Work Xmas goodies. Shitty or Amazeballs.

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  • Self employment has it's perks

  • Distribution List, sorry

  • I've been invited to team call on Christmas Eve, 1300-1400.
    I reckon it will be a "you can all piss off 3 hours early" call, hopefully at 1300, rather than an hour of twaddle first (especially as that is the hour I tend to shove food in)

    I anticipate my xmas goodies will be the 3 hours off for free (when the rest of the company shut down on the 18th)

  • $300, a box of chocolate and told to go home early on a (really great) bike they sold me for 1/3rd retail.

    Nice Christmas card too.


  • A kids hoody bought on my behalf through Choose Love

    Can't argue with that really.

  • $50 for charity (from my employer) and two 1kg blocks of mild cheddar (from a client).
    Mid summer isn't really the time for fondue, but I'll give it a go.

  • Bloody hell, you've only been in that hemisphere for a week or so!

  • I was also shocked.

    608g of Toblerone btw..

  • My OH got this, kinda 'here you are, do it yourself'.

    Apparently, the company has done very well this year...

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  • Amazingly, this is supposed to be a speaker. Glad work bought 600 of these and got them all personalised.

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  • How's the bass?

  • WhatHifi would not rate it well.

  • Maybe you can plug in an external DAC and sub woofer.

    Separate power supply if you feel spenny?

  • Something to hide in the suspended ceiling in your bosses office, then send subliminal messages to him
    "Seager should get a pay rise"
    "Buy coffee for everyone"
    "learn to juggle chainsaws on company time"

    That sort of thing.

  • Hmmn, i got the same thing.

    Not a big fan of sustainable/ethical products in tiny plastic packets delivered by van to hundreds of homes but it was a nice enough attempt to please everyone.

  • Boss clearly thinks I'm still a teenager.

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  • 🤣

  • So. Many. Dildos. Questions.

  • Hugo Boss, surely.

    Also, are those scented candles you have nice? I'm looking at similar options for my mum.

  • my insider contacts to the Manchester fashion scene (real talk) tell me that the employees of one major brand all got vibrators this year

  • After being furloughed in March for three weeks I was asked if I’d go back to work cos it was so busy, and I agreed. Everyone else got three months paid furlough. We had our best year in over 20 years, and we all worked through the pandemic and no-one got sick.

    We each got sweet fuck all for Christmas. Not even a card. Cheers.

  • We all got lovely little succulent plants this year, I really like mine... And got paid a full day for a half day on Christmas Eve, that was nice... We've worked hard this year, tricky times...

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Work Xmas goodies. Shitty or Amazeballs.

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