The last Bob (sort of, but not really)

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  • For the past year or so, I have been hankering after a light tourer. The sort of thing I could take for a long weekend away, maybe do London - Paris, that sort of thing. I think it's because I'm getting old.

    I bought a Spa Cycles Audax frames from @fizzy.bleach, but sold it on before building it up. I then drove all the way to Lincoln to pick up a lovely (and keenly priced) Condor, but it was a bit too small.

    If I was going to have a bike specifically to spend 'long days in the saddle' probably the most important thing is that it needs to fit, so I'd either have to get lucky on the second hand market, or have something made.

    Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I should have something made, and decided I would get a Bob Jackson, partly because they make awesome frames, but also because nobody can really touch them in terms of value.

    I decided however to wait; primarily because 'the Pandemic' has hit the Jangle household hard. Both myself, and the beautiful Mrs Jangle work in the 'events industry', so haven't really worked since mid March. So there I was, with my little back-burner plan to get a Bob Jackson tourer, when disaster struck, Bob Jackson announced they were closing down!

    As luck would have it, just before the announcement I had sold a Richard Sachs back to its original owner, so had a decent lump of cash in my Paypal account. The beautiful Mrs Jangle subsequently agreed I could go after a Jackson frame (I have said it before on this forum, I love that woman to bits).

    Later on on the day of the announcement, an e-mail was dispatched, and the redoubtable Donald of Bob Jackson Cycles told me that if I got my order (and my deposit) in straight away, they would build me a frame before they closed at Christmas. The order was placed, and deposit paid within the hour.

    For the sake of completeness, my order was for a 24" Bob Jackson World Tour in Amber Flamboyant. Lugs were to be lined in white, and transfers were also to be white. The price of this is (was) £645.00, which if you think about it, is a complete bargain. I 'upgraded' to add a white head tube and seat tube panel, which cost an extra £52.00. Total price for a frame built and painted to order was therefore £697.00 - I defy anyone to find a better deal.

    A couple of weeks ago, I got a strange e-mail. I was informed that Bob Jackson Cycles would not, after all be closing, and that to secure my frame, I would need to place a new order through the web site. Whilst this seemed a bit odd, the instructions were clear, so I re-ordered and got confirmation that my frame would be ready by late February. They also asked for deposit. When I queried this, as I had already paid a deposit, I got a very quick response. Turns out the closure announcement had brought about a large surge of interest, both from people wanting frames, and from people wanting to invest in the business, and as a result things had got a bit confused. Turns out there was no need for me to order a new frame, as mine had been built, and was awaiting finish in the paint shop.

    Today, I drove up to Leeds to pick it up. It's sitting in the corner of our front room, covered in bubble wrap. I have no idea what direction Bob Jackson cycles is going to follow in the future, but it will surely change. It could well be that I have one of the last of the old Bob's. Let's see what happens.

  • Hnngggg pics...?

  • no way you have it right there and you're teasing us like this, not a fan of this bike edging

  • I haven't taken any, and it's after eight, so I am drinking.

    I'll take some, and post them tomorrow.

  • Waitrose own Chianti tonight ;)

  • Good morning.

    Sorry for the shit pic, but it's early:

  • Yep, this looks correct.

  • The kind of project I come on the forum to see!

  • Is that a threaded steerer?

  • Ooof!

  • That is class. Build ideas?

  • nice that, get those chainstays and forks stretched, 29r tyre in there and you have a lovely crust

  • Can't go all out, 'cos Covid poverty, but will go triple.

  • Very pleasant. Look forward to build progress.

  • Great story. Glad they haven't closed down just yet as it'd be a shame.

    Look at that!

  • "Additional investment and support has been secured to ensure the iconic brand of Bob Jackson Cycles will be continuing well into the future"

    So not the last

  • Very nice indeed! One of the YACF regulars had a World Tour in this colour scheme, and it looked just great built up.

  • Some bits have started to arrive.

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  • Shiny things! Are you going full old-school on this? By old school I guess I mean like in that thread Gaston started with all the modern drillium etc.

  • Nah.

    I've got lot's of old-school bikes, and while I have a strong emotional attachment to some of them, modern kit is just better.

    Current plan if for it to be mainly parts-bin initially. If all goes well I'll invest in decent kit over the course of time.

    Having said that, I'm planning to build another frame in January, so I might get obsessed with that. Really need to find a vaccine for this habit.

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The last Bob (sort of, but not really)

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