• If you, like me, love your Brooks Cambium but hate the squeak then look no further.

    I tried greasing all different points of the saddle to get rid of the squeak and never really managed anything that had any staying power.

    Then I examined the underside of the saddle top and noticed there were marks from where the rails had been rubbing it so I initially zipped a bit off leather around the area on the rails and when that seemed to work I invested in a speedy stitcher and made a proper sleeve.

    The leather is reclaimed/recycled sofa covering and I had a fair bit so I’ve made a few.

    I’ve done several very quiet rides on my previously very squeaky c15 now so I’m pretty confident this is a good solution.

    Also fits the rails on c17 sales as they are the same profile in this area.

    To fit you just need to undo the bolt under the nose with a t20 torx wrench, pop the nose of the saddle up, slip the sleeve into place and then
    refit the nose piece and tighten it down.

    £7.50 posted to you, which I’ll refund if you find it doesn’t fix your squeak.

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  • PS sorry it’s leather, I imagine avoiding animal products is what attracts some people to the Cambium over a std Brooks but at least it’s recycled leather?

  • I have no need for this but just wanted to say I'm loving all the bits you're posting atm!

  • second that!

  • Love the thought process and an effort to make something by hand. Wish I still had that foot operated leather sewing machine I bought as a student . £20 investment, some trial and error and couple of hundred leather belts sold at uni paid for a month long trip to Egypt.....Bangles were No.1 at the time, that's why...

  • but at least it’s recycled leather

    As are Brooks leather saddles. No animals are killed specifically for their leather. if not used for shoes, saddles etc it would be wasted

  • Bollocks.

  • Care to expand?

    I should have pointed out I meant specifically to Brooks (probably shoes wasn't a good example)

  • I can’t agree that leather isn’t part of the econmics of killing animals.

  • It's like making animal glue, the chances are that the animal wasn't slaughtered solely for the purposes of making glue, but adding in a further profitable output does increase the economical viability of the slaughter of animals. So to speak.

    Not taking sides, but I think it's a reasonable conclusion.

  • it's a fair point that I never really thought about.

    Appreciate the education guys

  • It's just a slightly different way of looking at it. The assumption that livestock isn't slaughtered for leather isn't an unreasonable one to make, but it's perhaps a bit more nuanced.

  • Always happy to be called out when the responses are something I can learn from

    Thank you

  • Apols for rudeness! Good on you for listening

  • Derail over. back to the rail sleevy thingys.

  • Apols for rudeness! Good on you for listening

    Not at all, as I said, it's good to be educated. Appreciate it!

  • Not wrong. Most of the leather in the fashion industry comes from animals slaughtered for meat. What you will see in the next 50 years is the cost of leather increasing significantly as fewer people choose to eat red meat due to the huge environmental cost... less leather available to clothing manufacturers

  • Do you still have leather sleeves available?

  • Yeah I do. I’m not sure they always work on all squeaks though so can I send you one and if you find it helps you can ping me some money, if it doesn’t then don’t worry about it?

  • I'd be interested too as my recently purchased c15 is taking to me in every ride. Not so bad on the road, irritating in the turbo

  • Im fairly sure in the UK and Ireland leather is a waste product. Certainly where I take my animals for butchery they have to pay to dispose of the skins.

  • Excellent thingy in the op sorry. I have no cambium and I don't mind squeaks. Unfortunately.

  • Pm me your address and I’ll get one in the mail to you under the terms I describe above?

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Stop the Squeak. Leather sleeve for Brooks Cambium saddle rails.

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