 50mm carbon wheels, they don't poke out very far but still enough.

  • I bit the bullet and bought a pair of tubolito road tubes. the first impression is good. nice packaging. the repair patches were 3,90€, that is actually quitew nice considering I paid 24,99 € for one tube. The 80mm valve is actually the 42mm version with a valve extension. So you can use the long ones in not so deep wheels too, I like this. Will report again when I did a few km.

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  • Just had a nightmare experience with tubolito. I've been using them for a few months and up until now had been pretty impressed with them. Went on a ride this weekend and got a flat right at the end. Swapped out the tube for my spare tubolito but the tire wouldn't inflate. Took the tube out and tried to inflate it on its own and after only a few pumps it started to bulge in one section and wouldn't inflate any further. Had to walk 40 mins to a train station, not impressed.
    Tubolito are sending me a free tube to replace the faulty one but I can't say I have much confidence in them now.

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  • I had one do that once too, straight out of the packet. And the section that bulged was really thin and floppy when I deflated it. 🙁

  • Exact same thing with mine, brand new tube, bulged in one area which now feels very thin and soft.
    I wonder what the rate of failure on these actually is, how many out of a given batch are likely to be defective?

  • hmmm annoying, have been toying with the 700c/650b 47c option and one for road with 80m valve for the tiny pack size should (when) tubeless ever fail.

  • latex tubes used to do that but they work absolutely fine even if they bulge like that outside the tyre

  • I'm interested to see if the Schwalbe alternative is any better. Good to see that they can be patched with regular park patches too.

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