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  • Yeah was good!

    The mad stoker seatpost acted as a boom, saddle swung about a bit in some corners but I’ve got a plan to fix that. Position works ok.

    Rear shifts ok actually, front mech needs set up properly. The back wheel kept moving in the dropouts but adjusting the little thumb screws seemed to fix that. Gonna put a stronger / Allen key axle in there I think.

    Need to work on the stoker bars. My thighs fit between 400mm bullhorns but I’m bumping the backs of my legs on the bars. Think I just sit really far back in the saddle.

    The main thing is that A had fun and wasn’t put off. Worth putting some time and money into for spring I think.

  • Nice! Glad to hear it.

    I like seeing other people on tandems but it’s not something I see myself getting on.

  • If it fixes the mismatched pace and makes other people smile when they see you then double win.

  • Exactly. We even met another tandem crew on the Mall!

  • Double rainbow

  • I that is excactly my experience! The wife and I have encountered quite a few people who literally turned their frown upside down, when they realized we were on a tandem.
    Also being able to easily communicate while riding is a huge plus in our book.

    I don't think we could switch positions though - I'd have a hard time being the stoker, I think.

  • Weld slug added. Not totally dialled in the stoker seat higher so I don’t want to make a brace yet.

    Front tyre changed too so now they match. Just need it to warm up a bit so we can go for a spin without losing toes to frostbite.

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  • Maybe you could swap the saddle carrier (brutal / cheap-ish looking maybe for such a nice bike?) for a Brompton pentaclip?

    Any more pictures of the current build?

  • Pumping the tyres up for tomorrow’s ride I realised I hadn’t done anything about that seatpost...

    On our last ride it worked great - no left to right swing, but I eventually noticed it was starting to bend. Weld is fine, the tube was squishing.

    I had half an hour today so very quickly made the rack mount support someone suggested a while ago. Feels very solid. Looks a bit mad.

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  • Tidy - looks great!

    Paint the support to match the frame & pinstripe it where it meets the post, instant fame & glory

  • Held up nicely doing 65km in Essex this morning. Here’s some photos in the sun.

    Need to chop the steerer, wrap bars and get the front mech playing nice but in general it’s a hit 👌🏻

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  • Super smart! The seatpost brace is very clever.

  • .

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  • rainbow bartape FTW

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  • Finished article looks great, make me wish my other half had any interest in cycling - looks like a hoot

  • Ironically my wife got posterior knee pain, need to reduce the set back on my mad Frankenpost

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Bob Jackson Tandem

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