Specialized Rockhopper 95”

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  • I’ve had this, needed a washer to clear cup. It’s just a matter of where the crown’s mounting hole is in relation to the headset. Wouldn’t be an issue with the Thorn fork I’d wager.

    That bike is likely to have had a quill with a cable stop on it back then (no idea if rockhoppers did but likely), but you’re going AHead aren’t you.

  • @Skülly yes! Sorry had a bit of a moment there I can see what you’re both saying now! I might try go with a fork mounted one as it does seem to be the cleaner option thank you for the offer though!

  • Got home from work to find these beauty’s on my doorstep, annoyingly I have been sent the all black version after ordering the tan wall. I have emailed chain reaction to see what they can do, but I’m starting to think now that the all black could look quite nice hmmm.

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  • Haha I reckon I might go with he black, slightly more understated change it up from the tan walls I have on my tracklocross

  • After some thought, I am now the proud owner of a @t0-ster chainring went with the anodised purple in 38t. With my very basic look on a gear inch calculator I have worked out that this paired with a 14-32t cassette I should have a pretty nice range! Now onto waiting for a new cone wrench to arrive so I can tackle repacking the hubs!

  • I can confirm those tires are fabulous in 26x2.1

    But what's this about chainrings, Im on the hunt for some cheap cranks and a narrow wide for square taper crank. Managed to source some 8speed other bits.

  • @t0-ster has designed and manufactures absolutely beautiful 94 bcd narrow wide chainrings and in some very fitting anodised colours. Give him a shout I think he’s getting a new batch in a couple weeks or so!

    Attached is a great example of how good they can look I found on Instagram!

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  • So much kindness :) Cheers man, hope you'll enjoy the parts. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

  • That looks bling. Need to find a crank. Will keep it in mind. Thanks.

  • Now onto the wheels! I have just taken the nuts and cone off given it all a clean and degrease looking nice and shiny now and spinning surprisingly smooth. Now my issue is that with the rims (bog standard Araya 559 Rim) there is a definite noticeable concave around it. Now I has hoping that I would be a able to save money by using these wheels as are. But I fear they may be too worn.

    Having never built or for that matter majorly trued a wheel before. Would I be able to swap these rims with say a cheapie halo rim keeping the same spokes/nipples, not trying to splash £200 on some new built wheels if at all possible!

  • Here’s some photos for context on the rim wear, having now put a flat edge to them, to my eyes they don’t look as bad as I thought , but maybe I am completely wrong here.

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  • Last update for the week, this has been pretty quick progress on the build, I shall try to upload some more photos going forward along with all the parts I now have.

    Today surprisingly on a Sunday my 13mm cone wrench turned up so it was onto giving the hubs a quick service, there was a small amount of pitting in the front wheel, but with some new balls it should be spinning more than smooth enough, even with the original worn down balls and some new grease the wheel feels miles better.

    I went over the saddle with some basic leather conditioner/polish and it’s looking a lot smoother and less dry than it was before!

    Now for the updated remaining parts list;

    ESI Chunky grips
    Cane creek 40 Headset (Have one on my other build and it’s been great, the seals worked wonders keeping grit out)
    Gear/brake cable
    Front canti hanger (Tektro fork mounted)
    KMC x8 Chain, gold would have been bling but can’t seem to find one anywhere.
    7 Speed 14-32 Cassette
    Either Swiss stop or Koolstop brake pads

    So not too much now and it’ll be on to the build, still need to overhaul the rear wheel and freehub, give the rear derailleur a good scrub and give it my first go at a wheel true that isn’t just tightening one spoke up.

  • Has now been nearly two weeks since the last update. In that time a lot has happened with this build, my wallet is definitely a lot lighter now and I have spent way more than I ever thought I would on this build. It’s gone from what I first thought would be a quick service and clean jobbie to most components having been swapped out!

    First things first the items that have arrived in the post since my last update.

    Cane creek 40 Headset

    HG 7 Speed 14-32 cassette

    New un55 Bottom Bracket

    Stx rc cantilever

    Raceface turbine cranks (oops!)

    Stridsland 38t chainring, extractor bolt and chainring bolts

    Purple anodised non quick release seat bolt

    Gravelking 26x2.10

    Since the last update and having now been sent back home from work. Seeing all these components laying in my front room was too much to bear any longer so I decided to start putting some on the frame.

    All of the components from the original build that I’m transferring over and the second hand eBay purchases have now been stripped down and fully cleaned.

    I have been fiddling around with the wheels some more, I have repacked them front hub with new balls now and it’s much smoother and the rear has had a lovely clean. They’re both running well but I can see some wear on the rear spokes from the chain falling behind the cassette, then there is the previously mentioned brake surface wear. My plan at the minute is to run these for the time being and potentially use the cyclescheme my work runs to get a new set built up!

    Planet X got back to me in the availability of the fillet welded Bullmoose bars and it appears to be February next year so I may have to wait until then to have the build finalised.

    At some stage in the future whenever it may be I would love to give it a go at using some friction or indexed thumbies on here instead of the deore lx brake shifter combo I have currently.

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  • I have spent way more than I ever thought I would on this build

    You're not the first, you won't be the last!

    I think @M_V might have some Planet X bullmoose if you're super keen...

  • Cheers for the heads up, might wait till febuary with planet x just to save a little more money an do this build right, had my head set on the fillet brazed nittos haha

  • Not a huge update but I have started putting the build together a little.

    The biggest change since my last post is the new headset and Thorn fork! Now it doesn’t have huge clearance but I should be able to squeeze my 2.1 gravelkings in.

    Really happy with how this build is starting to look, was slightly unsure of the frame when I first got it but it’s really grown on me now and I can’t wait to get it absolutely covered in mud.

    My current purchase list is slowly getting smaller and am hoping to have this build done in a month or two.

    Current list!
    Nitto Bullmoose b903r black
    ESI chunky grips
    Jagwire cabling
    KMC x8
    Koolstop MTB pads

    Still looking at getting some new wheels built up, hoping to get these done on the cyclescheme to help save a little money on them. Thinking of going down the velocity cliffhanger route, seem like very sturdy 26” rims!

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  • Nice project!
    I have a rockhopper from around the same age but it's the FS (front suspension) I had some rigid forks from a hardrock that work really well on it. I don't think these bikes where ever designed around suspension forks, the head tube dropped a cm at most with the hard rock forks so accounting for fork sag I'd say they didnt design the frames differently for suspension or non suspension.
    I have an stx 7 speed group on another bike, seems pretty solid!

  • Thanks!

    Yeah I think you’re right, this frame definitely seems as though it’s made for a rigid fork. Absolutely solid frame. Glad to hear that the stx has worked well for you, the shifting felt really nice when I rode the bike shortly when I first got it!

  • Yeah they are really solid, I think for the geometry specialized used on their old MTBs works really well too.
    Not actually got the stx stuff set up yet just cleaned it up so fingers crossed!

  • Looks promising! Looking forward to seeing this built up.

  • Cheers! Taking a little breather on it for a month or so while I wait on getting the funds for some wheels but should be a corker once finished!

  • Are you going to ride it with stem slammed or at a comfy height? (a lot of spacers needed)

  • That’s what I’ve been thinking recently, I’m happy to have a slightly slammed stem as the Bullmoose bars I’m eyeing have a slight rise. Thinking maybe 50mm of spacers.

  • Quick update on the rockhopper, I’ve been slacking on the build slightly the last few weeks, just ordered the Paul funky monkey cable hanger to add a bit of bling. Also got my mate to deign and 3D print a new plastic washer for one of my brakes that was broken!

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Specialized Rockhopper 95”

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