Nicks partly forum sourced/recycled super x gravel conversion

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  • With a lack of cross racing this year and compulsion to almost constantly tit about with bikes that are totally fine as they are i thought I'd do something with my super x. I sold both my carbon race tubs and my training wheels, tyres and seatpost on the forum and picked up a lauf grit fork and a canyon vcls post thanks to @Jgf and @KieranHC for both of those πŸ‘ i managed to pick some Knight cross race rims less than half price from Sigma and had David at Dcr build them up for me on his own branded Bitex hubs with CX Rays for a sub 1300g wide tough wheelset. I've got a pair of Spesh Tracer 2Bliss on there at the moment they are 33mm but swell up to 37 on the wide rims. I fancy some Teravail Rutland tanwalls when they're back in stock but i had the Tracers laying around and they've felt good so far. I may end up going 1X on this after I'm done with the already pretty worn drivetrain and I'll probably switch the stem for something less aggro as I'm planning 4-6 hour rides on the South Downs on this and its probably a bit racey as is. But here it is in its initial setup and I'll update any changes as and when. Any suggestions welcome.

    Before πŸ‘‡

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  • New Post and Fork

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  • New wheels on and ready to roll

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  • Haven't weighed it yet but it's still really light and the new wheels have helped offset the extra fork weight. This was a comfy bike anyway with the flatted carbon seatstays but with leaf spring front and back now it really is super floaty 😁

  • My advise would be to put back the original forks

  • Yeah the laufs aren't for everyone. I thought these were well worth a try for the price i paid on here for them. I think they look OK ish but so far they've really improved the way the bike rides for how i intend to ride it for the time being. I'm definitely holding on to the original forks though.

  • New less aggro stem 20 mm shorter and 8 degrees slacker than the previous. I've got a big day out planned tomorrow so hopefully this will add some comfort 🀞

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  • Do the Laufs sag like a traditional fork? Aero gainz if so.
    This is bonkers and I like it.

  • Cheers they do sag a little but no way of measuring how much like a regular suspension fork looks about 10-15 mm and for aero gainz i do have these though .Too much?

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  • What's the general opinion on these lauf forks then does everybody actually hate them? I know they look weird but they have done exactly what i wanted them to do for the ride in the short term. But i bumped in to a few guys on mountain bikes during a stop on the downs today and one of them said to his mates oi look he's got one of those lauf out loud forks on taking the piss?? Are these forks considered a joke or was he just a random twat? They were all middle aged over biked wearing full Day-Glo enduro gear for a ride on the downs and were riding very slowly so i had a little chuckle to myself as well. Just wondered if I'm missing something? I like them anyway.

  • was he just a random twat? They were all middle aged over biked wearing full Day-Glo enduro gear for a ride on the downs and were riding very slowly

    I feel like you’ve answered the question yourself ;)

    They look pretty weird, there’s no denying that. I’d definitely posit that their reputation is 90% based on their odd looks rather than actual user experience. I highly doubt that the majority of people that weigh in on them have ever actually ridden a set (myself included).

    How do they perform?

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Ride what you want.

  • Yeah i like them they really smooth things out which is what I was after. They find their limits pretty quickly if it gets rocky or you hit anything with an edge but for all the rougher surfaces that buzz your hands and arms up and make you tired over time they do a great job. Just checking if there was an in joke i needed to be in on 😁

  • This is pretty rad!

    Sack the middle aged enduro bros who scream insecurity. I encounter lots of the same chaps. Buying a seven grand mtb doesn't necessarily make you faster...

    You've built a bike to do what you wanted and it's working for you. I don't believe you're missing any joke. They were well reviewed as far as I know.
    I was quite interested in these when they were released but they were a fair chunk of cash new. Great that you got them at a good price. I don't remember seeing them come up on the forum. I'd have been tempted if I had.

  • Cheers i did have a good look around for reviews beforehand and didn't find anything negative either just good at what their good at which is a little niche i suppose but i think these do make my bike more suitable to the south downs way than a Bronson as nice as they are. I've already had some PB's on it over my hardtail 29er 😁 i missed the fork on its first listing and just got lucky. I think the shortish steerer put some people off. I didn't even have enough room for your 3t stem on it but thats gone on one of my road bikes with regular ti bolts on order but they're taking ages. I actually needn't have bothered as the rainbow ones sort of blend in once they're on the bike.

  • Yeah there's a lot of gravel routes near me that where probably called cross country mtb routes 15 years ago.

    Some places, while not exactly gnar, get pretty tiring on the arms after 30 miles on a rigid bike. The lauf seems like it would take away that annoying buzz with out the weight and draw backs of an actual suspension fork.

    Its certainly a pretty niche area but I definitely see my self building a bike like yours for the not-quite-xc-but-not-really-gravel-but-dΒ­efo-needs-very-niche-bike-as-nothing-elsΒ­e-is-acceptable kind of routes that are near by πŸ˜‚

  • Exactly a capable bike isn't a perfect bike so this build was totally necessary as were my 7 others now i just need to convince the wife the same πŸ˜‰

  • Looking at this,

    the only thing i can remember is this Michael Jackson picture:

  • this Michael Jackson picture

    Holy shit its uncanny!

  • as were my 7 others

    I can relate. I had 7 complete bikes and two frames in my garage. I recently sold a lot to fund a new biek. Now down to 1 road biek and 3 full suspension mtbs.

    But I now don't have winter bike or gravel bike or a hard tail and now having the ridiculous thought if building said bikes again. I'm stuck in a never ending loop.

  • Yeah sounds like you need at least 2 more bikes because as it stands you have absolutely no way of riding a bike on either the road in winter or on gravel πŸ˜‰

  • thats a great great build !

  • Nice, +1 for Lauf – would have one if I had the bike for it.

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Nicks partly forum sourced/recycled super x gravel conversion

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