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  • Does anyone have any experience of these inner tubes?

  • I bought two for a 650b tubeless bike for backup. Never used them but they’re light.

  • y tho

  • i looked into it as a spare tube to carry as it folds tiny and is light BUT latex does the same and I have plenty of latex tubes in the shed


  • I’m curious about the better puncture protection claims mainly

  • Even latex is supposed to be better for punctures than butil, but still get flats. What tires do you have?

  • I like latex tubes. It’s like sexy underwear: no-one else knows you’ve got it on – but you do.

  • *whispers carried on the wind * tubeless...

  • Is that like going commando?

  • There was some discussion of these when I was seeking smaller pack size spares kit for my 650B gravel setup:

    From around here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15574962/­
    Actually from here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15573869/­

  • It’s like going commando and wearing chamois cream in your trousers.
    Risky and a little exciting, but feels great

  • But there’s still a chance you could shit yourself catastrophically.

  • Which is why you carry a pair of sexy underwear as a spare

  • It’s all starting to make sense.

  • I’ve ordered some 4 seasons to replace my 5000s which might be a bit past it.
    £20 for an inner tube makes me hesitate though. I can’t find much experience of them.
    I had a good summer puncture wise so maybe it’s just balancing out but it’s wearing thin with my wife arriving back late or at the end of the window I’ve suggested. So needs sorting!!

  • I thought the general view was that they weren't great.
    Can't remember where I read it but ISTR they are not patchable. So you need to carry more, as punctures tend to cluster, and there is always the risk of fucking up a repair and needing a second go.

    But then, I've got tubeless so I suppose I shouldn't be speaking about this as I haven't fixed a puncture by the side of the road since March 2017 - the last time I used tubes!

  • 4 seasons

    they deserve nothing better than cheap butyl, great tyres, I have a pair

  • I haven't fixed a puncture by the side of the road since March 2017

    Because you couldn't get the tubeless tyre off to sort it out and called a taxi? :P

  • Have you not ridden over a nail or some random sharp thing?

  • its fucking orange

  • I have plenty of latex tubes in the shed


    boast post

  • when I rode non-tubeless non-conti tyres I only rode latex either in tubs or in supple clinchers

    I am going back to that because fuck tubeless for road cycling

  • I could never tell difference with latex

  • me neither

  • I was a pretty early adopter of road tubeless. Never again, I'd rather chuck another tube, Co2 and get going than be pumping and riding and underinflated race tire in hopes the sealant works. (Repeat X3, this shit is still weeping, pump once more to get to a train station)

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