Specialized Rockhopper 95’ and other rides

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  • Sorry for jumping in... bloke near me is selling a near mint Rockhopper (96ish) for 300 euros or so. Quite fancy it as a pub/shop bike. It's a 17" which seems to indicate a max height of 178cm... that seem like fair sizing?

  • That’s my sizing to a t almost. I’m 179cm and my frame fits me really well!

  • Thanks. I'm 1.8m tall so I know the 2cm should be fine but MTB frames have a habit of coming up short.

  • I’ve found the bike to be a really comfortable fit for me. The reach is spot on to what my other bikes are, I did find putting a setback seatpost instead of the inline helped with positioning.

  • Slightly impromptu, but if anyone wants to join me this Saturday for a nice ramble from Peckham to Addington view point you’re more than welcome. Party paced all bikes welcome, 26ers recommend for the terrain at Addington. Will be joining as many parks and cycle ways for the route.

    Leaving around 11 return for around 2 if anyone wants to join.

    https://strava.app.link/RQzqjRVFMjb Rough idea of the route

  • Not been too happy with the front end of the hopper recently. Want a slightly more aggressive bar setup. Maybe aggressive isn’t the word but the Bullmoose might be relegated to my steamroller.

    I’ve been looking at the Stooge Junker and some of the customs @M_V had for sale but they may have all sold by now.

    Both being 22.2 I would rather not use a shim so have been looking at the Thomson 6 bolt bmx stem if I can find one second hand.

    Might stick my Nitto for shred and 110mm stem on just to change the vibe up. Would mean cutting the esi off of the Bullmoose as no way am I going through the haste of waggling them off again.

  • I've got some Stooge Motos if you're interested!

  • I’m waiting on tubing then I’ll be making more bars if you can’t find what you want.

  • Was looking at the junkers for the rise, but if I have a change of heart I’ll let ya know! Cheers

  • Yeah that could be the vibe. See I’m still unsure of what I actually want and how stem length will affect the ride, as not set with a fork yet.

    I think I’ll try the 750mm For Shred first to get a feel for the handling. I also have a 50mm stem I can borrow to get a closer reach for wider bars.

  • Finally making some changes to the Rockhopper, haven’t been feeling this build has been living up to its potential recently. With the original swap away from the Bullmoose to the 110mm (way too long) and the wide Nittos I felt the from end just didn’t sit right. Ended up looking like a strange mtb/trials combo imo.

    Luckily @Maj came through with the goods, now that she has the ultimate bmx sweepers, I was able to give the Stooge Junkers a go along with the overkill Thomson bmx stem.

    I also decided to swap the nearing retirement age stx derailleur for a nice shiny Deore m5100 😍 and added a fender flute to lower the from mudguard at the request of almost everyone who layer their eyes on them.

    Will update with ride comments when I get around to finding some longer gear outer to finish off the tinkering!

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  • Been a right while since I last posted, have since moved to Belfast. Rockhopper is currently in pieces with a barnacle fork alongside it waiting to be rebuilt.

    I quickly built up another 26” bike for commuting, out of various parts I had acquired off of here and a lovely 1989 Kona lavadome frame.

    Featuring the original wheels from way way back that came on the rockhopper ( given a little tlc)

    Nitto Bullmoose

    14t single-speed kit for the 7 speed freehub

    Some lovely middleburn cranks donated by @Maj (did need a little shim to stop creaking)

    1” threaded to 1” threadless adapter, with a 1” to 1 1/8” shim and it works a charm!

    Real fun rat bike to blast around the city.

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Specialized Rockhopper 95’ and other rides

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