Anyone doing fasting?

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  • I’ve done it since the start of January and the weight has fallen off. I’m down 11kg from 99.6 to 88.3 but I’d add that’s been with no alcohol or bread and I’ve been training fasted four to five times a week. I was only eating starchy carbs twice a day but loads of fruit etc.

    Needless to say I need to take a break from it or maybe stop for good and switch to something more sustainable.

    I’d aimed to get 20kg off for the summer which looks achievable now. It’s all weight I’d piled on since I stopped cycling seriously so it should be achievable but hopefully without 10-12 hours a week on the bike.

    I’m having a drink this weekend and I can’t wait.

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  • gwyneth is fasting

  • Well done, that’s a great achievement.

    What isn’t sustainable about your approach? Is it just that you feel you’re depriving yourself of the fun stuff? My energy feels on a more even keel and by telling myself I can’t eat after 6pm I’ve found a surprising level of willpower in the face of my wife scoffing all the peanut M&Ms.

  • I think fasting as a concept is very sustainable but I’ve been restrictive in a way that isn’t.

    It’s great to have got the process off to a flyer but I don’t think losing over a kilo a week is particularly healthy over more than 6-8 weeks.

  • Still at it. Not super strict with timings apart from no breakfast until 10am as family timings sometimes means dinner at 7ish instead of 5-6ish. I'm keeping off alcohol Monday - Wednesday and the other days a pint or two is all I have. Same with sugars and crisps etc, feels like I need 1/3 to 1/2 of what I had before to feel the same satisfaction from eating and drinking.

    I don't weigh myself but feels like I'm lighter but more importantly I feel much better. Higher energy levels, less sugar level drops, same or better feeling during morning runs.

    Feels like the body is now running two separate systems - one for getting energy in and one for using it. Before I needed to time a run or ride with a meal, now the energy seems to come from deposits rather than the food itself (if that makes sense?) which makes for a handy disconnect between the two

  • I think it’s definitely sustainable .
    I think you will find it difficult to drop so much per week after that much of aN initial loss.
    I lost 15kg doing a lot of fasted rides , managing long fasts became easy , even if a bit antisocial .
    But the initial weight loss hit a plateau , and I think my body got used to it .
    I’ve tried a bit of running , a lot of walking and even at home I’m doing weights ( I’m older , so weights are crucial)again .So Im burning calories.Important not to reward a workout with treats .
    Still fasting, probably 2 years now .I won’t go back now .. it would cost too much to swop my wardrobe back .Plus ,I’m a bit heart conscious and an extra 12kg of fat wasn’t doing me any good .
    Can’t wait for the gym to reopen , but meanwhile making do with kettle bells

  • This is a great result .. similar to mine .
    Tbh it’s THE only thing that ever worked for me .

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Anyone doing fasting?

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