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  • They get a bad rep, like moths, but also like moths they’re crucial for plant pollination. I do enjoy watching the local one/s flapping about at night, looking for unwary photogenic youths to bite.

  • I made a bat detector a few months back...sadly too late in the year to give it a try!

  • You are a DC super villan AICMFP

  • Awesome. I know there are many plans on the interweb. But do you have a recommendation? There are loads of bats round here and I've wanted to make one for ages to find out which types they are.

    Mini c00pses might even help...

  • This thread is long overdue

  • My method is a little niche as my starting point is a software defined radio that I happened to have knocking about (

    Despite the fact that RF and audio are different things, essetially a microphone does the same job as an antenna...i.e vibrating and converting those vibrations into electrical current.

    This means I was just able to buy some mini electret microphones, knock up a simple circuit to power one (after frying a few) via the bias-T from the radio unit and 3d print a parabolic reflector and basically just stick all the parts together :D

    Haven't tested it on bats yet but I've successfully tested it by pointing it at my ultrasonic cleaner that gives off harmonic audio at 5oKhz which is roughly the right ballpark for a bat.

    Will see if it actually works in the Spring! Lots of bats around here...

  • Awesome. I might stick with the old-fashioned breadboard + RS Components catalogue bits setup though.

    (but etching my own PCB would take me way back to GCSE Technology for some nostalgia points)

  • They get a bad rep

    Do they? Who hates bats?

  • Who hates bats?

    I think it is a fairly common belief out here in the shires (East Anglia) that they pass rabies. While they can, it is very rare and ridiculously so in the UK.

  • Who hates bats?

    Possibly the same people that hate butterflies ?

  • Lots of bats around here...

    The chap who hosts bat walks around here (Shooters Hill/Oxleas) has some sort of bat gadget box thingy.

  • I love bats. My dad had a bat detector when we were kids and would take us out on bat hunts in the summer. When I was about 8 my aunt sent me a dead bat in the post (she'd found it in her cellar). I was allowed to keep it for a few days until it started to smell, then it was buried in the garden. Was playing music in a school hall once and a bat fell from the ceiling and landed in front of me, I stopped playing and carried outside as the chap on keys came pretty close to treading on it. It flew off when I opened my hands, lovely thing, though technically I shouldn't have touched it as I didn't have a bat handling license.

    And I think that's about all the bat stories I have.

  • Do they? Who hates bats

    Generally the same prople who hate rats. (From one rat owner to another)

  • The chap who hosts bat walks around here (Shooters Hill/Oxleas) has some sort of bat gadget box thingy.

    We're just down the hill from you. Fairly regular bat walks happen in Greenwich Park.

  • Thats a

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  • Really? But then I like both so maybe I just can't see it.

    My bat story is when I was young we lived in an old house that had rudimentary double glazing, both panes being able to slide up separately. We had bats in the loft and quite often in the early hours of the morning one would get stuck between the two panes of glass and thrash around in panic. No idea how they got in there.

  • eeek

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  • When I was about 8 my aunt sent me a dead bat in the post

    What a thoughtful aunt.

  • what you did there

  • They get a bad rep

    Do they? Who hates bats?

    Had an Uber driver who felt the need to exclaim “They’re all considered vermin, aren’t they?!” when the gf and I were admiring the bats and foxes along our route. Never understood what his precise point was, but he felt strongly about it.

    Also people who slightly misunderstand COVID.

  • Heterodyne bat detectors - Bat Detectors - Bat Conservation Trust-­etectors-1/heterodyne

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