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  • Does anyone do bike fitting in or near Brighton? I'm planning to buy/build my first new bike (not second hand from LFGSS for once) and I thought I should do it properly.

    Has anyone used Google seems to think they are in Lewes but their website says Hassocks. It's not a million miles away and a nice ride, but anyone know any nearer?

  • I've had my most recent fits at trainsharp in Ringmer for my Road bike with Jon and tt bike + aero fit with Elliott and they were great. I've used 2 fitters in Brighton and Hove and both were bad for different reasons but i don't want to slate them on here but pm me if you want to know? I don't know anyone who's had a fit at Proper but their coffee is very good 😁

  • What kind of bike are you looking to get/build and how tall are you? Most people don’t need a “bike fit” unless they are experiencing problems or have specific goals. If you’re just getting a new bike go to a independent shop or two and have a good chat. Speak to someone who rides the kind of bike you’re after.

  • Vankru are in Hampshire, I’m based in Chichester and made the trip to Newbury to see Scherrit though.

  • @Retro_bastard - Thanks for the tip and please!

    @Lewis_from_Lewes - I'm looking at the Warlock, a gravel bike from Fearless. Should satisfy some road riding, South Downs Way and a bit of fun in Stanmer Park.

    @cnnchi - Thanks!

    Aside from the Cargo bike and the Brompton (one size fits all) I'm currently riding a track bike (frame came out small for the size), a Surly (frame came out big). As daft as it sounds never quite felt like I got the hang of of translating frame measurements into what will fit me so before buying something new and kitting it out I figured I'd go chat with an expert. Not just for frame size but the likes of stem and crank lengths as well. Also Proper sell coffee and I'm a sucker for coffee.

    I feel a bit bad doing it with a lbs as I would be buying the frame directly from Fearless and he's a one-man band currently not doing anything face to face.

  • The Fearless looks like a great bike and its a shame Tim isn't doing anything face to face at the moment as he would have been able to sort most the fit out for you as he obviously knows how the bike should be set up to get the best out of it. May email him and he should at least be able to recommend the correct frame size and stem length/seatpost layback for your riding style as a starting point. One other way to get you in the ball park if you can get down either Virgin Falmer or David Lloyd and jump on a watt bike as they are highly adjustable with a tape measure and a bit of maths you can effectively work out your saddle height,stack and reach which are the largest parts of the equation if you know what you're doing? Stem length, bar width/drop flare and crank length are as much down to personal preference as much as fit. Saying that a good bike fit is in my opinion absolutely worth every penny but spending £130 and £180 on shit ones like i did initially was a total waste of money. I'm currently converting a gravel bike for riding mostly on the downs and maybe a bit of Friston but i prefer my mtb for Stanmer so I'll keep my eyes peeled on the hills for you

  • I figured spending a bit of cash on a fit might be worth it, interesting if nothing else.

    In fairness, I reached out to Tim a couple of months ago and the new frame is due to go on sale in January so who knows where the world will be at then.

    The warlock with 650b on should manage most things, at least those within my comfort zone.

    Of course there would ideally be n+1 but I don/wouldn't ride one bike often enough and the usual space/wife/kids/funds need to be taken into account. At the moment I ride a Surly Steamroller, I'm not fast on the single tracks but it is a lot of fun - shout if you ever spot one.
    Friston hadn't occured to me for some reason, I'll have to head over that way soon.

  • I agree and if you can get a couple of recommendations for one particular fitter then i definitely think you'll benefit from both a comfort point of view and gain some knowledge and understanding. If this is going to be your only do it all bike you'll enjoy it a lot more if it fits you properly. Message me if you want to hear why i felt my bad ones were bad? Good luck with it and I'll keep an eye out for you out and about I'll probably be on a super x with a lauf fork dressed in full lycra and bright yellow shoes 😁

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Bike fitting

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