First things on the post-COVID to-do list

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  • Hug other people

    Shake hands

    Welcome people into my home

  • Hug DJ's dad*

    *sounds like fun

  • No idea when the last time was I hugged DJ’s dad :/

  • The middle class aspirations and general consumerism of the forum must already have a serious impact on its carbon footprint.

    Saying that I can't wait to go back to my hometown for sun / cycling / handing my kid over to his grandparents purposes.

  • Dancing with other people, pref in some sweaty ill ventilated bunker somewher.

  • Meeting people and not worrying about bein g too close, touching, shaking hands. Then a bit of touring around Belgium on the bike. Hopefully it’ll all be cleared up in time to head off to the start of the tour in Brittany. A few days bikepacking there would be ace!!

  • For us, it's the trip we've been planning and training for for a few years. Basically start on Mont Blanc and then spend the thick end of two weeks traversing all the way to the Matterhorn, staying in mountain huts on the way.

    Two weeks under huge skies surrounded by breathtaking scenery with a smattering of type 2 fun. I fall asleep dreaming of this almost every night.

  • is type 2 fun like ... sex and stuff?

  • if so, the smattering might not be welcome

    depends what your into

  • is type 2 fun like ... sex and stuff?

    Had to check.­hp?term=type+2+fun&amp=true

    Yes, sex is part of that.

  • Kick someone in the face. (without invalidating insurance)

  • Lick a door handle

    Flob Tennis

    Go to a gig, share a bottle of water in the moshpit

    See the fuckin in laws

    Hug your dad

  • i'm looking to have my sexual organs and anus consolidated into one cloaca as soon as we hit tier 1

  • Sex is type 3.

    Type III fun is never fun while you're doing it, you often feel your life is threatened, certain doom is usually at hand, and half the time it ends in a harrowing situation. Afterwards, you swear to never attempt anything similar ever again.

  • Sounds expensive, is this the new golf?

  • sexual organs and anus consolidated into one cloaca

    You reckon if we both went in for this they could do a 2-4-1 kinda deal?

  • they can do allsorts

    cloacas | human centipede | swap your hand and your feet round

    the lot

    at a fair price as well.

    bulk discount

    no catch? you decide

  • I’m gonna eat another bat

  • I've heard they're really investing in their public toilets in Grantham.

  • Has to look up what a cloaca was. Thanks.

  • Can I come please? That sounds superb

  • MDMA threesome

  • 1 EB
    2 Scilly.Suffolk

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First things on the post-COVID to-do list

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