A neo-retro 1991 Moser Leader AX

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  • Bought this frame a couple of years back off a friend in South of Italy. He had crashed it and was waiting for insurance to pay off and get a new fork. Insurance was taking ages and in the meanwhile he went for something else.

    I waited for a suitable forks to come along, but alas, it didn't. So when a different color-schemed fork came along I snapped it up, sent it to Cicli Pelizzoli for replacing the steerer tube which was too short and repaint it in correct colors.

    That took a while and they discounted rechroming and shipping back. Cheers dudes!

    So now I've got a complete frameset ready to build.

    In the meanwhile I've collected a bunch of groupsets for a bunch of frameset I have to build up: the Somec, the Sancineto, this Moser, an Alan and the Denti.
    Namely I've got a Carbon Record 10sp, a 1st Gen Carbon Chorus 11 speed, an older Athena and a couple of DA740x.

    Anyway for this I have chosen the most modern groupset, the Chorus 11 speed. The other Leader AX has a Carbon Chorus 10 speed and rides beautifully, so wanted to recreate that. I'll have surplus to requirements, but I'll decide later what to do about that.

    Some sneak peaks pics.

    One thing I don't know where to head to is (pun intended) the headset. I've got a black panto quill stem (and a silver one too), but open to suggestions.

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  • Forks

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  • The forks before the work.

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  • Fork looks great šŸ‘- unicrown style never have much tyre clearance though!

    Iā€™m a sucker for Stronglight roller bearing headsets but they tend to be silver, is your replacement steerer threaded or threadless?

  • Glad to see this thread pop up, great work on the fork too. Silver headset with black quill stem is period but with the black group all everything could work too?

  • Black group, black steam I'm thinking. Steerer is threaded. But not sure which one. Campy record?

  • Really looking forward to this build. Black will look amazing.

    Makes me think about regrouping mine. BUT never change a running system.

  • Indeed, never change a running system :)

    I need to decide which headset to use, get it and bring frame and fork to a LBS to cut the steerer.

  • Going for this threadless conversion headset (the black version) for this build.

    Along with a Bontrager RXL -17deg stem

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  • Nice. Was it hard to actually buy?

  • Nope, you just email the guy

  • Is quite nice, but a bit over priced no?

  • Is quite nice, but a bit over priced no?

    A hundred quid is less than a new Chris King and this is probably made in smaller batches with outsourced machining. I'd say it's a pretty good price for something that looks as good quality and has more parts to it

  • Looking at that "side", you are right.
    Was just thinking in the price, but yeah, an nice headset (no need for CK) is like.. 40/50Ā£ + other bits and bobs... so yes thinking again maybe is not that exagerated.

  • Yeah I had considered all that when I bought them.
    It's the only clean solution out there too.

  • More info on where this can be ordered, please? Thanks!

  • When you had the steerer replaced why you didn't went treadles?

  • I found the info in the Neo Retro thread, I e-mailed: joe@jjpne.com (Joe Jackson)

    @Matita24 I didn't want to. Initially wanted to go for a regular panto Moser stem.

  • Hmmm, Joe Jackson no longer happy with his singer-songwriter career? šŸ¤”šŸ˜‰


  • haha it seems so

  • I should have arranged a deal for commission before I dropped the link in the MGOOF thread.

  • You should have :) thanks BTW

  • The Quill Stem Society is coming for you.

  • Any progress? :)

  • Yes-ish slow but steady. Polished the frame and forks.

    BB shells are on. As said slow :)

    I need to cut the steerer. Bringing it today to the shop

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A neo-retro 1991 Moser Leader AX

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