Specialized Rockhopper 95’ and other rides

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  • Edit: I am now merging this thread to include my other builds to save on making separate threads!

    Recently acquired a bit of a hodgepodge Rockhopper 95” for free wanted to build it up as a bit of a town cruiser/slightly more capable of off roading than my fixed.

    First things first was getting the bike from Brighton up to London this part wasn’t too hard, then it was onto completely stripping the bike down to just the frame everything went surprisingly smoothly even though it had been stored in the damp sea air for however many years.

    Just as I was about to take the cranks and bottom bracket off I came to a brick wall the crank arms were stripped inside and the bb was stuck. Eventually I managed to wrangle the drive side off and then attempted with a seatpost over my wrench for extra leverage to free the bb still to no luck, I was going to try out a bolt through my bb tool onto the crank bolt hole to keep the tool attached but couldn’t find a suitable bolt, so off to seabass it went to get removed, what a great job they did leaving me with the frame a mangled crank and a rusted bb.

    Now to plan the build, I managed to keep a few parts of the parts off of the bike
    STX rear derailleur
    Deore lx front derailleur

    The rest I will have to have a search on the bay.

    My plan so far

    Selle italia Turbo saddle
    Thomson seatpost annoyingly the frame has a 30.4 seat tube so might shim it down
    Swap out the v brakes for some cantis
    Some 3x7 shifter brake combo
    Not sure on tyres yet wanted some gravel kings but availability seems scarce
    Nitto bullmoose bars
    Swap the duff suspension fork maybe for a thorn 26er fork

    Hopefully have it finished by early next year will keep updated when some orders come in!

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  • Nizzze. I found a single bolt (30.4) seatpost for my Specialized for a few quid on eBay - visually harmless and a whole world cheaper than a Thomson.
    Interesting about the Thorn fork. Don't you want a suspension-corrected/straight blade 26er, for the extra A2C (and because they look rad!)?
    Looking forward to how this one goes : )

  • Funny you mention the sus corrected as there currently is a thorn one on sjs at the mo, think I’m going to go with a non sus though reckon it won’t change the handling too majorly if anything it’ll be a little more agile (Hopefully!) got a good deal on a Thomson worse case I’ll throw it on the fixed gear! Will have a look on eBay though. Yeah definitely excited to see how this one turns out!

  • The nucleus of a lovely project here, following with interest!

  • I have these you could have for postage and a forum donation?

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  • First purchase from the bay arrived today, a pretty moderate condition Turbo saddle only paid £15 so not too bad going.

    First thing to clean was the slightly rusted rails, but a scrub with some tinfoil left them looking like new. There was some peeling at the front that I used a little superglue on to keep it down, and a slight tear on the left side of the nose that I filled with some shoe goo and squeezed down so all is looking good now.

    I do have one question for anyone that has restored old saddles though, towards the back is the usual scuff from years of use and whatnot, that see to have been given the shoe polish treatment, is there anything else I can do to make it look a little less scuffed and for that matter to just give the whole saddle a little love?

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  • When you say ‘Nitro Bullhorns’ do you mean ‘Nitto Bullmoose’ by any chance? I reckon Bullhorns have got be the least fashionable handlebars on here right now!

    I bought some shiny Bullmoose recently, but ended up going with some others. Let me know if you might want em. They’re from Planet X, made by nitto they say.

    btw the Thorn fork are designed to swap out for sus forks.

  • PS I might be into those bmx bars btw.

  • PPS re tyres: Let us know if you find some Gravel Kings for 26... Halo Twin Rail are back available, cheap & good. I have a spare pair of maxxis dtr I shouldn’t have bought but quite spenny if you fancy em.

  • Haha yes I have now just realised that error I made, I did mean bullmoose!

    In regards to the Thorn forks the one i have just placed an order for the Thorn Sherpa 26er wich should look pretty sweet, I measured the a2c of my sus fork and its only about a 5cm difference wich should lower the front end a little but not enough that the steering is made too twitchy.

  • Literally just got an email from ChainRactions saying the 26 gravelkings where back in stock and ordered a pair was £35.99 each!

  • wooooaaahhhhh

    Thanks! Might just buy some for the Warchest™️

  • @Skülly is @qebrus isn't in the bullmoose I might be.

  • Ah yeah.
    The Nomad fork is a little longer A-C I think.

  • Hah! Collected em just after I saw you last!

  • 26 gravelkings

    In black & brown are now out of stock at CR!

  • I bought some shiny Bullmoose recently, but ended up going with some others. Let me know if you might want em.

    Did I misunderstand, I thought you were saying you might let them go, he says hopefully....

  • Ah damn! Maybe put a stock reminder in that’s what I did took a few days and it seems they just got a pair in! Make it known 26 ain’t dead haha

  • Nomad: Just looked at it again (I was half-heartedly looking for a 26er fork a month or so back).
    This detail though:

    “reversible brake bosses allow either 559 or 584 rims”

    Can’t see how it’s done. Any idea?

  • Yep I probly should let em go.

  • @Skülly pm’d you about the bars

  • No! I bought the disc model a wee while ago.

    Totally guessing here: I know Thorn sometimes mount Vs on the back of the blade (on the Nomad they do anyway), so maybe they make the forks with the removable type brake posts, and you can stick em into bosses brazed into the front or back, at diff heights? Seems quite a faff to have built the fork to do either!

  • This the fork you’re taking about? This was the other choice I was considering for the hopper but decided for the shorter a2c.

    The reversed brake bosses are a little quirky wasn’t too sure how I would mount a canti hanger on them so I guess I would be v brakes only?

    Anyhow they do look great for a sus corrected fork especially the twin crown!

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  • I’ve actually got one of their (discontinued) carbon 26er forks with reversed bosses.
    The Nomad I was looking at had the front-facing bosses: Maybe they’ve just cut/pasted the description and applied it to the wrong forks. Interesting idea tho!

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Specialized Rockhopper 95’ and other rides

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