A neo-retro 1991 Moser Leader AX

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  • Pink or black tape?

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  • White. šŸ˜‰

  • Exactly what I was going to say. White would go nice.

  • Black, pink or white would look great. Maybe leaning towards pink as silver bars/stem.

  • Indeed white or pink, no black. Too dark.
    I've got a pink Cinelli cork I can try.

  • Mmm maybe white.

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  • I had a Pelten shade which is the same as in the catalog, but I think I've sold it ?

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  • I think if you go with pink you would want to match it closer to the frame. Sure supacaz or similar would have some hot pink bartape that would match.

  • Agree. That pink is too dull compared to the pink of the frame.

    I'll go white. Thanks all!

  • Went for white .

    Cheers all.

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  • Looks great!

  • Thank you!
    Unfortunately the rear tyre has a flat so couldn't ride it just yet!

  • This is lovely.

    I'm sure your bum likes the Brooks but it might look 'better' with something white and a bit racey.

  • I don't think those bars should really have a flat top, tilted down a bit further with the levers brought up would be ideal, just my opinion though.

    Exaggerated but like so:

  • It's super tricky with traditional drops because shifters are just not made for them anymore.

    I was mulling over the possibility of the inside of the bar clamp being wedge shaped with the wedge being reversible so one side gives the shifter body a compact angle of exit and the other a traditional angle of exit. I am not an engineer though.

  • TRP single speed levers come with a plastic thingy which goes in the back of the lever body and presses against the bar, changing the angle they sit at. Something like that would work on shifters but I probably not something you could really retrofit yourself

  • And here I was thinking I'd had a good and original idea.

  • Yes yes, it's in the plans. I don't have a more racey and modern saddle at the moment

  • Yeah they do not. I am OK the way I've set them up. Somehow never liked the lower part being parallel with tube or ground.

  • Btw I went for regular stem and headset as I had managed to ruin the inn headset :/ The new fork steerer seems to have VERY tight clearances and the inn stem didn't want to go below certain limit. I forced it and actually broke the epoxy bond inside.

  • Much bling

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A neo-retro 1991 Moser Leader AX

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