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  • @AlexD going to have an explore that way this morning! we shall see. cheers

  • @si_mon628 cheers :) I am being encouraged to look that way and completely get it, but most of my mates live around gloucester road and being central/within walking distance of that is important for the next 4-5 years I think. Also big part of it is having somewhere I can let the spare bedroom out easily. Are you in St George?

  • We're in a very similar position, trying to find the most suitable place to live in Bris within a sensible budget is difficult!

  • Yes, about 10/15 mins walk from the park. Or 15/20 mins on the bike to Gloucester Road, or down in to the centre. Depends where you work/are going to spend your time, but Horfield might be worth a look for price/distance.

  • Redfield/st George BS5

  • BS 4/5 seem to be the best value of the single digit postcodes right now. East is still “on the way up” I.e. not been gentrified enough to be really expensive yet, and tbh I quite like it that way.

    15/16 isn’t that far tbh, but the M32 is a bit of a dividing line, it’s def a separate part of town rather than part of the sprawl. even where I am it’s a 30 min walk to town (20 if you go for it) but a 10min cycle.

  • Agree with Mat on m32. It’s easier for me to get in to the centre than to get across to Gloucester rd side. Although neither takes long. It’s only really the other side of town (southville/bedminster/hot wells/Clifton ) that I’d consider this area remote from. Bristol isn’t a big city and although driving across it is a pain in the arse, if you’ve got a bike you can get around it fairly easily and quickly.

    I’m a bit bias in favour of more house per £ and stuff like parks in my immediate locale right now though - kids, dog, no social life :-D

  • @si_mon628 am looking at Horfield as quite close to work out in Filton. All the 2 up 2 downs are slightly out of budget though

  • @AlexD @Matisse thanks both for this! Checked out BS5 today and there are some nice looking streets off of Chelsea road in Easton, striking distance of Staleton Road station (6 mins to temple meads, 8 mins to Clifton down). Never been that way at night though so will do a recce next weekend. Still be sound to let the second room out. No idea how much a 2 up 2 down is there though

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  • Aye, Greenbank is becoming popular

  • Never been that way at night though

    check out the black swan

  • Found myself an ebay find (I think) and snagged it tonight. Will collect in a few weeks. Never had a road bike, not really sure what I was looking for and road riding on my genesis once or twice a week has justified me getting one. That will now be pure commuter/touring bike and likely get a front rack/basket.

    Early 90s, bit scuffed up but not too bad, mix of Ultegra 10 Speed and 105 components. Seller filled me with confidence when I asked questions (regular chain/cassette changes), got a lovely new rourke to replace it and is servicing it prior to sale.

    Won't do much to do it other than get a silver post and a nice silver quill stem/set of silver bars

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  • Thanks @Eseman for the advice today.

    Can't really have 5 bikes in a house share so the mercian really needs to sell. GT lives outside so that's 3 inside which is just about permissible

  • Did my second ever 100k yesterday and my first one not on a mtb. Cheddar loop - route here­f=wtd&fbclid=IwAR08Z5WxFRgVZ_e-hB6K9VtCx­Rsqo1u72x591LeZFh_MYrzmIXVqC6QH8HQ - would highly recommend

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  • Did notice the difference taking the rack off and probably should have done this more. Hopefully have the road bike above next weekend and then the CDF can be designated tourer/commuter. Getting some slight smaller chainrings (32-48) at the front and sticking with the 34 cassette should give me all I need for that use.
    Got a Wales tour planned for May/June with one of my uni mates which he has done the route for, linked below incase anyone is interested. 3 days then train back via Newport I think­fbclid=IwAR1TYedfsovky-BXx88l2ADO-IROsXv­SvR5-QocXlK4s_Iw8JPk40rTVK14

  • Stanton is absolutely spot on apart from me applying squirt to a wet chain after every wash, it then drying out and me riding with a dry chain. Not been out much on it recently though
    Genesis had a light service recently and got some levers which route under the bar.

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  • I know it shouldn’t matter, but for me that made a huge difference, not having the head cables flapping about everywhere. Also for any bags you’re strapping to the bars it’s loads better.

    Fancy getting the clunkers out on a ride soon? I have a non explosive front brake now :-D

  • @AlexD Really worthwhile upgrade I think. Good on your clunker! That sounds good, will PM you :)

  • @Matisse hopefully Wednesday evening hopefully (pending Alex msg) if that is any good with you?
    Edit - ride w Alex before I'm away unfortunately not gonna work, but check Bristol grit FB and if you're free Wednesday I'm on the 6:15 group slot :)

  • Picked the Rourke up today. Buzzing. It is a threaded fork and really not sure about the headset. Think I'll leave as is for now but on the list is a black flite, silver post, threaded headset, quill stem and some modern shape bars that fit
    eBay seller was 10/10 - serviced it Inc New chain

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  • Nice bike - are you sure that's a threaded fork, headset looks threadless? Sorry, didn't read your comment properly. Looks like a long stearer for a threaded headset, is there some sort of extender or something on it at the moment?

    Also, r.e. your Wales trip, would really recommend the Gospel Pass on the first day. Will take you to Hay-on-Wye instead but well worth it!

  • If you go quill you really narrow your modern bar options. I would personally keep the ahead setup as it leaves you with more bar options, more stem options, and it’s much easier to switch around without having to remove levers and bar tape.

    Blue headset, ritchey classic stem, seatpost and handlebar, destickered wheels and done

  • @PaulBristol route is only draft so will chat to my mate and try work that in, cheers :)
    I think there is yeah. Not sure really

  • @Simba i was on the same page, but then I've seen that you can get a quill stem with a modern 31.8 bar clamp so may try that­
    Will stay at it is for now though other than seatpost

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Bobble's Bristol Bikelife

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